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    Bauer RX:60 Inline; Bauer X:70 ice
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    Vapor X:60, 87, p88; TotalONE, 87, p88
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    Bauer 4-roll pro; Easton Synergy 900
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    Mission Intake w/ fantom cage
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    Mission Inhaler AC:1
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    Reebok 9k
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    Easton Synergy
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    Bauer Rx backpack

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  1. Just popping back in here for anyone on the fence. My FZ-1 have been going strong now for roughly 40 skates, and they feel better than they did on day 1.
  2. Picked up a pair of FZ-1 this weekend, and I can say without a shade of doubt that they're the most comfortable skates I've ever worn.
  3. Your LHS had them? My LHS says he has no clue when they’re coming in.
  4. It would help to know what your budget and play style/frequency are to recommend something new. IIRC, the 3500 was a mid-low end (with the 9500 being the top end). You're likely looking at something like the NLS: 03 or 04 as a current equivalent. The reason your Tour skates feel weird is most likely because they're not a hi-lo setup like the missions. I always felt weird going from Tour to Mission to Alkali and now back to Mission.
  5. Don't remember rules for linking, but there's a site that has the full catalog up. Google "inhaler fz-0" and one of the first hits will be a site called R G Hockey with the full catalog.
  6. Inhaler FZ-0 seems to be the top of the line. Junior cadiz just shared on his Instagram. Missions Instagram story has a few increasingly revealing pics
  7. Owner of my LHS said that he had a catalog, but couldn't find it while I was there, which leads me to believe that he doesn't have one yet, but maybe an LHS employee/owner on here can confirm if catalogs are shipping yet?
  8. Looks like I spoke too soon. Two weeks since I received an almost immediate email stating that "George" would send me info about how to get the skates replaced, I haven't heard from George or Joe. Biggest bummer about this whole thing: I've missed 4 games now and at this point i'll be missing the playoffs/finals next week!
  9. Need contact info for Alkali! Hopefully an issue covered by warranty: Update on my RPD Max's after 8 months of usage 1-2 times per week: Noticed yesterday that the chassis is bent on my left skate, front wheel. Only really noticed because I blew out the hubs of three addiction wheels, seems like it's because my wheel is hitting the ground at an odd angle during hard stops/starts/turns. I've heard Alkali has great customer service, I just can't figure out how to get in touch with them :) Edit: found the email for warranty on their site, minutes after I posted this. Hoping to hear back soon, will update. Edit 2: Joe already got back to me (under 10 minutes) and said they're going to take care of it. Awesome company, awesome products!
  10. They fit so similarly, yet so differently at the same time. All I can say is that they are, undoubtedly, the most comfortable skates I have ever skated on. After heating them for the 9 minutes as instructed, they lace up and hug your feet like pillows (literally, this is the only analogy that fits). The next time you put them on, you're good to go. After about three skates I got used to the slight differences in pitch/wheelbase/etc. and my feet got used to the slightly different boot. That being said, a 10.0D vapor and a 10.0 Alkali Rpd Max both had my toes feathering the toe cap until baked.
  11. Just got a killer deal on some Clearance RPD MAX skates. My Bauer x70's are a 10.0 D, so i'm hoping the 10.0 Alkali's will do the trick. Looking forward to trying them out!
  12. Has a target release been set for the line?
  13. Justin, will you be selling equipment this weekend at Narch as well? I was thinking about swinging through to watch a few games and check out the gear.
  14. The shop I go to actually lists the higher end (Right now, APXR) Skates without the wheels and bearings. I don't know what MFR Restrictions are on that kinda thing so i'm not going to provide a name on here. I'm playing at HotSkates and Sportime right now, using 3 orange addicitons and one x-soft addiction as the second wheel in each skate. Back on topic--- really hope our long island shops get some RPD Max's in, i'd love to give them a shot before I splurge on apx2r's.
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