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  1. Looking at the pictures others have posted makes my decision easy. I'll be hanging on to my Eagles until you're operational again... Wish you well...
  2. 100% the MX3 boots are the issue. I took a shot in the foot Friday night and cracked one of my Tuuk Custom + holders on the one90's. I have 2 spares sets of Custom + holders but I also have a spare set of Tuuk Edge holders. So I thought, well I can rule out the steel right now and mounted the Tuuk Edge holders with the Tydan steel on the one90's. After about 10 minutes on the ice yesterday I felt completely comfortable with the slightly different profile and I'm sure that tonight I wont even know the difference... Years ago when the Lightspeed 2 Power holders (garbage) continued to break, I decided to start bolting the holders on, much like the Graf setup. This makes it really easy to change holders and in this case experiment with the Tuuk Edge holders/steel on my one90 boots. So now the million dollar question, Graf's? Vapors? Supremes? True? and have Edge Holders mounted on them? Side question: Does the Bauer fit system only change the width or is it the height of the boot as well?
  3. Totally agree on the tongue, I thought that was weird too, from the looks of what he recommended the tongue is more like what was on my 4000's. I tried something last night at stick time with my 11 year old, prior to my skate. I put on my mx3's and removed the flex insert completely (dumb design IMO). What a vast improvement! Without the insert I had much more forward lean. I didn't feel so locked into the boot and upright plus the steel felt great. Not perfect but at least I feel like I can use them in a pinch until I find the right skate. I have a lot to think about in the off season... Appreciate everyone's input!
  4. Straight from Bauer customer service: "Hi Edward, Thank You for the e-mail. So this was our lowest profile skate meaning the old One90’s. The closet skate to that One90 is our now Vapor line , however those are no longer in the market place. So the model that would be most equivalent to the One90 skate would be the Vapor 3X line of skates. I would be confident that you’ll like the classic 48 oz felt tongue, on the 3X skate, this is a Digi composite + quarter package, which is extremely light weight however this is the closest skate currently that would line up with the Bauer Nike One90’s. I understand what you mean with the tongue of the MX3, this was something we tried and some loved it and others did not. We did have the tongue inserts to make them as stiff as they wanted and or a non-stiff as they wanted. I Hope this helps.. Best Mike" Thoughts?
  5. I had a pair of 705's years ago and they were pretty good, wore them for a few seasons. My buddy is telling me the same thing, go back to Graf's and have the Tuuks mounted on them. If I remember correctly the only reason I didn't like them was most likely because of the difference in runner profiles and not so much the boot fit. Now I'm looking at just the opposite, steel is fine, boot not so much. Started in the 70's with the old steel holder CCM Super Tacks, quickly switched to Bauer (whatever model), then 2000's then 4000's, Graf 705, then tried CCM Super Tacks again (for about 1/2 a season) then my one90's and of course the MX3's that I'm struggling with. I'll post a pic later of my one90's just for laughs... What size are you wearing in Graf's in relation to your Bauer size? I squeeze my feet into a 6D Bauer and I have a size 8 foot.
  6. Matched up they are nearly identical.... noicing sports and Tydan themselves recommended their edge ss. I was already questioning the boot as being the culprit and now based on everyone's input I am almost certain. I have LS Fusion, LS3, LS4 and now Tydan edge ss. The fusion is probably the most different while the LS3 & LS4 are closer but still not really close at all. I can skate with any of them but unfortunately I'm having the same results. I'll post if I find a suitable boot comparable to the one90's. Thanks all!
  7. God I'd hate to have to change brands only because I have so much invested in runners. I heard a lot of good things about True skates in general but haven't tried on a pair. Unfortunately we have limited local accessibility to any skates, our rink pro shop is about it and they have next to nothing. 2 hour drive to the nearest real pro shop and even they are limited. So from the sounds of what you're saying Bauer isn't making a boot even close to the one90's. Thanks for your input!
  8. Still struggling with this... I been using my one90's all season but decided that I'd give my MX3's another go. I purchased Tydan Edge SS, I was informed by both nocing and Tydan themselves that these runners were the closest to the Tuuk Custom+. Skated yesterday and they felt awful. Straight away speed was great but turns and forward/backward transitions were terrible. I'm starting to really think that it's a boot issue and not the runners/holder at all. Are the Bauer Ultrasonics any better then the MX3's? I'm getting desperate because my one90's are really starting to fall apart. Appreciate any input, also maybe a good boot repair shop? Thanks!
  9. I'm finally getting around to having my Eagle gloves repalmed. I emailed Eagle yesterday and received a response today, but unfortunately Eagle is not doing any repair-repalming at this time. I'll explore the other recommendations made. Thanks!
  10. I'm still wearing my Nike-Bauer One90's, which I absolutely love; although they're really starting to fall apart.. I long ago replaced the lightspeed 2 power holders for the tried and true Tuuk custom pros+. In 2014 I bought Bauer's anniversary edition MX3's and struggled to break them in even after baking them. I started using them with regularity in 2018 but have never felt like I skated nearly as smooth and as fluid as I did with my one90's. This season I switched back to my one90's and it was night and day. Can anyone suggest a current Bauer model that would be close to what the one90's were? The interchangeable tongue system on the MX3's is a disaster in my opinion and may be the contributing factor... All my steel has always been rockered and sharpened by noicingsports. So the issue isn't my steel... Any input would be appreciated... Thanks!
  11. Love my Eagle gloves but they're in need of repalming. Any shop recommendations?
  12. Once I transitioned years ago to the P106 I never looked back. I did look at ordering the P106 through Bauer's service and yes you can still order it but to the tune of $300+ a stick, ouch.... I've been looking at CHS's website too and seeing if they have anything close; but I'd like to do more research on their stuff before I pull the trigger.
  13. I really appreciate your quick response and insight! I'm OK at the moment as I still have 3 P106 sticks and I'm only playing twice a week these days; but I know it's just a matter of time before I'm going to be searching for a replacement. Years ago I used Shanahan's curve, until of course they stopped making it because the kids don't know who Shanahan is...Hahaha I thought it was the end of the world until I discovered the almighty "P106".... Might be the end of the world again soon... Thanks again!
  14. I know that this has probably been covered over the last several years (since I can no longer find these anywhere) but I was hoping someone could give me a short answer to my question. What is the closest curve to the Bauer P106? I can look at a curve chart like anyone else but I want to hear from the Beer Leaguers who are actually using them. Thanks!
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