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Found 29 results

  1. Like new, and I cannot stress that enough. It was only used it a few times in warmups. I bought it to try the P30 pattern. Measures roughly 64" toe to buttend. Asking $100 shipped within North America, Buttendz grip not included.
  2. I saw some older threads that have been archived so I wanted to ask you all again: what's the straightest blade you can get today? Is it still Crosby? I did see Iginla's curve from a few years ago was pretty straight, but those are harder to find retail. I've been using a Bauer PM9 mostly, but is there anything straighter than that?
  3. In the market for a new stick and was looking for any type of review on the new CCM Trigger 2. I know there were some blade/toe issues on last years models. I've watched the youtube "CCM" rep reviews and they all say it has been addressed, but would like some feedback from someone who isn't paid to sell product. Thanks
  4. Has anyone delt with Salessportinggoods.com? Trying to fight out if it's a good site. Thanks
  5. I really need to check Twitter more often. Pretty excited for this one. Also, here's a cool preview video CCM's Stick Category Manager did with Ice Warehouse if you haven't seen it:
  6. I'm a beginner, playing ice hockey once a week now since the end of March 2017. Anyway, I use a Warrior wooden stick which is fine for learning the basics. I recently noticed that composite sticks are much lighter. Would a composite stick provide noticeable benefit to someone like me who has the shooting ability of a bowl of soup? I used to think that it wouldn't, cos I'm learning stick skills, but it struck me that composite sticks are much lighter, so it might help my balance, when skating with/without the puck.
  7. I will be soon purchasing the Bauer Nexus N7000 2015 on clearance for $80, please leave pros, cons with the stick as well as past experiences.
  8. I've heard nothing but great things about the P28 curve and its wrist and snapshot benefits, but one question I have being a strong slapshotting defenseman, is it still a good curve? Like if I took a clapper with the curve, would it still be good or would it lift too high or not contact right?
  9. It's coming. https://twitter.com/WarriorHockey/status/856971329039478784
  10. Hey everyone! It is time for me to buy a new stick and I was thinking of trying something new. I would like to buy something from the Bauer Vapor series. (I was using Reebok ribcor until now) I am deciding between the x800 (2015) and x900 (2016, as it is almost the same price at my LHS as the 2015). The price difference between them is 55 bucks. Is the x900 worth to spend this much more or should I just settle with the x800? Thanks!
  11. Any information on the new True Xcore 9 ACF stick? Understand it will be released in March '17. Currently play with True A6.0 SBP & need replacement. Curious how new Xcore 9 ACF differs from 1st iteration?
  12. I was wondering if anyone knew a stick I could buy that would match the feel of the reebok 30k? I have a couple of 30ks and I really like them. Reasonable price, good performance, but it isn't sold anymore. I notice some of the new ribcor sticks do not really have the ribs like the old ones did. Thanks!!!
  13. I was looking at the Warrior QRL line and was wondering if anyone knows what the differences between each of the sticks is. I've been googling like crazy, but all I can find is they use different versions of the Minimus Carbon like Minimus 1000 for the QRL 1 and Minimus 600 for the QRL 3. But I was wondering what gets added to the stick as you move up the price points from QRL 5 to QRL 1? Do the blades get stiffer from more reinforcement or do they all use the same blades? Is there a difference in the hosels? Stuff like that. I was also wondering about the source for sports exclusive QRL Krypto and Krypto Pro. Or am I overthinking things and it's just simply different Minimus Carbon and that's it?
  14. Well I bit the bullet and ordered the 2pack of sticks from Hockey monkey... $80 shipped.. You tell them in the comments about yourself and they pick 2 sticks to send you... being new I figured how bad could it be.. and its gotta be better than the 2 wood sticks I got for $25 at play it again sports. I told them 50 yo Noobie, Firemen's league, what my current wood sticks are( right), 5'10" / 200lbs, have played forward in the 1 game I have played, told them guessing 85-100 flex? 5 lie?? and a curve good for beginner stick handling, to get wrist up a bit and backhand up at all LOL not sure if I need grip or non grip... thinking NON Fun cheap way to get new sticks... I will post back with what sticks I received anybody order these before? .... did I forget to tell them anything important?
