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  1. Bauer One90’s skates, retail. Size 8.0D reinforced heels, not done by me, but looks like a professional did the work. No footbeds, light use, includes 2 sets of LS Power steel. $150 shipped to the US
  2. Boots are used MakoII 8.25D, about a season and a half of use. Factory blackout tendon guards. Shows the usual wear and tear, but structurally sound, and very stiff. Tongues are discolored slightly from a cleaner i used on them. Holes drilled in heels for LS screws. Holders are new LS (non edge) 280, three sets of steel. One set profiled HudsonV. Attached using copper rivets and MLX screws/anchors Also including 3 sets of footbeds, One Bio-Dri, two stock. $200 plus shipping, open to offers.
  3. First up for all you brave souls are brand new True skates, size 8. White sides, white felt tongues. VH Step holders and untouched steel. I heated these and wrote my number on the tongue but just couldn’t do it. More detailed pics to serious buyers $529 shipped to the US Open to non-silly offers
  4. McDavid makes some as well. I think football padded shorts as well as baseball sliding shorts https://www.mcdavidusa.com/collections/hex/products/hex-thudd-5-pad-3-4-tight?variant=19643064025184
  5. Where do I even begin? Bauer Tri-Flex; the most awesomely ugly graphics ever. But too stiff to be used by mortal humans. Bauer 3003 stick; never lasted more than two ice sessions TPS Adrenaline; loved the XN10 but this was a huge miss Warrior 6” Tapered Plugs; every one broke right at the tenon
  6. Yessir, 13’s they are
  7. Nolan Pratt Dolomite grips. perfect length, perfect flex, perfect grip, perfect curve. For me, anyway.
  8. Trues are streamlined with moveable and removable pieces. Would be worth trying on
  9. I’ve found the durability of the blades to be great. Shafts San get brittle from slashes and shot blocks, I’d say more than the average shaft. But I’ve used them for years and always been pleased
  10. You have a heart, who would’ve guessed? good to hear you caught it early, I’d hate to have to render on ice first aid at WF.
  11. Nightmares of the Nike Quest looks but the fit, for me, was excellent.
  12. I had it happen to a few sticks, the matted coati g pulled away and the adhesive was left.
  13. https://www.prostockhockey.com/hockey-sticks/player-sticks/left-christoffer-ehn-jetspeed-85-flex-stick-2/ One thing I've noticed guys in your situation struggling to adjust to as well, is using sticks longer than the old shaft/blade days as well as adjusting to the flex (not using super stiff shafts with wood blades). Guys that used to come through the shop would eventually get in a comfort zone one they adapted to both.
  14. Just as ridiculous as I would’ve imagined. Excited to try it on ice
  15. I'd take them out for skates meant to be in the oven for 8-12 minutes, but 2-3 shouldn't hurt footbeds
  16. Aall this stuff is clogging up the basement. More photos if you’re a serious buyer. Random gear sale, always open to offers! CONUS shipped pricing, will ship to Canada if we can work out numbers Pants; Wisconsin Badgers Nike 2-piece Large, signs of use, but good shape. $65 shipped MIC Ducks Franchise, Robidas Medium. Six pack protector laced in but unattached. $85 shipped Eagle 2 piece Islanders Bouchard, Size 50, light use. $75 shipped Tackla 5000 NHL, Size 52 purple. New-ish. $65 shipped Nexus 1N retail. Sizing stock, never seen the ice. Size medium, Blue (BLU) not Royal, not navy, but in between. $85 shipped Bemidji Franchise, medium, well used $50 shipped CCM girdle, wraparound style, light use, Large, $65 shipped Gloves; MIA Franchise Beech, black and red, well well used, definite repalm project, 14”. $25 shipped AK27 14” Blue/Grey retail. MIC, average use, $50 shipped Navy/Gold Luxe, MIC 14N, near new kangaroo repalm, $100 shipped Vapor Pro Team, Junior Admirals, 14”, new, $85 shipped CCM HG97 Sharks Bollig, 15”, average use, $60 shipped Franchise, Red/White 13”, MIC, near new, $85 shipped Shoulders Bauer Pro Defender, Large, worm twice, two sets of shoulder caps. $85 shipped Trus XC9 shoulders Large, less than a dozen uses. $80 shipped
  17. My timeline is fuzzy on when they and THC split, but another option for CDN made pads https://customizer.lefevregoalie.com/
  18. Like this. It’s an ncaa thing. For some reason.
  19. Depending what shade it is, some companies only get enough material for that one game. So you may not be able to replicate it perfectly. I found this out trying to have Vancouver burgundy gloves made
  20. A few WinterFest tour pickups; TPS Grosse Pointe North breezers DT1 Honeybaked pants Rbk 8K pants Franchise MIC Red/White
  21. Several reasons; Very few shops are going to stock a product, or stick sight unseen, there needs to be something tangible for shops to base their buying off of. Also, like Stewie said, in order to dedicate floor space to POP material. Secondly, if you’re spending your entire sales day talking about the “QRE10, that hasn’t been released yet,” buyers aren’t inclined to buy current stock, they’ll wait for the newest latest greatest, or wait longer for the current to go on sale. You’re undercutting your own bottom line, which is inordinately foolish. Lastly, every product/POP preview I’ve been a part of (since 2002) it has been explicitly stated “this info is still confidential-in the works,” and if it wasn’t stated, it was implied. And if it wasn’t implied, we were smart enough to know it wasn’t info for gen pop. The two big names would Even provide dates telling retailers when info could begin to be teased.
  22. $20 Play it Again score.
  23. They don’t, and it’s made clear to retailers that material like this is for their eyes only.
  24. Do the opposite, put toe lifts under your insoles.
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