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  1. I can do any curve that you can dream of.
  2. Probably not, but I only play in a beer league so no one will care. I'm not even sure if i'll be able to take shots with this thing though :lol:.
  3. It doesn't work on composite blades unfortunately, you'll just end up damaging the blade, but it works GREAT on wooden blades. Just go to your LHS, buy some cheap $3.99 wooden blade on closeout in the bargain bin, doesn't matter what the pattern is, then bring it home and make your own curve and pattern :D.
  4. I heat the blade up with a heat gun just to get it to be pliable, then I put it in the ProCurve and get it set to how I want it, then I stick the whole thing in the oven for 5 minutes @ 195 degrees and just let it cool. Once it's cool, it holds the shape perfectly. The wooden blades that you curve with the ProCurve won't lose their durability at all, however if you take a left handed blade and then try to make it a right handed blade, you'll shorten the life of the blade.
  5. The Rubber shaft was my favorite stick of all time... that sucks! If they discontinued them then I really need to hunt some down and buy them ASAP.
  6. Where is the TPS Rubber? Did they get rid of it?
  7. They're exactly the same as the Bauer 20-90 inline skates, except it's the next years model. Really the only differences are different wheels which doesn't even matter and a different color scheme. I got my brand new 20-90's for $150 cheaper than a pair of 30-90's and it's basically the EXACT same skate.
  8. You don't chew do you? :( What do you mean? Chew what?
  9. I think the resale value of these skates just went down a few bucks! :o JJ haha, I never plan on selling them :D.
  10. Wow, i'm glad to see this thread, I thought I was crazy or something for wanting to skate in wet boots :D. Before every game, I always take some spit and just rub it around the sides of the heel inside of my 8090's and it really locks my foot in a lot better.
  11. Those long straps in the front can be used to adjust the height?
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