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  1. put this up on phew a while ago figured id throw it up here
  2. entertaining game... and an entertaining rivalry for the next 8 or so years after
  3. bednarz... is that a custom swoosh i see on one of your 4000s? :D
  4. My buddy just threw that cage on his 4000. I like the look of it, compared to some of the other crappy cages that have been coming out recently.
  5. wow... in a perfect world all my 4000s would have Cooper on the front
  6. woah... very nice mitts here's my graf 703's... pretty pumped, ive never had a pair of expensive skates before
  7. took the two pieces completely apart, easiest way to do it
  8. got out the green renfrew for some more low budget helmet customizing http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i140/KDo...24/100_1258.jpg http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i140/KDo...24/100_1257.jpg
  9. added a layer of white felt to my tongues... only glued though so ive had to re apply it a few times. cut the shells off my shoulder pads for beer league lots of helmet customizations... -made a "cooper" 4000 by getting stickers done and putting them over the Bauer logos -painted the inside of my jofa480 cage white, the paint chips pretty bad though. I had an embroidered nameplate that was for my golf bag, ended up glueing it to the cuff of my eagles, looks pretty good actually.
  10. Felt sheets cost me .28 cents each... I used fabric glue to start, but might have to get out the needle and thread to make them more secure. Someone on PHEW made some red tongues, which I thought looked pretty cool, gave them an actual "tongue" look, haha.
  11. thought I would follow the trend... I have never "flopped" before, pretty pumped to try them out, haha. low budget white tongues
  12. X6 are a nice glove for the price... more of a tight feel on the back of the hand, compared to a nbh 4 roll or even ppf
  13. my buddy had a prostock inno 1100 sitting in his garage that he didnt want. Found a tapered sher wood coffey without graphics for 30 bucks at my local shop. Not a huge fan of the shape of sher wood blades, but thought id give it a go for the price. http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i140/KDo...24/100_1130.jpg http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i140/KDo...24/100_1131.jpg
  14. hound97.... the fact that you grabbed those for 20$ makes me very bitter.
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