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  1. I´m pretty sure you can get them worldwide. If you google "Formthotics USA" you will get some suggestions.
  2. I love these and suggest you try them. Soft but supportive and lightweight. Easy to mold yourself. https://retail.formthotics.com/products/ski-tour-dual/
  3. Those are the ones that I would prefer. I guess it all depends on how soft you want the skates to be. When compared to more modern skates, these are really soft and low cut.
  4. The F60 I´ve seen in the past had the same cut/boot as the 703/704. They also had pretty much the same felt tongue as the old ones but I think they have been released with that short, thick, black, hideous tongue as well at some point. The other thing that (I felt) didn´t seem as nice on the F60 were the black airnet-liner and it also seemed to have less padding around the ankle and forefoot.
  5. I did excactly this, about 10 years ago. I cut out the fitlite pads and used a traditional Jofa-liner instead. As I remeber it, the foam in the 6K was flush to the plastic and also had a large vented hole in the middle which made the modified pad less protective than the standard pad (Jofa 9090, originally 3190 I believe). Shots and slashes...didn´t feel so nice. For recreational hockey it worked just fine, but I honestly remember the level of protection was a little to bad for my liking. Bought Reebok 11K after a while.
  6. You just bake them at home of course! I´ve baked pretty much all of my skates at 180-190 degrees for about 6-7 minutes. Works every time. Some occasions I have put the skates in a sauna at around 170 degrees and left them in there for 10-15 minutes. Skates got soft and pliable that way to. I feel many players think that the skate-oven is working wonders, when it´s not. Just warming up the skates. No need to pay 50$ for that when you can do it yourself THAT EASY.
  7. sweed


    http://www.formthotics.com/ Find your local dealer or buy online. Easy to trim to correct size, lightweight and good archsupport. You heat them up and they form to your feet. Takes up a bit of volume in the skates though.
  8. A little more friction on the puck. Better spin for saucers and shots. Aspecially for those who doesn´t tape the whole blade but I would say for everybody!
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