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  1. 6 hours ago, strosedefence34 said:


    Thanks for the responses this will help.  I remembered my other question new steel.  What do you guys do about that?  Since I can't cross grind it.  Do you have the shop you buy it from cross grind it but don't sharpen?  Have them sharpen? or do you just sharpen it and take a bunch of passes?

    You could also keep one wheel around, the shallowest hollow they make, run a few passes on both blades until the factory edge is gone, then move to your preferred hollow 


    ideally just have the place you get them from do the cross grind though



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  2. Bauer One90’s skates, retail. Size 8.0D

    reinforced heels, not done by me, but looks like a professional did the work. No footbeds, light use, includes 2 sets of LS Power steel. 

    $150 shipped to the US







  3. Boots are used MakoII 8.25D, about a season and a half of use. Factory blackout tendon guards. Shows the usual wear and tear, but structurally sound, and very stiff. Tongues are discolored slightly from a cleaner i used on them. Holes drilled in heels for LS screws.

    Holders are new LS (non edge) 280, three sets of steel. One set profiled HudsonV. Attached using copper rivets and MLX screws/anchors

    Also including 3 sets of footbeds, One Bio-Dri, two stock.


    $200 plus shipping, open to offers.








  4. First up for all you brave souls are brand new True skates, size 8. White sides, white felt tongues. VH Step holders and untouched steel. I heated these and wrote my number on the tongue but just couldn’t do it. 

    More detailed pics to serious buyers

    $529 shipped to the US

    Open to non-silly offers





  5. On 3/2/2020 at 10:50 PM, dkmiller3356 said:

    Followed up with a cardiologist due to family history.  Two bad tests led to an angiogram that picked up blocked arteries. I am now the proud owner of three stents and a Lipitor prescription.  Oh joy. 

    You have a heart, who would’ve guessed? 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    good to hear you caught it early, I’d hate to have to render on ice first aid at WF. 🤙🏾🤣

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  6. https://www.prostockhockey.com/hockey-sticks/player-sticks/left-christoffer-ehn-jetspeed-85-flex-stick-2/


    One thing I've noticed guys in your situation struggling to adjust to as well, is using sticks longer than the old shaft/blade days as well as adjusting to the flex (not using super stiff shafts with wood blades). Guys that used to come through the shop would eventually get in a comfort zone one they adapted to both. 

  7. Aall this stuff is clogging up the basement. More photos if you’re a serious buyer. 
    Random gear sale, always open to offers!

    CONUS shipped pricing, will ship to Canada if we can work out numbers  


    Wisconsin Badgers Nike 2-piece Large, signs of use, but good shape. $65 shipped

    MIC Ducks Franchise, Robidas Medium. Six pack protector laced in but unattached. $85 shipped

    Eagle 2 piece Islanders Bouchard, Size 50, light use. $75 shipped

    Tackla 5000 NHL, Size 52 purple. New-ish. $65 shipped

    Nexus 1N retail. Sizing stock, never seen the ice. Size medium, Blue (BLU) not Royal, not navy, but in between. $85 shipped

    Bemidji Franchise, medium, well used  $50 shipped

    CCM girdle, wraparound style, light use, Large, $65 shipped




    MIA Franchise Beech, black and red, well well used, definite repalm project, 14”. $25 shipped

    AK27 14” Blue/Grey retail. MIC, average use, $50 shipped

    Navy/Gold Luxe, MIC 14N, near new kangaroo repalm, $100 shipped

    Vapor Pro Team, Junior Admirals, 14”, new, $85 shipped

    CCM HG97 Sharks Bollig, 15”, average use, $60 shipped

    Franchise, Red/White 13”, MIC, near new, $85 shipped




    Bauer Pro Defender, Large, worm twice, two sets of shoulder caps. $85 shipped

    Trus XC9 shoulders Large, less than a dozen uses. $80 shipped 




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