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  1. those gel inserts are a cheap alternative. i paid $32 each for my bunga pads and i'm so glad i did. if you cant find them locally, you can order online here: http://bungapads.com/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=263
  2. a couple days after i posted this thread, i bought bunga pads and holy smokes, world of a difference. i'm still going to buy new skates, but these were heaven. from what i understand the ONLY way the haglunds will go away is if you literally stay off your skates until their gone and/or wear sandals to avoid any potential rubbing or irritation. if i can keep them at the stage they are at, which is very small and relatively painless, i'll be happy. thanks for all the help guys. calixguy18, the unit itself is like a tensor wrap (as seen on crosby's feet in the photo above) except there is a gel like insert on the heel portion... you would position the gel over the bump, either over top or underneath your socks, and the idea is that the gel acts as padding to minimize the irritation that caused the bump. i think as a by product, the mass that the gel creates also helps to create more heel lock.
  3. Hi gentlemen, I've been in Bauer skates since september 2011, was wearing grafs for years and years before that and just tonight I noticed what I have determined to be haglunds deformity on both ankles. Obviously I haven't confirmed this, and I will, but is there anyone on here with experience in dealing with this? Does it go away with rest or if I stop using the skates? Thanks in advance.
  4. to my lovely wife: did you seriously just call me at work because you couldn't find the "guide" button on the remote? what does the restaurant provide to the team? if it's money for registration, the simple step to avoiding this situation is to tell the guys that if they don't support the business on team nights, then they won't stand to reap the benefits of the deal. it's really easy, sponsorships are obligations.
  5. i thought i got hit with a red light ticket in early august, but nothing has come in the mail.... yet.
  6. i wouldn't go as far as telling you to move on, because it's not apparent to me that you have other offers on the table. clearly there is some kind of administrative issue here and if it takes them three weeks to tender an offer to someone, this isn't the kind of place i'd like to invest any part of my future, regardless of the reason. good companies act quick, especially when it comes to acquiring talent.
  7. im losing sleep over it. and to make matters worse, this morning my wife wakes up as i'm leaving for work and says "whoa, i had a dream that you were leaving me"
  8. met a stunning young woman (actually same age as me)... we have very similar long term career goals that compliment each others', we "get" each other, which is difficult for me, and apparently for her.... she's got amazing style, she's healthy, she's beautiful. the only problem is that i'm married.
  9. i wonder if there is any correlation with the weather.
  10. post game, i grabbed a puck and started shooting it at the net (which i never do). one of my teammates comes in and calls for a pass, which i throw to him... he throws one back and i go to shoot it -- SNAP. broke my last i. white pro stock. FUUUUUU
  11. in all fairness to her punishment, she's been in jail since 2008, and those crimes carry a maximum penalty of 1 year per count.
  12. correct. the stick you buy is not from pro stock, it is a customized retail stick.
  13. the warrior program seems to have more options, and is using "pro" curves as opposed to a deeper variation of "retail" curves. regarding your bauer ordering comment, at one time yes certain stores had the mybauer kiosk, but anyone can order through the online program and the sale would be run through the customer's nearest bauer dealer... and a customer could order a maximum of two at a time (bauer's reason was to protect customers and themselves from the 30 day warranty window)
  14. i've heard a few stories about one male who fell off the viaduct. there was an eye witness account on the news last night during the live coverage, and a friend of mine this morning told me that her friend, who works at rogers arena, saw it happen but the media coverage on this story is very limited right now.
  15. i disagree. i understand that what happened in that instance is offensive to shop owners who invest a lot of time and money to run a store, but a business that wants sustainability finds reasons to get the customer to buy from them, not reasons not to.
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