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  1. Sorry to bump such an old thread but just picked up two inhalers for myself and my brother. Fit very well in the store, however, when we got them home, we noticed that one of the white plastic pieces around the buttons that the cage clips onto were cracked on each helmet. In all of the pictures/videos, it looks like those white plastic pieces are supposed to be there but we find it weird that both helmets have them cracked. Anyone have any insight? Can still take them back to MonkeySports if this isn't correct.
  2. Does anyone know anything more about the custom easton 800's? Are they retail E-Pros?
  3. Where'd you get that Easton blade? What's the lie, how do you like it?
  4. big sykora fan, cant ever remember or find anything with him in NBH gloves.
  5. yeah, yotes. very excited my first canadian game. im a huge devils fan so besides going to almost every home game in newark and new brunswick before that, ive only been to msg, wachovia, and nassau. although ill be wearing my devils hat (big game against the bruins that i almost want them to lose to hurt the rangers chances) with a canucks jersey. had the pleasure of going up to the equipment sale last year. thanks again for all the suggestions
  6. Headed up there on Tuesday for the Canucks game and was wondering if there is anything worth looking at near the arena/downtown area. Thanks
  7. I goto school in NYC but grew up in Jersey and is a huge Devils fan. Last night, the Devils held their skate/autograph session for the Gold Circle Members and I was coming back with my girlfriend and a friend and we got into Penn just as the Ranger game was getting out. Obviously, I was decked in Devils gear from the the autograph session and besides the looks and small comments that I know we're gonna get, these two Ranger fans took in the next even further. Walking away from the garden, they literally followed us from the other side of the street screaming "Devils Faggots" and other things along those lines. I usually don't really talk back to these people but they kept doing it so finally I just yelled back, "our teams didn't even play each other and the Sharks just destroyed you guys" and got a couple chuckles from other Ranger fans around me. That shouldn't happen. Not to mention the fact that I have been chased out of my seats from MSG to clap when the Devils scored a few years ago because a drunk Ranger fan was coming at us. I don't see how that's okay...
  8. I think Zajac is really close to an iginla.
  9. 81 on my business midterm really sucked after studying like mad for it
  10. that said "white" on it? im almost positive he didnt wear any last season and if he had some, its surprising they didnt have his name on it. feel free if you have pictures to prove me wrong. because it didnt have a name, it was prob coaches or rookie or something
  11. Colin White only used Warrior last year. And I believe CCM before. Never saw him using Eastons The regular players that wore Easton gloves last year were Parise, Zajac, Gionta, Zubrus, Madden, and Rolston(not the same kind as those) Almost everyone else was wearing warrior and those who didnt start, ended up switching towards the end of the year. Except Andy Greene, of course.
  12. lots of devils jersey kid size:broduer(home and away), rolston(signed by the 98 devils), stevens(signed by the 98 devils) Old CCM Red:elias, sellout(gomez) Old CCM White: gionta, stevens, arnott, janssen new RBK: parise, madden, langs old school(red and green): plain signed by the 2008 team, authentic danekyo with 75 anni patch and devils 10 anni patch) others include: white team USA, white 1980 team USA, kid rolston(avs), kid rolston(bruins) reg rolston(wild), red albany river rats(devils), white gretzky(rags), white russian federov and bure(have adopted cousins from russia), white mighty ducks, white sharks, white panthers, blue rags, and i have a few plain white devils.
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