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  1. P46 would be the best bet from a retail option. I personally use the Base BC71 Malkin, cant recommend it enough for people wanting a closed toe stick.
  2. While creating an account on thingiverse to share my files to everyone - I came across some others that may be of interest to people https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:846193 -- Extension https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2443827 -- Another Knob https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2781610 -- Stick Cap
  3. I have a .prt or .stp file - will that work?
  4. Ours was modeled after a small hand axe we had and feels really good / light weight. We shall see how it holds up!! The next revision might have a slightly longer tenon - but we were limited size of the printing tray
  5. Are you looking for the small knob or the Axe handle? I will ask my buddy with the printer to get them uploaded to thingiverse or send me the files to pass along.
  6. Newest creation and awesome Christmas present from a family member, first attempt at an Axe handle style knob! Feels awesome in the hand.
  7. ALL HAIL SCOTT BJUGSTAD!! I tried switching from a P88 -- had nice snappy wrist shots. but as someone else mentioned I would put them high if i got lazy without proper mechanics. I ended up taking a half inch off the stick to help me get my hands forward quicker and really push the toe down into ice. I enjoy playing with the stick but have since switched to the BC71 from Base which is a closed-ish toe curve and flatter rocker
  8. How is the stick pitch compared to say a Bauer Supreme ? Wanting to get mine a tad more neutral - might ask to order them with a small shim up front preinstalled
  9. Do you know if there is a particular person I should try to schedule and appointment with? If I am going to take the 4hr bus ride might as well make sure I am getting the best.
  10. The closest True fit center to me is a Pure Hockey outside of DC, should I go there or is it worth it to take the 4ish hour drive to West side Hockey in NYC that I hear has lots of experience with the fitting ?
  11. Same size across both brands ? I am a 8.5 wide in Supremes, not sure what size to try in these
  12. I will ask, what printer or format would you like the file in?
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