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Found 28 results

  1. Okay so I’m in heavy (literally) need of some equipment but it is so damn hard to find! I’m about 340lbs and I’m having a hard time finding some big boy equipment! Any suggestions for pants and or girdles, shoulder pads, guards ect.? I found skates that were able to fit my Fred Flintstone feet which were the Bauer Nexus N9700 10EE. Now to fulfill my dream of playing hockey I need some new equipment. Help
  2. What do people think are the nicest helmet/cage combinations? I'm currently switching between a black CCM Tacks 710 with a CCM FM480 chrome, a black Bauer 4500 with an oreo Profile II, and a black Bauer ReAkt with a CCM FM480 chrome. I'll post photos of the 710 and the reakt when I figure out how to
  3. Ball Dek Street Hockey Programs In the Spring of 2018 a new group came in and took over the hockey rink. The rink is now called THE CAGE Roller Hockey Rink. They put in a lot of money and a lot of work and redid the entire rink and created all new programs. The rink has new boards, new floor, new score board and more. In only six months they already have over 50 youth and adult roller hockey and ball hockey teams playing seven days a week. They play the Ball Dek Street Hockey games every week. Great group of people and players. You can get more info from their sites. Website - www.CageHockey.com FaceBook - The Cage Roller Hockey Rink
  4. Disclaimer for the haters....this is not an advertisement and I am in no way affiliated with a company. Not that any of you will know.....but I've spent a lot of time trying to come up with adding "grip" to my slick sticks or worn out grip sticks. I've tried everything.... Candy Cane Easton Tacky Cloth Rubber dips Spray lacquer with dippling before it dries etc. etc. etc..... I think I've finally come across something that many of you will like. I've been playing with it for about 2 weeks now and it works great and seems to be pretty damn durable. It's a company in Canada called NoSkid.com. It's a Clear Textured Epoxy Spray. It's used to makes slick floors safer by adding texture to them. For $20 per can I thought I would give it a try. Took about 2 weeks to arrive. I sprayed it onto the area of my sticks where I hold for slap shots and stick handling. I figured it would be over kill to do the whole stick. I let it dry over night and used it the next day for my game. The result is not so much a traditional grip but more like the new nipple grip. It adds a texture instead of a rubberized feeling. It took no time to get used to it and the responsiveness I felt was very good. I think I'm going to play around with adding it to the blade of the stick to see how well it would do for roller hockey to replace taping the blade. I've included pics and a website for those interested. You can see the type of texture it adds in the pics. Let me know if you'd like to see more of have questions. No Skid Website Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4
  5. I'm curious about the fan's overall perspective on outdoor game events, and where that program might be headed in the future. I've read opinions in other threads on how it relates to the current NHL leadership, but I'm more curious to know about the outdoor venues and why the NHL has chosen certain locations over others....and what that meant for the fan experience, if anyone on this site has attended any of these games. I watched the Sabers/Rangers game on New Years Day, which looked cold as hell, but couldn't help but be fascinated by my perceived pros and cons at the Citi Field setup....on the surface, outdoor games sound like a good idea because they're probably making NHL games accessible to fans who may not otherwise attend....but judging by the layout, it appears the distance from the action diminishes the fan experience....or maybe it's just a different type of fan experience with different expectations going into it. While making the games more accessible seems well-intended, I couldn't help but think that there may be fans leaving those outdoor games with a somewhat negative impression that's a misrepresentation of the typical indoor arena experience. I've noticed that outdoor games are played in mostly baseball stadiums (versus football venues)....is there a preference between the two and a big difference in the fan experience? With the specter of the NHL coming to Seattle, I can't help but anticipate the idea of an outdoor game at Safeco Field or the Seahawks stadium, but having no firsthand experience I can't tell which would be the preferred venue....or if the league focuses on these games taking place mainly in the cold weather Northeast due to the concentration of teams there and more showcasing opportunities as a result. Any firsthand impressions on these games or thoughts on the where's & why's of venue type and city location, and where the league might be headed with all of this?
  6. Has anyone delt with Salessportinggoods.com? Trying to fight out if it's a good site. Thanks
  7. Hey I picked up a pro stock x60 at the national sale, I wanna figure out what the codes are underneath the name, its a wellwood curve, 0588-13 87 g15f thanks!
