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  1. Every so often, someone posts in here and you realize your day isn't actually all that bad. So I'll just tell my snarky teacher to shove it and be glad I didn't get t-boned by some stop-sign running jerk. Glad to hear you're alright.
  2. David again helping raise money for charities. MrHockeyAward: Get @erikjohnson6 to 15k followers, @pberglund21 to 10k & @dp_57 to 20k, & they’ll donate $5k each to a charity. RT & follow! #NHL Be sure to follow David on twitter !
  3. as per twitter: // DP_57: From now til end of the month, I will donate 1$ for each follower I get to the Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund #haiti #NHL // Amazing. Thanks David. Everyone be sure to follow him if you're not. http://twitter.com/DP_57
  4. Nice pics. Can't even begin to explain the things I'd do for those gloves. They'd match my schools colors so well
  5. Good game last night for David against the Rangers. Painful for me to watch as a Ranger fan but I was glad to see him net one on the PP. Worked hard to draw a PP too. Regardless of my views on the tinted visor - it looked pretty slick, for what it's worth haha.
  6. Incredible. I hope they are safe, it's got to be such a mess.
  7. Yeah he was mentioned that on his facebook page. Personally I think those things make you gigantic bulls-eyes for flying elbows.
  8. yeah...I'm sure it's been said already but people who spit on the inside of the boards by the bench, where people keep their water bottles. Especially the ones who dip. Just don't.
  9. My Coach had a Keenan moment last year at an away game. We lost bad and he made us run laps around their rink in all our equip - skates / helmets. The other team got a good laugh out of it. I forgot what the message from our coach was. Something about if we wanted to embarrass ourselves we don't have to stop when the game is over. t_t. Keep at it David. Too bad you're not visiting the Isles or Rangers this year. Might just have to pick up tickets for the game @ Jersey.
  10. I had to have an abscess drained from my mouth. The infection did it's damage though. 11 root canals. 4 are wisdom teeth thankfully, but it's still bad. None of the teeth in the front of my mouth so you can't tell. But it's been very annoying to eat. I've lost 6 lbs since the operation because I can't eat the same foods. Also I've only had half the operation done. They're drilling a piece of my jawbone out because the infection did it's damage there too. It's not a pleasant experience. I've had to sit out numerous hockey games and practices because I've been in too much pain, or on too many painkillers. I've missed so much class, it's been horrible trying to catch up. Did I mention I have a horrid needle phobia? Thankfully the doc gave me some happy pills to relax me on the night before / hours before the operation(s). Also my girlfriend is driving me insane. Did I mention I caught a slapshot with my hand at practice the other night? Catch a slapper with my hand but can't bring myself to get stuck with a little needle. Doctor cleared me for contact hockey just a few days after the operation...but said I probably shouldn't be on painkillers while I play. Go Figure :P And in about a dozen less sentences, you still win :P. Hope everything is alright. edit: OH. The infection did so much damage because I've had it for quite a while. I never noticed because I never felt any pain until a few days before the first operation. oddly enough what prompted me to go see the dentist was my cheek swelling up for what seemed like no reason. The nurse said there are two highly likely causes for why I never felt the pain. Apparently a) I drank a ton of redbull in my teenage years. Apparently there's something common in energy drinks that kills nerve endings in your mouth, or something along those lines. Can't remember exactly what she said. Also B] I have had Arthritis since I was a child. Experimental medication when I was real young did damage elsewhere in my body, and could be linked there too.
  11. hahah I thought the exact same thing. Nice gloves too!
  12. pretty sticks Krypt!
  13. Well if I don't like them I'll keep you in mind :D Going to try them out tonight. Midnight at long beach, by chance? LB has been evicted it was in Newsday. I know they put a hold on certain activities for now I'm not sure if that means open too. http://www.newsday.com/news/local/nassau/n...0,4878470.story Holy crap....glad I didn't try to go tonight. Thanks haha.
  14. Well if I don't like them I'll keep you in mind :D Going to try them out tonight. Midnight at long beach, by chance?
  15. Definitley Rangers colors so it's a nice addition either way :P A little too much for me to wear personally. Those Hossa gloves on the other hand, I still dream of at night.
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