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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am Stephen, a rep from Base Hockey. This topic is to add information for a new line of products and features from our company. My first post was in the Roller Hockey Equipment forum as one of our new retail features is "blade flex" that was inspired by there not being a blade designed for a lighter inline hockey puck. This new feature is not roller specific however, and adds a new option to combine with stick flex and kick-points. All of the Base Hockey curves are now available in (R) Regular, (S) Stiff, and (XS) Xtra Stiff. In addition to offering blade flex, we also now offer a tapered .520 shaft in models Supernatural (mid kick) and Nasty R (dual low kick). These shafts can be ordered in flexes 75-120 in variables of 5.... 75, 80, 85, 90 and so on. Finishes are customizable with options of Clear gloss Clear Powder Matte Grip Gloss Grip Powder Matte The new blade flex feature can be ordered in either a OPS, shaft and blade combo, or .520 tapered blade. These features have been offered to NHL players for years and adds a new variable for the retail public. All 3 blades play completely differently when used with the same shaft flex and kick point. I am located in the Southern California area if anyone wants to see these products and features in person. The bottom two shafts in the following photo are for demo purposes and not the standard graphics. Name and number can also be added to the sticks or shafts. Let me know if you have any questions. Edit: I have received a lot of inquiries on how to order shafts and/or blades. The following link is where we are directing customers at this time.. http://www.basehockey.ca/shafts-blades
  2. Hi ! I have buy a new 2S PRO skates this month. Today, I had skating with this, in recreational session. But I don't appreciated this moment. I can't find my feeling when turning or braking stop. I will have a hockey game in 10 days, and i think take my old blades ( blades of MX3 skates), and install in the 2S PRO skates. have you ever done it? (It's a common practice in roller skating with wheels to take usual grip) The sharpening was done before delivery, and it appears correct.
  3. Looking to replace the blades in my old Bauer Supreme 8000 skates but the Tuuk lightspeed holders won't accept any of the new blades available so looking at costly replacement of holders, unless I can find some old stock that will fit the original holders - Tuuk lightspeed '1'. Do blades for LS2 holders fit?
  4. A2rhino

    Retirement Sale

    Retirement sale Listed are some items I'm getting rid of due to no longer (per my dr.) being able to play the game. Whatever is not sold here will soon be put on Ebay. Please contact me with any questions. Note that ALL ITEMS ARE CLEAN WITH NO STINK. Buyer pays shipping. Will only ship in the US. If you live in MI. I will allow you to meet me and pick anything up and even check out the sticks I have as well. Gear CCM Supra lower back protection $10 Pro Stock CCM 10K size 15 Habs gloves. Used 6 or so times $50 Jofa Pro stock 9144 elbow pads size 6. Used a few seasons. replaced the middle strap. SOLD tacki mack long grip (new in box) SOLD New Jofa 8k cup. Has been assembled but NEVER worn. $50 Bauer IMS 9.0 HELMET/CAGE combo. Size Med. Used for 1 season. No accidents $80 CCM RBZ Elbow pads, used for one season. Size Large $30 SOLD CCM Crazy Lite pants, used for one season size large $60 New with Tags, University of Michigan 2016/2017 Lowers with thigh pads in. $80 Jofa 6090 16" shin guards. $40 SOLD Blades New in box Powerfoot inserts. $10 SOLD New/never used, Size 280 heel lifts. was going to use these in my old S15 Skates with Tuuk holders. $10 Top blade is a used Innovative Mogilney (Taper blade) curve $10 Sold Next two down are Weight/Vanek (taper) curves. AKA DARBY curves $20ea Sold Next is a prostock Delmore slight to curve (Taper). $30 The last 4 are Vanek curves. AKA Darby curves (Standard). The two DD in the middle are brand new. $35 ea for the two new ones. $25ea for the others Sold Please feel free to PM any questions you may have
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