  8. Hi fellow members, My close friend and teammate, Rickey Rho, tragically passed away on the bench on Oct. 13, 2017, during our ASHL league game. Rickey is survived by his wife and two young children. We have started a GoFundMe page to do our best to help the family during this time. I'm reaching out to the hockey brotherhood and asking for any donations possible. Thank you. https://www.gofundme.com/memorial-fund-for-rickey-rho
  9. Saw this a couple weeks back-- What do you guys think? Dangerous but fun.
  10. I know I sound like a broken record, but I had to have a third shoulder surgery to replace a torn labrum again last month. Now, I'm starting to learn how to re-use my arm, and my doctor said hockey shouldn't be in my future. I'm 30 years old, and I think it's somewhat ridiculous that I wouldn't be able to build up my strength and play again, but if that is the case, I'm looking at alternatives to stay with the game. I've looked into refereeing and what I would need to do to start with that, but does anyone have any tips for starting coaching? I already have the Hockey Plays and Strategies book by Mike Johnston, which I've heard is one of the best, but any additional reading material/tips for starting to coach and/or ref would be much appreciated.
  11. League: POFHLWebsite: www.pofhl.comLeague Type: Sim re-rate, NHL Players, Made up Team NamesEmail: pofhlcommish@gmail.comSeason: InauguralNeeds: 16 teams (have Six so far)Fresh league.. NHL Players, no salary cap, BUT there are finances.. Gotta pay the players or they sit out. There will be training camps and such to improve players. Sim rerates in offseason. Can use money to expand stadiums in offseason to earn more, etc. Should be a great league!Check out the Free Agent link for a file containing the players and ratings. Website is up and running.
  12. Okay so I'm 20 years old and used to play middle linebacker in football for 16 years and was fortunate enough to to get a scholarship to a D1 school. Well do to the fact I hated the school and really didn't like football I left the university. Hockey has always been my favorite sport also when my old buddy asked if I wanted to join his adult rec begginer league I said HELL YEAH. I have a month and a half to get ready for season it's nothing to seriouse but my question is.. what position should I play? The manager of the team wants to put me at Center and just be a power forward and kinda bully and get in the head of the other Team. (Kessler from the ducks) I'm 6'1 (off skates) and 225 of pure muscle (once again I was a D1 athelete) I understand ice hockey is a whole different beast than football but my skating is a little below average as of now I can go forward. Stop, and change direction. It's techniqually a "non-check" league but I was told as long as I don't line someone up in open ice and take him out of the game most hits are ok especially along the boards fighting for the puck. Any advice or drills for me? Is a very big and physical Center viable? I need to learn to pass and take better shots I havnt had stick time in a while but I just made the decision to sign up today. And where should I get my gear. I wanna do this right so any advice would be much appreciated! Once again the division I'll be playin in is for adult beginners ONLY some can barley stand in their skates. Any advice on my position or anything else on how to improve my skills would be very helpful thanks!
  13. Hi I have a quick question so I went out last week to purchase my first pair of ice skates but at a newbie I was having a little trouble with sizing! So my shoe size ranges anywheee from 10.5 to 11.5 US and they guy who was helping me said the 9.5 he gave me would be fine so I took them out to the rink that night and when I tied them very tight my name was very stiff and felt almost like I had very strong ankle tape on or a brace. Well I ended up taking that pair back because I needed the money for a family medical issue. I went back in today to buy them back but they couldn't find them but a new guy who helped me said 9.5 may have been a lil to big so we went all the way down to 8.5 because they didn't have 9's in stock and he said those would be fine. So I took the new pair out today and they felt fine my foot didn't feel cramped and my big toe was barley touching the front but when I was walkin around I noticed that no matter how tight I tied them the outer part of my ankle could bend if I tried to and I didn't have the total "Steel ankle brace feeling the other ones had. Is this all in my head or is the lacing not high enough because of the smaller skate. Sorry for the dumb question. It also felt like I had the "speed wobbles" a few times. I'm new to ice hockey and skating so I honestly don't know what to look for but the guy who helped me assured me he's played since he was little and he knew what to look for
  14. I will be soon purchasing the Bauer Nexus N7000 2015 on clearance for $80, please leave pros, cons with the stick as well as past experiences.
  15. I've heard nothing but great things about the P28 curve and its wrist and snapshot benefits, but one question I have being a strong slapshotting defenseman, is it still a good curve? Like if I took a clapper with the curve, would it still be good or would it lift too high or not contact right?
