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  1. https://www.hockeystickman.com/products/blackout-skates?utm_content=Facebook_UA&variant=39563397496966&utm_source=IGShopping&utm_medium=Social who is brave enough to jump out on beer league ice in $100 “high-quality” skates?
  2. Some of the newer CCM youth skates come pre sharpened, that may be the difference you were noticing. what’s going on is your wheel was getting gummed up by the factory coating, regardless of whether you’d “gotten a hollow” or not. Either cross grind them or use the 1.5” hollow method and your headaches will go away. Ruby or blue wheels seem to be the most popular for this application. No sense buying too end wheels for what you’re doing on rental skates
  3. Apologies, I read it as Custom Fit system. Are you able to try them on in person? im sure there was some change as CCM transitioned to the new boots, Pures website has a pretty comprehensive comparison chart I’d be inclined to trust it’s accuracy
  4. If it was cheap/old/rusty/dull steel my advice would’ve been to first do each pair on as shallow of a hollow as your dresser will do, 1.5” or so will work. Then once the working edge is clean I’d circle back and do them at whatever hollow you would finish them at. Should save you a ton of headaches and wasted wheel in the future. if they’re super rusty, a dab of thread cutting oil on the rust should loosen it up a bit before putting them on the wheel. might not be the worst idea to keep a more aggressive grit wheel on hand as well -Edit, I just reread that they were new, definitely take off the factory edge as I stated and put the working hollow on in a second go around-
  5. I went through the process fully expecting to be in an EE but ended up in FT4 D. Couldn’t be happier with what I got.
  6. If all you want is a repalm, HockeyMenders does a great job and doesn't take too long
  7. I may be misremembering but about that time, near the Bauer buyout, I think they took all Mexican production and moved it to China. Guys deeper in the industry may be able to confirm or deny that
  8. Depending how thick you're trying to go you can easily fashion some yourself out of scrap plastic. If they're to be used long term maybe find someone who knows 3D printing, and see if that process could handle the stress of skating on
  9. Easton price pointed sticks were made in various places. I'm sure Vietnam was one of them. Top of the line were made in Mexico until at least the CX iirc
  10. FallFest weekend pickups 14” Ferland/Combat 52 Cal Bruins mitts 13” HoneyBaked Bauer pro team gloves Brand new Large Franchise elbows like new Medium HT2 Eagle player bag UltraSonic retail Size 9 Fit 3 new
  11. As long as you’re not standing on them while they’re hot, I don’t see the harm
  12. A vapor pro team might be closer to what you’re after. There are plenty floating around
  13. Secret of the pros- put a hand warmer or two inside your cup in the pocket. I usually wear under armour tights, shins over, with sweats or waterproof pants depending how cold it is. A UA mock turtle neck, plus a sweatshirt and jersey. layers are key. A fairer isn’t a bad idea either. plan on bringing something warm for after/between games. I prefer Duluth fleece carhartt style pants if you’re coming from Cali, my best advice to you is; however cold you think Minneapolis will be in January, it’ll be much colder than that
  14. Bauer has tried it on a few variations of Vapors, the 8/10 series and the XX come to mind. Maybe there’s a proper balance but it seemed the lost durability in the runner outweighed (no pun) any benefits from reduced weight.
  15. It’s only a matter of time imo before they start separating like the Fusion did
  16. Didn’t need a pair of binoculars to see this problem coming.
  17. Iirc, custom plus, LS2, and Ls edge have the same mounting pattern within reason. Maybe just update them?
  18. I should clean out my storage more frequently.
  19. Gorilla Glue clear may do the trick as well
  20. A custom skate, by nature, should solve fit problems.
  21. a leather or luggage repair place may have a machine that could stitch it too. I've had luck with that in the past
  22. I put this in last years but I’ll throw it here too. 4orte Kraken bags
  23. Hyper lite has a lot of borrowed tech from the Mako but I’d also try the JetSpeed line. Probably the closest you’ll find
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