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  1. I'm definitely worried about dropping it off at a shop that has some young kids doing the work. I was hoping there might be somewhere that has some experience in mounting these. Guess I might have to give it a go myself and see how it goes. I have a boot with some labeda magnesium's on them right now. Will the holes be close or am I most likely looking at drilling all new holes. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Seeing as I'm not super handy like some of these guys, does anyone know of a place that will correctly mount these for me. I just don't trust myself trying to mount them.
  3. So from what I read on the Base page, this BC71 curve will only be available for a limited time. Kind of a bummer. I just started to get into the toe curves. I guess I better get an order in while supplies last.
  4. I picked mine up off of eBay. I'm guessing with a lot of the Reebok stuff being branded as CCM now, we'll be seeing more of them. I certainly hope so.
  5. So far these might just be my favorite gloves.
  6. Just picked up my first pair of CCM's. I'm really liking them so far, I may have to pick up a few more pairs.
  7. Here's My new skates. I Haven't played on them yet, but they are really comfortable. I want to get some red wheels to match the skates and the chassis.
  8. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Here's my Vapor boots with some Hum'er chassis' that I took off some old Tour skates. Put some Asphalt wheels on them so I could take the dog for a run. Feel pretty nice, can't wait to play on them Wednesday. Picture's a little out of focus, sorry it's a camera phone pic.
  9. I would love custom Bauers. Hope they realize there's a market for this and start offering custom options.
  10. There's always money in the banana stand...
  11. Here's my new Easton Helmet. Love how light it is, not too happy about it pulling out some hair.
  12. My Wife has mine locked up somewhere....lemme see if she knows where it is. BRB. Maybe she keeps yours the same place my wife put mine, let me know when you find out. I miss mine. :(
  13. What did you use to white out your stick?
  14. Was that a hallucinagen/drug induced outrage of touretts?? ;) Fletch, Maybe just back off the dosage a little...LOL ...I just wish I was all doped up.
  15. Just got the NBH 4 rolls yesterday. Just black but they'll go with any jersey. My Gloves
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