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  1. Yep Bauer wasn't stupid when they released the Vapor ADV for $369 (cdn) few years ago.
  2. They are just G3 i have no idea how he still has NXG paint job. I wonder if Bauer still making them or he has infinite supply stocked up.
  3. Thanks Vet88! Thats exactly the pain; it's so sharp and immediate that it must be a nerve. Good to know that it can be relieved. I do remember skates that gave me this issue have more shaped heal (Vapor, Grafs etc).
  4. Not totally out of the picture (since i hear new revision is lighter) as but I wanted a lighter less clunkier feeling skate and wanted to try and see what the new stuff is like.
  5. Trying bunch of new skates lately (coming from Trues > RBZ > Makos) and I noticed in particular AS1 and sometime in the Jetspeed that I could get very sharp pain in the back of the heel when i put my weight forward over my toes. Is this a question of heel pocket not being deep enough or wrong shape for me? Can the heel pockets be punched out in these new one piece boots? I do have slight bauer bumps in my heels btw.
  6. I guess it's save to assume Step steel will come in the next gen of skates? I want to get pair of 80k but I'd be cheesed if they release them in a few weeks after i got mine.
  7. I do the same. My P28 sticks are about 1 inch shorter than my PM9 curved sticks. I have found with my William Nylander pro sticks i can go back up 1 inch, same with a Justin Williams P28 stick I had. It's due to the lie angle imo.
  8. Is he finally going to switch away from the OG supertacks graphics?
  9. that sucks since they were the guys advanced the development of hockey sticks from wood > aluminum > composites to the masses. Will forever love the elliptical taper sticks
  10. i had my CL's profiled 30/50 on a cag machine and i can say the difference was almost none to me. In the Mako's the stock profile i felt was right at home. Would you have a recommendation if i want to swap to the new LS holders? The idea of having extra steel on hang is the reason i'd want them.
  11. i'm probably SOL b/c these were purchased used online (this is the risk i took) so i'm looking for repair options. I'd have S17s (great performance but not durability) before and didn't last long so i didn't wanna risking paying full retail again.
  12. can you post a pic if you don't mind? i noticed that the liner is has pulled away/seperated/bubbled up from the padding from the ankle bone to the top of the footbed. Anyone have any ideas on how to repair this?
  13. how much did they charge for the customs? and did you get a choice of which holder you wanted or you had to put it on afterwards?
  14. If any GTA members wanna see the RBZ skate in person Duke's has one on display not in a case. Nice skate seems similar weight and fit to the Crazylites. New steel is mirror like.
  15. i've had or demo'd probably 10 different skates in the last 2 years.... unless the apx2 can fit my 907 instep with s17 ankle lock i can't wait for christmas 2013, keep up the great work guys!
  16. kinda reminds me of mlx (eyelets and all)
  17. Chad whenever you have free time, can you upload an updated pic of the instep after baking compared to the pre-baked you have on the LTR thread? thanks :)
  18. Chad based on that pic he posted showed he would of failed the pencil test by quite a bit. i'm waiting for his longer term review before i jump in too.
  19. Chad what skates were you in prior to the makos?
  20. thanks you! i could never get a feel of where it flexed it felt like maybe mid kick since i assumed the oval part make it stiffer there and prevents any torquing.
  21. +1 i picked up the 70 dollar one thinking it was the M5 and was shocked to see the sticker say $69.99! Got to try on a pair of mako skates unheated, man it's a comfy skate very sneaker like material for the liner, unfortunately might not be deep enough for me still (skate was already molded to someone else fit but fit me really well). And for the price the best option for me now might just be custom Nexus skates all i really need it tighter heel lock on stock 1000 last for the most part.
  22. Miseaujeu, is there a warrior stick in the lineup that you would recommend that flexes/shoots similar to Easton S19s? I'm a big fan of warrior blades for feel but I love my S19 and flex and shot i get out of it.
  23. does anyone know if Easton has released a msrp for the Mako skate?
  24. JR i remember you had issues with the depth with the mlx skate has the fit improved in the mako skate for you?
  25. can you comment on how deep the boot is? it looks pretty shallow in the fore-mid foot area but that could be a pair already molded so it could already be folded in.
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