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    Bauer Vapor X40
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    Bauer X60
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    Bauer 4 Roll
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    RBK Pro 8K/Bauer 5500 Bauer Visor
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    Bauer Women's Lite XVI
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    Just the over the shoulder boulder holder
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    CCM Vector 6.0
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    Bauer 4000
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    CCM 4.0

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    Dallas, TX, formerly Wichita, KS.. Toto we're not in KS anymore!
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    Playing, coaching, and enjoying beers with the guys after games. mountain biking, 4x4 (Jeeps), playing in the water and the snow all while trying not to hurt myself.
  1. Another late night where I'm trying to sleep but can't. I never thought my life could be completely flipped upside down so quickly but I received a phone call mid-May that sent me racing back home. My best friend was diagnosed out of the blue with stage 4 metastic melanoma and she was the last person anyone ever believed that this was a possibility. I stay strong and keep my spirits up around her and around people at the rink but for the most part I constantly feel like I'm about to fall apart. I've never dealt with anything like this in my life and the last person that past away that I was close to was when I was really young. I always thought it would be a parent that would get sick or pass away and I honestly don't know how to cope with seeing someone I love and am so close to going through something like this. Today is day 60 after they gave her two months in the hospital and I'm sure that's part of why I feel so heavy tonight. She's a hockey girl so she is such a fighter and I'm so proud of everything that she's endured and fought through. She's been through two brain surgeries, 3 weeks of radiation, home health, one round of an IV cancer drug, and now just found out she has a blood clot. Alone, I try to keep positive because I know she is going to fight with everything she has in her but I am still so emotionally overwhelmed and scared for the future. To see someone I love and am so close to go through this is heartbreaking and makes me realize I am nowhere near as strong as I once thought I was. Sorry to vent that I feel selfish with my own emotions but I don't feel like I should vent/confide with anyone I know.
  2. Dallas sucks. I never saw myself moving any further south than where I was before and I can definately say my opinion has not changed. As soon as I finish school we are moving to WI or PA.. yeesh. I didn't think I'd miss being at the rink 6-7 days a wk but I about don't know what to do with myself with all this free time I'm not used to having. At least the guys on our beer league team are a blast to play and drink with, because that's about all I have to look forward to every week.
  3. If you haven't seen Dredd yet, you must go see it soon! It was surprisingly the best movie I've seen in quite awhile, and paying extra for 3D actually was worth it this time. Tons of action and blood, going to see it again tomorrow.
  4. Missonsparta.. I thought that Laura Stamm Powerskating was one of the best camps I've gotten to work with just because I took so much from it. The main instructors were very knowledgable and even though it's skating specific it was very beneficial and is for older kids and adults. I don't remember exactly how Planet Hockey was when they came here but I can't remember any parents being upset and the kids seemed to enjoy it. Mug25- Weekend Warrior is a good camp to look at for adults.
  5. Had to deal with police officers after our game tonight because my teammate's girlfriend (fan) and the girl on the other team were screaming at each other after the girl barely put her shoulder into him. This caused no injury (it barely even moved him) and had no impact on a scoring opportunity or anything. All of this apparently lead to verbal altercation in the parking lot that I was not witness to but was very close to a fight from what I heard. Seriously. 1) This is hockey: it's a physical game even in a non-check league. 2) It is only a game: no one is getting paid to play 3) Bitches be crazy 4) Knock it off, you're making the rest of us (women) look bad!
  6. Thanks guys! I have been sitting on the idea for a few yrs and finally got around to making it. I used hockey medals and table hockey players for ornaments and hockey laces for garland. It wasn't too bad (aside from the carbon fiber splinters) even though I was totally winging it, so I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out.
  7. After 3 years of procrastination I finally made my tree this week!
  8. Finished XMas shopping today- decided to stop into a card show for the heck of it on the way to get wrapping paper. Found a McFarlane Sakic figure for my mom! Score!
  9. Radio, we taped the back and they stayed on the whole game! Pretty sure we were about 6x more intimidating..lol
  10. My best friend and I rockin the dusters for Movember during our coed game Sunday.
  11. Boyle is an awesome coach, hope you enjoyed his camp!
  12. From a couple months ago: Feels good to finally feel a little more secure with my knee and can play the puck a little more aggressively. I've upgraded my skates and sticks since these pics since I don't anticipate having surgery anytime soon. *knock on wood*
  13. I was playing last night, pivoted on one foot to turn towards the deflected puck and felt something pop in my knee. I had the ATC at work look at it today and he thinks it's MCL and LCL, I go see my ortho doc tomorrow morning. Someone just take me out to pasture and shoot me already!
  14. Dear Pain In My Ass League Player, You Sir, are the epitome of every idiot in adult hockey. Out of the 343 league players you are the only one that feels the need to run your mouth and cause problems in every single game, no matter what level. You are obviously a very weak-minded person and I feel sorry for whatever happened to you in your past that turned you into someone that preys on the weak or the ones unable to retaliate against you. Whether that's because you're only 5'2" or because your dick doesn't touch your underwear, I'm still not completely sure. The thing about you is that you are just sneaky enough that you know how to munipulate the system and stay in that grey area to get away with things. I find it funny that you don't understand why someone would whale on you after you threaten to kill their wife and break their neck, pulling their feet from them on a breakaway and sending them flying into the boards while you proclaim innocence. That's not even the touching all the other things you say and do to officials, timekeepers, players and fans. Your immaturity doesn't stop there, you continue to harass me about how my team supposedly paid off the refs during our last game against your team, and that's it's an obvious conspiracy why refs call penalties on you. Here's a thought, keep your mouth shut and keep your stick to yourself! Maybe if you didn't pull out your mouthguard at every stop in play to bitch at the refs they wouldn't know you so well. By the way, you can have my ref jersey anytime and see just how "easy" it is. Seriously, out of all the people we've had probems with, you are the only one of them that hasn't made some sort of an effort to change the way they play the game. You're not a child, you're 38 years old. Grow the fuck up! This is beer league and you're only playing for a damn $7 tshirt. In the whole spectrum of life, this doesn't mean shit and I'm sorry that this apparently means so much more to you than the rest of us! So thank you, Douchebag, for ruining something I used to have a passion for and enjoyed doing as I work through college. Do us all a favor and choke on your mouthguard, no one will miss you. Hugs & Kisses! -One pissed off, frustrated hockey director
  15. A few from last night's game. My bf is in net.
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