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    Reebok 10K w/ TuuK C+
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    Too many to count, love my Easton SE shafts w/X:60 blades, P92
  • Gloves
    6 pr, mainly franchise custom
  • Helmet
    Bauer 4500 w/ black fm480
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    Tackla shells with team logo, Bauer girdle
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    Easton ST4
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    Easton Synergy
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    Bauer One95
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    Team Bag, probably mission?

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    Bridgeport, Connecticut
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    Hockey (OBVIOUSLY), making sketch comedy/song parodies for YouTube, Playstation 3, chilling with my friends, school

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  1. Spent Thursday through Monday at my summer home in the Berkshires, had a great weekend seeing my friends that I spend all summer with up there. Beautiful weather, if only the humidity was a bit lower. Won a horseshoe tournament with my cousin to top it all off. Damn, I can't wait until summer break
  2. RIP Ian Jenkins, USAHockey said he was the best goalie in their program and as goblue said he was drafted by the london knights
  3. Seconded, thanks for the support guys
  4. Best friend's girlfriend died in a car accident, and I was also close with her. Can't handle all of this **** in my life lately
  5. I've seen a few pairs floating around SWC, none in an 8 though. That's my LHS and I'm lucky it's such a huge shop with **reasonable** prices. Especially love the Tent Sale. You know when it will be?
  6. It's all a crock, some pastor on crack dreamed it up and now he's sending his army all over the US to preach the end of the world
  7. Had a Police Cadet competition at the CT State Police training center. My friend and I won the Search and Seizure category, came 3rd of 23 teams in the Felony Stop, and I finished 2nd on the Firing Range. My team didn't win a team award (top 3 teams), but we've only been together for 1 year.

  9. Just installed a new clutch in my (in 5 months) 93 Ford Ranger. Got the truck for $500, the clutch and master cylinder were $250 at Pep Boys and the truck is like brand new now Now the only thing screwing me over is gas prices. Can't wait to start driving it
  10. Just did some spring cleaning of my friends list, thanks for the suggestion
  11. I meant that everyone else is posting druggie references, not me.
  12. My news feed on facebook is all about "woohoo 4/20, drugs FTW". Little does anyone care that it is also the anniversary of the Columbine Massacre. And when i put my status as something regarding Columbine, a kid comments and says "It's Hitler's birthday too, F*** you". Why do I associate myself with these people, I am left to wonder.
  13. Sorry to hear that bud. My prayers go out to his family and you.
  14. I had a great day today. Got to go to NBC studios with a few of my friends courtesy of a family friend, got a tour of the entire facility, which included many things not seen by anyone other than personnel. We met Andy Samberg of SNL, tamron Hall of MSNBC, and also Chris Hansen. I didn't know whether to be happy or afraid when he told us to "Take A Seat" (His famous line in the show "To catch A Predator" when he confronts a sexual predator). Also got to see the control rooms for a few shows and learn the editing process. The SNL set tour was the best, being able to walk out of the door where many famous guest hosts such as George Carlin, Will Farrell, Mr. T, Gretzky, and O.J. Simpson used to get to the stage.
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