  16. For a high end elbow pad, the STX Stallion 500 has a functionality that is majorly limited by design. One MAJOR flaw is that if elbow flexion is over 90 degrees the bicep guard pinches the skin above the forearm pad. We're talking SEVERELY. Enough to cause pain and bruising. Contacted STX directly but their customer service is intransigent. Buy at your own risk! These should be taken off the market
  17. Hi, so a little bit of background about me to help because I want to find a stick that is $110 or lower and can include previous high price sticks that have since been reduced: -Play only 1-3 times a week -Play at high school JVA/Varsity Level -Play offense and defense but mostly defense -I have an 80-90 MPH slapshot which I use often -I also prefer a stick I can shoot the puck quickly with without reducing strength -Need a durable stick that can last a while. Any help is appreciated!
  18. Used once, Easton Stealth CX Hockey Gloves 13" Black - $60.00 Pics: https://goo.gl/photos/oxeTXuTrN91nAU3w7
  19. I recently bought some second-hand hockey pants and there is no way I could give them back, I also wouldn't want to buy some new ones either. I am trying to figure out how to keep the pants up higher so they don't get in the way. Although I still have not found out what to do yet, any comment, answer would be great. My helmet fits fine at the store, but when I go to practice, my temples start hurting a lot as if someone was squeezing my head super hard. The pain would start probably around 35-50 minutes in. I first had a CCM XT (forgot the size), and the pain would start earlier than the helmet I have now which is the Reebok XT medium. The Reebok one does not hurt as much, but probably will hurt the same when I use it during a game. Any comment would be great. I was thinking of cutting the EPP foam a little but read some articles saying that would void the certification. Recommendations for a wide head, probably a round head would also be great. (Best if the helmet recommendations are under $60) Also the helmets have cages. New edit: Is there any way I could alter ski pants suspenders to fit the hockey pants?
  20. Hello! Anyone following hockey in Germany? I'm heading to Stuttgart and Offenburg next month and wanted to catch a game or two. What team would you recommend to go and watch? Anything within close driving distance would be great, but i can go for a longer ride, if it's worth it.
  21. So I've recently started playing competitive roller hockey(AIHL/PIHA, etc.) and typically in mens league I usually could always skate faster or hustle more to loose pucks, obviously I can do other things but that's what really set me apart. Well now in the competitive leagues, everyone can really do everything. Everybody is fast, everybody can hustle, everybody can shoot etc. Well..I'm a smaller guy at about 5'6" and while I am starting to go to the gym to put on some mass and get stronger, what are some things I can do to maybe improve my footwork/skating? I watch my organizations elite division team and it seems like thats what puts them head and shoulders above everyone else, not necessarily stick handling, but their feet. I figure I might not be able to burn everybody, and there will be times I get out muscled but as I'm learning more about the game, what can I do to practice fakes(or make them more effective) or what are things I can practice being more balanced and tougher to knock over? I'm sort stealing Kobe Bryant's idea of using his footwork and fakes to make him that much tougher to defend even when he might physically be out matched so I figure I can apply that here right? I mainly want tips for selling fakes better and workouts I can do without skates to make my feet quicker and make me more balanced.
  22. Looking to join a adult league team in Southern California. I would prefer to play in Westminster or Anaheim in the silver or over 35 league. Anyone know of any teams looking for players or subs?
  23. someone around here has a 3d render of the bauer dlx hdo piece that stucks in the helmet for 3d printing. i want to do some tests
  24. Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to actually playing hockey and buying equipment so bear with me. I went the cheap route and bought a size Medium CCM FitLite 40 helmet/cage combo a few months ago to play hockey with, I put off playing for a while (school/work) so I never really got a chance to wear it in a game situation. I just joined a league at a local sports arena and its a pain in the ass to have sweat all over my face and not be able to wipe it off without undoing everything (don't want to go cageless or shield less), so I was wondering if a half shield would fit on this particular helmet? It says in the specs for the helmet that it is compatible with most visors but whenever I look at a visor compatability chart (Oakley, Bauer, etc.), my helmet isn't listed, so I don't want to waste money buying online for something that isn't going to fit. Today I was at a proshop and they had a Tron visor but it was too big for the helmet, the guy had to bend it to try and fit it with the screws and it bowed a lot and left a ton of open room at the top, so that didnt work out. Sucks because it was the only visor they had in-stock and it was only $30. Hope I'm not out of luck on this cause I can't return the helmet. Any help or visor suggestions (if possible) would be greatfully appreciated!
  25. I don't have any direct experience the performance team socks out there. Our youth league has always used Knit. However, we are considering a change to the full polyester performance socks. Between AK, SP, Bauer, Reebok, etc, are the products all very similar in terms of the structure and sizing of the sock? For example, if I prefer a specific pattern that AK has over, say, Bauer, am I trading anything significant brand for brand?
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