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  1. https://jacksonskate.com/collections/jackson-ultima-outfits/products/softec-sport-men-v0 we used to sell a ton of these to kids learning to skate. It’s an easier transition from shoes to these to skates in my opinion. It’s less important to be hockey specific, focus first on skating, balance, and comfort on the ice. They also resell, and hand me down very well. They have a reasonably reliable size guide on the site, and I think you may even find these at Dicks as well
  2. Maybe midwest bias, but an old Christian with the diamond blade design my look good
  3. For sale is a pair of brand new pair of 2S Pro skates and holders. 9EET10 both Left and Right. Never baked, brand new LS2 Edge holder and LS5 Carbon steel. Reflex tongue, anchored (not C-flex) tendon guard. Lock Fit pro liner. VERY IMPORTANT- the soles are untouched. There are no holes drilled for holders, so you’ll need to have someone who knows how to install. willing to sell as boots only for those wanting to put Marsblade’s on. $599 plus shipping. Willing to take on reasonable offers.
  4. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this for sale on SLS. Blade isn’t in the greatest shape but I really didn’t care
  5. I think Pro Kennex might’ve OEM’ed some obscure shafts in the late 90’s but I don’t know their word mark was ever used
  6. I put spray insulating foam in my skates after I tie them. It eliminates negative space and helps achieve better heel lock.
  7. And yet, a red band and CCM word mark is gaudy and trash. What a world we live in.
  8. I used to soak the blade in a bucket of water before heating, wet blades are less prone to crack. If you've got a bench vice, you can sandwich the lade between pieces of 2x4 or 1x4 and get it pretty flat
  9. https://sidelineswap.com/Zydo Details and pics in my locker. Easton Air SBX boots, I just installed brand new LS2 holders and steel, 288. $125 plus shipping SB XS Black steel, light use, 280, with a travel case, $45 plus shipping
  10. My immediate thoughts, having never worn that particular model are Vapor, Covert, and/or One95
  11. What flex are you after? I think the A6.0SBP version was mid kick
  12. They look terrific in person. And they nailed comfort and fit. With the new RibCore as well
  13. The point is, they're touting tensile strength, which is not why laces break. they break because they get cut and frayed, which these will inevitably do no matter how cut resistant they claim to be. Imagine the lace bite and discomfort from laces that do not stretch or give in any way.
  14. $16 for "unbreakable" laces with no give. Looks like a solution to a problem that hardly exists.
  15. Domestic vs foreign production
  16. One90's sold, bump to the top
  17. Maybe I’m missing the point but this seems like 98% benefit to a retailer, and 2% to consumer. realistically how many people want this steel, and also routinely switch skates between brands?
  18. Maybe it means “non-returnable?” im sure they don’t want people ordering these, trying them on and sending them back
  19. Except his point has a lot of validity.
  20. Pros get what they want. A good number don't know what they want. And surprisingly few are picky.
  21. Those who remember. quarantine cleanup is unearthing some relics.
  22. Amp Human PR lotion, Performance & Recovery Bicarb Sports Lotion, Bottle (300g) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082P4SXRZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fab_cdOFFbE5HBGXS using this as a supplement could help as well
  23. http://www.ar-sports.com/12-pack-regulation-ice-hockey-pucks/puckpack_12-2/ This came to mind, but durability might be an issue
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