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    Bauer Vapor XXXX
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    CCM Pro Tacks
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    CCM 852 Tacks Pro Stock
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    CCM Pro Tacks
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    Mission Fuel 130
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    Mission Fuel 130
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    Mission Fuel 130
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  1. USA hockey referee is all I am, worked for me.
  2. I got them from The Skater's Edge in Greensboro, NC. It is operated by a former NHL equipment manager. About the pricing, I can't be too specific because this shop mainly sells to professional teams (SPHL, ECHL, juniors) and the pricing is different for team sales... If you're a referee and are looking for a pair, Bauer and RBK are offering significant discounts with your referee card at the moment. Without the discount though, the skate was still a couple hundred cheaper than the TotalOne MSRP. I could've done without the yellow lettering and such on the heel as well, but I guess the point is for the uneducated hockey fan to see these skates from the 2nd row and go out later and buy himself some TotalOnes to play in
  3. I'm going to put the Pro-tec-toe stuff on these. It's been so long since I used any, my can was dried up so I have to order some. As a referee I don't do a lot of work with my toes on the boards, so I don't expect a ton of wear there, my previous skates don't show much wear on the toes.
  4. It took 3 weeks from ordering to delivery.
  5. New skates, ClassicOnes. They are built off the 8090 instead of the T1 (my LHS told me wrong), but they are without doubt the best fitting skates I've ever owned. Custom sizing, vented outsole, taller LS3 steel, TotalOne tongue with black felt, +1", also some added volume and modified lacing pattern on the top 4 eyelets. They moved the top few outlets away about 1/4" from the ankle so I could get the correct forward flex. Plain white laces finish the deal. These look the way a hockey skate should look.
  6. Do the T1 Classic's have the same Alive composite and whatnot under the outside fabric as the TotalOne? I just ordered a pair based upon how much I like the TotalOne, since I needed customs anyway for my feet. I'm assuming it's just the TotalOne with some fabric on the outside essentially? Just wondering.
  7. okay guys, I took your suggestion and have the PP8L pants right here in my hands. they are very nice, but as noted rather long. I only wear a 32 inseam so obviously I'm gonna have to have these things hemmed up. here's the question: I will be having them taken up about 4.5 inches. at that length, there is plenty of material. should I get the pants cuffed on the bottom, or just a plain hem? thanks!
  8. Wow, thanks again for all the good information. Looks like I will be making sure everything passes the mirror test first, as I do plan on moving up through the ranks eventually. I'm 20 and several of my youth hockey coaches have been able to ref in the local ECHL games, so I'm somewhat motivated. Is it against the rules to have my whistle on a lanyard or does it have to be on my fingers? And what do you guys recommend wearing under the sweater to keep warm?
  9. Thanks for the replies guys, as far as the black skates I have that covered. Chadd could you elaborate more on these volleyball pads you use for elbows? I tried on my old girdle/shins with my ref pants and spent a while on the mirror test, all that seems fine. However my elbow pads are really bulky and seem to be way too much, but I'm not too keen on going out with no protection there.
  10. Hi guys, I am getting started with officiating this season as USA Hockey Level 1 official. I haven't been able to get a definitive answer so apparently opinions vary. For those of you who officiate, how much gear do you wear to do it? Shin pads are pretty obvious. Elbow pads? Girdle? If so, do you wear models specifically made for refs or just your hockey stuff? I have the mission fuel 130 setup which is pretty bulky, but I think I should wear my old tackla girdle and shins/elbows. What do you think? For what it's worth, I've been playing for a long time and skate well, but I haven't really observed how frequently officials fall down. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
  11. I'm in white, middle of the picture. Our team is called Molson Ice.
  12. you wouldn't happen to have one of either you're wanting to sell would ya? especially the stealth??? i wrecked my geo metro....
  13. heres a few more pics of the blacked out vapors. removed the red trim from the sides and tendon guard. threw on some yellow laces. this should be bauer's answer to CCM's Vector 6.0SE
  14. blacked out vapors. yellow laces?
  15. Pants: CCM Pro Tacks Protective: Mission Fuel 130 Helmet: CCM 852 Tacks Pro Stock Gloves: CCM Pro Tacks Skates (not pictured): Vapor XXV For those wondering about the Fuel 130 setup: Closer Shot of Shins Closer Shot of Elbows Closer Shot of Shoulders Edit: PS: Thanks to all that helped with their opinions before i bought this stuff!
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