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  1. Here’s a side by side with a retail P28
  2. Wanted to start a topic for any of our members on with Public Safety related teams (Police, Fire, Military, etc) and what tournaments you regularly attend. We generally played in Chicago PD tournament, and Nashville had a february tournament they have since stopped running.
  3. A Cag One could do it, and would imo be way more appropriate for a youth skate.
  4. With Warrior (New Balance) trying to break into the skate game, maybe they make a run at jerseys too How was the fanatics/adidas partnership structured? Could fanatic’s do them on their own? maybe CCM? Nike? Bauer?
  5. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, you could also compare the mounting holes on one size larger or smaller holder.
  6. MIC Franchise Eagle and third place may as well be fiftieth
  7. MIC Franchise Eagle and third place may as well be fiftieth
  8. Those Catalyst are very nice sticks as well,
  9. Excited to give this a try. I know some are t a fan of the golf/hockey crossovers but I personally am.
  10. True HZRDUS Stick first guy in the montage has a retail colorway True HZRDUS stick
  11. Seems as good if a time as any. 4orte made Coachella Valley Firebirds bags (mock-ups?) from the EQM show.
  12. They last longer than my attention span before wanting a new stick
  13. I would say CCMs team stick give the best value for the money but they’re all far from top of the line.
  14. Monkey has the W01 seemingly available in LX Pro's at the current. M03 could be an option for you as well, the max height W03, unless I'm misunderstanding a puck jumping over your blade.
  15. Don’t let facts ruin my fantasy put Bauer on tgat stick instead of Easton and roll it out
  16. I have a quick cursory look on Bauer’s site and the materials don’t seem to correlate to any current offering (15K shaft, 3k blade) what if someone brought back those graphics for the SCF’s though
  17. Lindholm and Zaitsev are pretty wild
  18. If it’s a true Geo stick I’m not sure the repair would work with the backhand geometry. I don’t think all the dimensions would line up, at least not with the repair methods I’ve seen. other than that it wold be an ok mid range stick. The flex properties around the repair are obviously different but it would be useable. I had a traditional shaped stick with a break in a similar spot, had it repaired and in short order it broke right below the repair
  19. Some technology has found its way into the skates, but to see the Mako again is unlikely.
  20. By now I would guess a good chunk of EQM are ordering them with traditional eyelets unless the player specifically wants injected
  21. TC1 was indeed the Ovechkin style heel TC3 is Bjugstad’s pattern that he’s used for a while. Big toe curve with a rounded blade. TC6 will be the P90TM MC is the P88, MC2 was the PM9 I believe. MC3 didn’t exist at custom level according to the 2017 order form so it must be a relatively new offering. They offered Kessel Pro as well as Byfuglein, so they may have migrated a pro pattern over to that, but I’m just speculating.
  22. “How used are they, and are they really worth saving?” Would be the first questions I’d ask. What size are they? If they’re relatively new and the tendon guard broke, I’d assess how they’re being treated and handled. I’ve seen aftermarket repairs, but by the time you get them and have them installed, you’d be well on your way to a replacement pair.
  23. The rough Polar Fibre texture blade that some CCM models have
  24. I relate it to the NHL All Star game. I hate it but I also realize I’m not the target demographic. So meh
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