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  • Skates
    Bauer Elite Goal Skate
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    Warrior Swagger Wood - Quick Pattern
  • Gloves
    Brian's S-Series
  • Helmet
    Bauer Concept C2
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    Itech Re-Flex 5
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    Bauer Supreme One.7
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    Warrior Ritual G2 Classic Pro
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    Bauer Deluxe Goalie Bag

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  1. Any chance we can see the goalie portion of the catalog?
  2. The box that they were in said 70 flex on it. I didn't try to flex them or lean on them. You're right, they are stiffer than that.
  3. Pretty close to a P92. Blade is a tad bit shorter, and a little more open near the toe. (P92 is the non-yellow one obv.) It does feel a bit higher (maybe .5) than the P92 Bauers that I have (marked as 6.) The stick is a fair bit shorter than the intermediate that I'm comparing it to, though. A little tough to say thus far.
  4. Pro Stock Marty St Louis - 70 Flex Grip
  5. I thought that they were supposed to be brownish-retro-whatever coloured..? Maybe it's the lighting, but those gloves look like a shiny new penny.
  6. Are you an Ice Warehouse club member? I am, but I've never ordered any custom items through them... was wondering if you get the 10% off and the shipping deals on custom orders.
  7. I'm having trouble loading it on my Mac. It won't work in Safari, but I am able to load it if I use Firefox. I do have the newest version of Flash.
  8. Chadd, did you take any pics from far away enough that you can see the graphics on the whole stick at once? Just curious to see what it looks like in its entirety.
  9. Those are sharp! But count them... 5 rolls.
  10. Man... those Lidstrom gloves are awesome. I never see any of his pro gear anywhere. How did you come across those?
  11. The Holiday catalog shows the new Dolomite being available in Savard, Lidstrom, Toews, Vanek, Kovalev, Kovalchuk, and Gionta. I can only find the Vanek in 100 flex, and I can't seem to find any with the Lidstrom pattern anywhere. Are retailers just choosing not to carry these patterns? I'd really like to get a new Dolo in the Lidstrom pattern. Are they available anywhere, or did Warrior just decide not to produce these sticks for market?
  12. Here is a link to a set of photos of my Koho 590 gloves
  13. You're right about it being a 560, not a 590... the "k" shaped lines on the cuff are a lot "sharper" on the 590. I've got one out in the garage. I'll get a pic up if i have time to later on.
  14. I believe so. This page claims that it's the 560.
  15. The lower part obviously says"700 NHL" but the upper part definitely looks like it says "SyNergy 100."
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