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  1. How much for the goatskin trigger finger replacement palms?
  2. JR...do you know how much the top protective (shins,shoulder,elbows) is gonna run? Is it pretty close to the top of line old jofas?
  3. I have a pair for sale. Those exact gloves in that picture. I'll sell them for $75. Damn if they were only black I would be all over them. Im wondering though what kind of palms do they have?
  4. I like them, how much did them cost ya?
  5. Product- Jofa 8800 Shoulder Pads. Background- 5'8 165 pounds, centre. Protection/Fit- Finally the right shoulder pads where it has a lot of protection but is still really mobile and light. I have been hooked,slashed,hit, you name it and these pads have helped me out quite a bit. With my old shoulder pads I bruised my ribs a lot, so I switched to some that had more protection. After that I switched to these because I was sacrafising weight and mobility. After I tried these a couple times I was hooked, great protection/fit.10/10 Durabillity- I have been using these for over a year and I have no complaints about them. Everything is still in great condition. On some of my old shoulder pads, the straps broke, and even sometimes the caps and other plastic would crack. But with these I don't have a problem.9.5/10 Conclusion- These shoulder pads are definatly worth the money. Now you can get these for around $60 on sale which is a steel. I bought another pair just to use when I wear these out. Overall Rating-9.5/10
  6. Product- Tackla 9000 air hockey pants. Background- 5'8 165 pounds, centre. Fit- These pants are more of a loose fitting pant, which I like.10/10 Protection- Just the right amount of protection. Not too much, so there bulky and unmobile, and not enough so it hurts when you get hit. Great protection. I have taken some big hits, and got hit with pucks, and they seem great.9/10 Weight- These are light pants, lighter than any other ones I have used, including the easton air.9.5/10 Durability- This is what I really like about these, I have been using these for over a year and theres just some minor cuts and puck marks on them. They still look like new though, and I skate 5-6 times a week.9.5/10 Intangibles- These pants didn't come with zipper, wich is a down fall, but I just had one of my moms friends cut them and sew in some zipper, which worked out very nice.8.5/10 Conclusion- I would go with nothing but tackla, there quite a bit of money, but there worth it. I reccomend them for any player, at any level. Overall Rating- 9.5/10
  7. tyler33

    Eagle X70

    Product- Eagle x70 gloves. Background- 5'8 165 pounds, centre. Fit- These gloves are loose fitting, which I like. They have a lot of mobility, and room, they feel really good. There very easy breaking in, as it only took me a couple ice sessions to do.10/10 Protection- They have quite a bit of protection but not too much. I think its the rigth amount. I have gotten slashed a couple of times all over the gloves and it hasn't bothered me. The only times it really hurt is when I got slashed in the wrist, but thats where all gloves least protection is.9/10 Weight- Weight is not that big of a factor for me, but these gloves are pretty light.9.5/10 Durabillity-I have used these for a whole season and there still in good condition. The palms got a little hard, but thats no big deal. The only noticable thing is theres a couple of black marks on the leather. No cuts or anything.9/10 Intangibles- These have got to be the best gloves I have ever used. I like the leather palms I got on my eagles better than any other palm I have had.10/10 Overall- These are my favorite glvoes by far, I am going to stick with eagle. There great gloves. There a little bit more money than other gloves but its worth it. Overall Rating-9.5/10
  8. tyler33

