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  1. put this up on phew a while ago figured id throw it up here
  2. entertaining game... and an entertaining rivalry for the next 8 or so years after
  3. bednarz... is that a custom swoosh i see on one of your 4000s? :D
  4. My buddy just threw that cage on his 4000. I like the look of it, compared to some of the other crappy cages that have been coming out recently.
  5. wow... in a perfect world all my 4000s would have Cooper on the front
  6. woah... very nice mitts here's my graf 703's... pretty pumped, ive never had a pair of expensive skates before
  7. took the two pieces completely apart, easiest way to do it
  8. got out the green renfrew for some more low budget helmet customizing http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i140/KDo...24/100_1258.jpg http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i140/KDo...24/100_1257.jpg
  9. added a layer of white felt to my tongues... only glued though so ive had to re apply it a few times. cut the shells off my shoulder pads for beer league lots of helmet customizations... -made a "cooper" 4000 by getting stickers done and putting them over the Bauer logos -painted the inside of my jofa480 cage white, the paint chips pretty bad though. I had an embroidered nameplate that was for my golf bag, ended up glueing it to the cuff of my eagles, looks pretty good actually.
  10. Felt sheets cost me .28 cents each... I used fabric glue to start, but might have to get out the needle and thread to make them more secure. Someone on PHEW made some red tongues, which I thought looked pretty cool, gave them an actual "tongue" look, haha.
  11. thought I would follow the trend... I have never "flopped" before, pretty pumped to try them out, haha. low budget white tongues
  12. X6 are a nice glove for the price... more of a tight feel on the back of the hand, compared to a nbh 4 roll or even ppf
  13. my buddy had a prostock inno 1100 sitting in his garage that he didnt want. Found a tapered sher wood coffey without graphics for 30 bucks at my local shop. Not a huge fan of the shape of sher wood blades, but thought id give it a go for the price. http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i140/KDo...24/100_1130.jpg http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i140/KDo...24/100_1131.jpg
  14. hound97.... the fact that you grabbed those for 20$ makes me very bitter.
  15. im gona try a few things this week... I remember hearing on the gsbb that someone hung their goalie chest protector in the shower and just let hot water run over it. Those esporta and other companies sound pretty good, but they are EXPENSIVE. Maybe ill make a proposal to my parents...want my gear to stop stinking? pay for the cleaning!!! :D
  16. If you end up trying the white dye pen, let me know. My Tide to go pen works really well, but my gloves still look more and more stained each week. I tried the clorox bleach pen (didnt do much, its more of a pre-treater for washing machines), and I tried mixing soaps and using a scrub brush (when dried, the dirt/sweat stains just came to the surface and looked worse). That includes that "spot shot" stuff, which seemed like it worked good when the gloves were still wet, but again, once they dried the gloves ended up looking worse. Never buying white nylon again!!!
  17. "cooper" 4000...thanks to whoever hooked me up with the link to that logo. http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i140/KDo...24/100_0945.jpg green swooshes to match the team...tossed some white ear flaps on there as well. http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i140/KDo...24/100_0942.jpg this probably wont last very long, as you can see it is glued on. I like the way it looks from far away though. http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i140/KDo...24/100_0943.jpg
  18. i wish i could find a 4000 with cooper logos
  19. i have the one with the spray trigger, like windex. my 4 rolls would be gross right now if i didnt have this stuff to clean them
  20. Attn : everyone who owns the NBH 4 Rolls in the "white out" I have found a product that cleans them really well. Im sure their are other products out there that will do the job, but this stuff works great. http://www.spotshot.com/ You have to get the gloves wet, so I would suggest cleaning a day or two before you have to use them. Spray a bunch of this stuff on them and use a brush to scrub the dirt off. I tried that scotchguard stuff on mine to protect them, but it doesn't do anything. Just thought I would throw this idea out there.
  21. I like mine, though I cant really compare them to some 600 dollar skates out there. They have held up well for about 4-5 months now. I found them for 129 at sport chek!!!
  22. I just sprayed a light coat of scotchguard...its 10 bucks a can at Canadian Tire. Ill keep the updates coming
  23. ill let u know in a few weeks, they have only been used once. im definately worried about it though...can anyone else with the white outs give us an update?
  24. nice eastons tbl finaly got my cam back...heres some of the goods. Just started playing some forward this year after being a tendy for 15 years. Also grabbed the vaughn vintage style pads, ill toss a pic up in the goalie board. -4000's with oak straight and a 480...blacked out the ccm logo. Buckets -4rolls, the 13inch actually fit me pretty well, if you dont have massive hands you can get away with the smaller size Mitts -for the record i think the supreme line all look better than the one90...(go easy, i had to save money somewhere) Wheels -ended up spending over 100$ with what started as a plain red practise jersey for 10 bucks...the end result is a cluttered wings shrine (with an unecessary nike logo added) Front Back Sleeves -masked off another unecessary swoosh on the 3030...the last thing the world needs is more nike logos, but i thought it turned out pretty good, kinda looks like the old blades they used to sell Twig
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