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  1. Beautiful curve, except too stiff and expensive!
  2. Can somebody list pro stock toe curves in a whippy flex besides Samsonov, Ovechkin...?
  3. Where?! And are there anymore..?
  4. Can any of these sticks be found on Ebay? The only pro-stock RH sticks that I seem to find on ebay are: Whitney, Larose and Williams sticks which have been floating around for months. Along with repaired sticks and wierd Sherwood "Prostocks."
  5. Hemsky uses a small curve, very mild. The Warrior Smyth retail was a short blade, not a true toe curve, but a nice big mid-toe.
  6. Eric Desjardins used to rep that aswell.
  7. Too Old, that jersey is a Beaut!
  8. Does anyone know what Maxim Lapierre did last night against the Bruins that is causing so much commotion from everyone? Something involving him not wanting to fight..?
  9. i've only got one more smyth dolomite stick left...sad to see them go.
  10. Picked one of these up the other week, and though im used to barely any knob at all, I found for some reason it helped with puck feel/handling though the knob was relatively thicker than what I'm used to. Go figure. I think it's a great product.
  11. I think its similar to the old Easton Shanahan curve. Long blade, toe curve, square toe.
  12. His insights into the game tend to be pretty interesting and generally correct.
  13. C'mon PJ Stock isn't that bad...rather have him speaking than Glen Healy, or Pierre Mcguire, or Mike Milbury.
  14. Did anyone catch David on RDS Sunday? He was on the panel during intermission for the Wings/Predators game. I think it was him, Bob Hartley, and some host. He's doing what Marc Recchi is doing for TSN, but in french. That's pretty wild, good for him.
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