    Easton Stealth

    Easton Stealth Pro Stock Gaborik. Background: 5'8 165 pounds, centre. Blade- The blade has the z-tac coating on it, which is more durable. The blade has a lot of feel to it, and is super nice. The blade is a bit stiffer than the si-core blade too.9.5/10 Flex- The gaborik is probably a 85 or just a tad stiffer. I prefer a 95-100, but I can't tell the difference so its no big deal.9/10 Stickhandling/Recieving passes- This stick has a lot of feel and is just like the si-core for recieving passes.9.5/10 Shooting- Wow, when it comes to shooting this is the stick you want. The puck just flys off the blade, and you can put it where ever you want. I feel my shot comes off faster, and is harder.9.5/10 Weight/Balance- When I got the xn10 I thought it was amazingly light and well balanced. I thought the stealth would be exactly the same, well it's lighter and even better balanced.10/10 Durability- I have used this stick for several games,practices, and scrimmages and it is still in the same condition as how I got it, except for a couple scratches on the shaft from slashes and such. So far it seems to have great durability.10/10 Intangibles- The shaft has the concave feel to it, which I like a lot.10/10 Overall- The stick is just amazing. In my opinion it is definatly worth the money. When the stealths hit retail, I plan on buying a couple. OverallRating-9.5/10
  9. Product- Graf 703. Background- 5'8 165 pounds. Centre. WIde feet. Fit- I could tell right when I put them on in the store that these skates were going to be nice. I had tried on just about every skate and these just felt really comfortable. Ankle support is great, and the skate doesn't give me any pain at all. The tongue is a bit thick, but with that thicknes comes protection and comfort....9.5/10 Blade/Holder- This is in my opinion is Grafs weakness. I did not like the holders at all. I only used them for a couple practices. In that time I found out that the plastic just touches the ice when your doing crossovers. The steel did not stay sharp as long as other steel, and I felt the steel and holders were weak. I broke 2 things of steel in them couple practices. After that I couldn't take it so I switched to the Tuuk Lightspeeds which I really like and I think are the best holders/steel on the market.....5/10 Weight- These skates are pretty light. Light enough for me anyways. There not as light as some of the new skates on the market but steel light. I really aint looking for a super light skate anyways...8/10 Protection- These skates have a lot of protection I have been blasted in the foot before and I could barley even feel it. With other skates I have had bad bruises when I would get hit, but with these I don't...9.5/10 Durability- I feel these skates have great durabillity. I think this is one of grafs many strong points. I am still using these and it has been a year. They still look like new and are still in great condition, and I skate about 5-6 times a week...9.5/10 Intangibles- These skates are a nice quick break in boot and bery comfortable. These skates are made nice too....10/10 Conclusion- I highly reccomend these skates to anyone looking for a top end skate. Overall there just super nice skates, and I don't think you will see me switching. Overall Rating....9/10
  10. tyler33

    Easton Si-Core

    Product: Easton Synergy Si-core Left Handed Iginla 100 flex. Background: 5'8 165 pounds. Ice hockey, Centre. Blade- The blade felt perfect to me. To be honest I really couldn't tell the difference between the si-core blade and the synergy blade. Some people say that the blade on the Si-core deadens your shot and you can't shoot as hard, I thought I could actually shoot a little bit better with this blade. I don't have a problem with cathcing passes but just for the hell of it I would see if the silicon really worked, and I would say no. Theres no difference between the Si-core blade and the synergy from what I could tell anyways....9/10 Flex- I found the Si-core to be a little more flexy as stated at 100. I thought of it more as around a 90. Stickhandling/feel- Stickhandling was very nice, maybe it has something with me switching curves as for its the first time for me using the iginla and I really like it. The stick had really nice feel to it. Especially the blade....9/10 Weight and Balance- No shock here it feels just like holding up a synergy. Its light but not super light as some of the new sticks comming out. I felt it had prettygood balance, but just a tad heavy blade. There definatly could be some work on the balance of this stick....8.5/10 Durabillity- Some people have been complaining that they were breaking lots of Si-cores, well I only broke 1. It took a lot of abuse though, it lasted about 5 months or playing hockey about 5 times per week. Durabillity really aint a issue when you looking for as good as performance as the Si-core has. I would rather have a stick that performs amazing that breaks than a stick that doesn't have the performance and is a tank.....8.5/10 Conclusion- Overall the stick is very nice and has to be one of the top sticks on the market. It is definatley worth the money. All in all, I don't think the stick is much different than a regular synergy. There really isn't any real drawbacks to this stick. I really like this stick and will probably end up hanging on to this stick to use it for a while. Overall rating....8.5/10
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