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  1. I wanted to love the Trigger, but god, WORST BLADES EVER. The stick feels great and shoots like a beast but everyone I know that has one, including my own, the blades (and specifically the toe of the blades) start chipping away like crazy after about 10 games. In contrast my N1 and Ek16 & EK60 are all still pretty much in perfect shape while being used more.
  2. Sounds like the lie is the problem more than the curve from this description.
  3. Meh I disagree with "nobody benefits from early speculation". It's fun for us not "in the know" to try and guess new features etc that upcoming gear will have and then going back and seeing how close we were once the product drops. Winter/Summer fest would be great to attend, I'm not hating on that aspect.
  4. TBH I get what he is saying though. The only people who benefit on here in regards to the early speculation are the select few (same people over the years) who go to the MSH Winter/Summer events. The 95% of us who do not get to go to the events or who are not chosen for LTR items are basically screwed over. Normally I'd keep my opinion to myself, but I've seen this happen here for several years.
  5. Yes it is. I play both golf & hockey several times a week and I see WAY more older golf equipment than I do old carbon sticks. It's not even close. With that said, Golf/Hockey would be an amazing sport.
  6. Except my sticks break within a year while my drivers normally last for a decade.
  7. I was going to say "I'll hold judgement until I get my dirty toe lovin' hands on a few but was too lazy at the time ;)
  8. Looks like the Gionta is just the Smyth pattern renamed to me from that pic. Kinda dissapointing when we were hearing "Warrior Insiders" had this awesome new toe curve coming out. Boo
  9. I cut the stick right around where I thought the tenon would start (on the blade), only to find that the X60 does not use a tenon, so I just used a very small circular file to bore out the taper (you'll see what I mean when you cut it) and then slid the blade in. **For example, if you look at the Easton pic above I cut about an inch above where the yellow paint starts on the blade.
  10. Yup, you have to cut quite low on the shaft and also use a file IN the shaft after cutting as the X60 has a strange taper compared to other sticks I've converted. I threw an Easton SE16 blade in it, sprayed it black and it looks (and plays) like a brand new X60. **Also mine is an INT stick as well, so you can do it :)
  11. yup, like I mentioned abouve, I've noticed him going to that tape job at the latter part of this season for some reason or another.
  12. I'm a toe curve guy through and through (also have a Kovalchuk, Samsonov [prostocks] and a ton of "toed" out sakic's) so the curve shouldn't take too long to get used to, but Ovie's is most def. the most open of the bunch.
  13. Yeah, it's the angle, here is a better pic of the curve Looks/feels like 1.5 ren hockey tape, def not an athletic tape.
  14. Shaft info Rocker Compared to a retail Sakic Haven't measured it yet, but it is just about an inch longer than a retail int. Warrior. I also noticed that he switched to a Kovalchuk style full tape job twords the end of this season compared to his 3/4 job he's used most of his career, kinda weird.
  15. Ah, well you did a good job on both then :lol:
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