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  • Skates
    Bauer Elite Goal Skate
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    Warrior Swagger Wood - Quick Pattern
  • Gloves
    Brian's S-Series
  • Helmet
    Bauer Concept C2
  • Pants
    Itech Re-Flex 5
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    Bauer Supreme One.7
  • Shin Pads
    Warrior Ritual G2 Classic Pro
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    Bauer Deluxe Goalie Bag

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  1. I had my son in a Bauer 2100 combo at around 18 months. The helmet fit him well, and still does at 3 1/2(with some adjustment, of course.) The cage didn't come anywhere near fitting his face, but would stop a puck from knocking out his teeth, or breaking his nose. The junior size helmet adjusts from 19.8"-21.6".
  2. Any chance we can see the goalie portion of the catalog?
  3. These have been a pretty popular point of discussion over on GSBB.
  4. I didn't get a screenshot, but I noticed during the first episode of 24/7 that Pavel Datsyuk has Bauer tongues in his Reebok skates.
  5. That's a different cage (7500), and there is an extra mount bolt that he is using to affix the Re-Akt cage. He didn't wear that cage on Tuesday, though.
  6. Anybody know anything about Mark Howe's gloves?
  7. The box that they were in said 70 flex on it. I didn't try to flex them or lean on them. You're right, they are stiffer than that.
  8. Pretty close to a P92. Blade is a tad bit shorter, and a little more open near the toe. (P92 is the non-yellow one obv.) It does feel a bit higher (maybe .5) than the P92 Bauers that I have (marked as 6.) The stick is a fair bit shorter than the intermediate that I'm comparing it to, though. A little tough to say thus far.
  9. Pro Stock Marty St Louis - 70 Flex Grip
  10. It's similar, but not the same. It's a little shorter, and a little shallower. I have a DT2 with the Wisniewski (same as Pavelski) and it's been acceptable, but i miss the length (what she said) and the toe. Nitpicking, maybe.. but I'd prefer the Lidstrom.
  11. I'm pretty sad that the W02 is Europe-only. Love my big, open heel curves.. and they're getting harder to find.
  12. Wish that P02 would be available here in North America, too.
  13. I thought that they were supposed to be brownish-retro-whatever coloured..? Maybe it's the lighting, but those gloves look like a shiny new penny.
  14. Are you an Ice Warehouse club member? I am, but I've never ordered any custom items through them... was wondering if you get the 10% off and the shipping deals on custom orders.
  15. I'm having trouble loading it on my Mac. It won't work in Safari, but I am able to load it if I use Firefox. I do have the newest version of Flash.
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