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  1. interested by the comment with a foot that pronates and going with no more than 9ft radius, could you elaborate more? (i suffer from pronation on my right side due to ankle injuries)
  2. i guess that promo video he didn't like the fit of the e700 after all.
  3. yep but if items are returned in 2 weeks their comission gets clawed back, and risk of losing customer
  4. very nice you would be the type of shop i would like to work for, customer service first than quick sale and bottom line, because a happy customer is a returning customer. I remember back in school i worked for futureshop (like Bestbuy) and numbers were never has high as the top dogs but i also had the lowest return ratio since i always sold what the customer needed. I've actually had one come to me an apologize they had to return the item b/c it ended up being more than he need and what he described he wanted in the first go around. but i'm sure I am getting off topic with my ramble :)
  5. ouch u need to get a deposit next time at least to cover some of that. But does seems like u guys are good people, i'd buy from whatever place that would treat me this well. so they bought a new stick just b/c the apx has a chip in it?? rich people problems lol
  6. got excited but kovy cuff not there, only hossa/savard/standard
  7. i thought the U+ is similar to vapor fit? and 11k is similar to supreme. i had one95s in D width and could not fit in a D width U+ at all (not doubting you as i know u know your stuff but i thought that was the "concensus")
  8. good to know i love the step steel xl on my one95s so i will either install ls2 holders (still researching if it's a good idea due to carbon boot) or get step steel on razor blades once i figure out how i like the factory pitch and setup on the s17s.
  9. has anyone have any experience with step steel on razorblade II holder?
  10. i remember seeing in the pens 24/7 staff shinny game one of the players had one and was reading the disclaimer that helmet is not intended for ice hockey but for skateboarding. but i could be wrong.
  11. very nice, what gold did you pick for that btw? I want that gold warrior logo on the inside cuff :) very nice, what gold did you pick for that btw? I want that gold warrior logo on the inside cuff :)
  12. no just going for this look mins the red letters (mods please remove image if it's not allowed to be posted) http://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/96517202/Getty-Images-Sport
  13. very nice, i'm about to order the same, but can't decide on the middle strip to be black (like kovalchuks spray painted devils ones) or white. With white/silver font.
  14. nice for the extra 100 or so that is really worth it then
  15. so are you saying they can make a x:60 fit similar to one95/100s?
  16. Is custom only for the high end bauer skates? I wondering if they would do custom flexlite 4.0: make them stiffer, and lower cut ala one95 for 100 more than the retail? :D
  17. At least it'll be a toeish curve, and finally they are brining it out with a standard hosel :)
  18. ya i butchered them a little bit but their are plastic inserts so i could only cut along the seams, they were getting in the way sorta since i wearing rbk elbows (or jofa 9177?) with the extended wrist protection.
  19. just watching some speed skating right now and i'm curious if anyone had adopted FBV yet.
  20. i think to a lot of people "Synergy" is synonymous with OPS like kleenex
  21. i will carry a few bucks cash as emergency money but i will use my card anywhere it's accepted because i get back either a rebate or points.
  22. Is Andrei Markov sporting the new Bauer certified visor?
  23. do all the hi-los have different feeling? anything close to the tuuk rockers since they are harder to find.
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