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  1. ^^I got the chance to play through a ton of amps the other day (took a road trip down state and went to some shops), and I was pretty impressed with Peavey's 6505 Plus. The XXX is a bit much for me, but also the Vox AC50PH's were by far the best I played all day.
  2. It's not a matter of power really, it's a matter of needing a bigger, "wall of sound" rather. the B-52's still a stellar amp, agreed there. No pictures, but I have a slightly modded "quarter stack" as of now (Peavey head, with a Carvin 2x12" combo as the cab) which sounds great, white Strat, and just an old CE-2 chorus for stomps. dix0r: What's the Ampeg you're talking about? A cab right? Is it an SVT? I can't imagine an SVT cab being that awful, unless it has some sort of damage to it.
  3. An AT-100 half stack is next on my list to pick up. How long have you had the 212?
  4. They were a fun band to watch at Warped last year. I'm surprised so few people know who they are.
  5. I'm now the proud owner of a 1983 Trans Am. I got a deal since it was my brothers... Never driven a slap stick before, and I really don't think I should have a muscle car. It's definitely fun to drive though.
  6. Thank god no one mentioned Suburban Legends. You could go on for days stsating what would be a necessity record to a ska collection. If you like ska, you'll have a good mix of all three waves. Not to mention reggae and some 20's-30's swing which were some important building blocks to what ska is now.
  7. Mustard Plug for sure. Dave always remembers my name when I go to see them play. Cool guys, great band.
  8. Recently joined a ska band and dug into my old collection and found these gems (if you like ska anyhow) Streetlight Manifesto (I think they've been mentioned) Deal's Gone Bad The Johnstones Go Jimmy Go The Suicide Machines (one of my favorite Detroit bands) and also some good Detroit pop-punk and psychobilly The HandMe Downs Koffin Kats
  9. Yep, add a compliment to the yellow MIA's, those look great. Wish I could splurge on a pair as we speak.
  10. Agreed again. And to further add to the growing list: Michael Angelo Batio (too many notes, not enough music, though if you like Malmsteen, you'll like him), Jibilian (crazy funk Stick player) and completely nothing like the other two mentioned: The Koffin Kats (Detroit psychobilly).
  11. Glasgow Kiss by John Petrucci is his end-all solo song if you ask me. A good start into his stuff. The YouTube video of Glasgow Kiss:
  12. Tony Levin's best band to date: King Crimson And also for more instrumental goodness: Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck
  13. No kidding, they practically have a cult-like following.
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