  15. Anybody ever use these before? I'm curious if they are comparable to some of the name brand higher end sticks at a fraction of the cost. http://www.allblackhockeysticks.com/
  16. Hey guys for a few years now ive been looking for an Easton S19 stick (left). I broke my last one back in high school and havent been able to find one since.I currently use a Easton V9E which is supposed to be an equivalent and it just doesnt have the same feel. Anyone who might no where I can could find one or a few in the US let me know, this was the best stick i ever used
  17. I'm currently using an Easton Z-bubble with a focus flex Sakic blade. I absolutely LOVE the stick, but I know it's on its way out. I'm a 6'1, 190lb forward that doesn't take a whole lot of slappers. From my investigating to this point, it looked like the Bauer Vapor line was going to cater best to my playing style. I wanted to throw this out to the community here for some input, any other sticks that would work best for the specifications I'm looking for. Also, I can get a really good deal on a Vapor X80 or X90, but is it worth it to jump up to a X700 or X800, assuming Bauer is the way to go? I'm looking to stay south of $150.
  18. So I normally always used a 77 flex(or 75 if i used non bauer) and when i cut it, it goes to roughly a 92-96ish flex. Well a buddy of mine recommended me trying out a higher flex and I did. I went to a 87 flex 1x. I feel like receiving passes has improved and battling for pucks has improved slightly. The main thing is definitely the catching of passes. However I feel like the flex for shooting just doesnt let me get all I possible can out of it. I'm 5'6, 150ish and when i cut down the 87 its roughly a 106 flex. So what would be the best solution for this? Go back to a 77/75 and just work more on my technique receiving passes or work on pushing down on the stick more? My next stick will most likely either be a ccm reckoner or a 1N if that dictates whether it will play softer or stiffer Edit: I feel like maybe the stiffer flex thing was in my head because my buddy said how even when you cut the stick, the bottom part is still built in a way that is still a 77 flex. For example no matter how short I cut it, the bottom of the shaft and blade are unaffected. Is it possible it was just in my head that I noticed a difference on receiving passes and puck battling?
  19. Hi, I recently snapped my stick(CCM Tacks 2052) after using it for a month and I am looking to get a new one. My budget is $60 and under (Junior size stick) The sticks I have been looking at are: Easton RS II ($49.98), Bauer Nexus N6000 GripTac ($54.99), and the Reebok RIBCOR 24K(49.99). I want something that will last for atleast a few months. Any input on which stick I should get or other sticks that might work for me would be greatly apreciated
  20. I see the HTX has recently had a price cut from $259.00 to $199.00 Why? Is there a new replacement coming for the HTX?
  21. What are you guys' insight on the yakupov curve? Is it more like a Bauer Ovi or an e28(i dont like the ovie but am actually fond of the e28...dont know why.) this may impact my next stick decision.
  22. Hi folks, Currently using the QR1, 75 Flex W88 - enjoying it, but may be in the market for a new twig soon, QR1 price is a bit hefty. I've been looking around for some low-kick sticks and I haven't seen any comparisons between the CCM 30k and the QR Pro. Does anyone have any feedback? Preferences? Thanks!
  23. I was curious if anyone uses intermediate sticks. I've been using a senior 85 flex stick but found that it hasn't been efficient so I decided to make a switch. I went out and bought an Easton Stealth 65 flex. I felt an immediate difference and like it much better. Is it a good fit for my size? I'm 5' 8" and 150 lbs.
  24. Hopefully you guys can help me solve this little dilemma. I'm 20 years old, 6 feet tall, and a lean 165 pounds. I used an 85 flex stick for a couple years before switching to a 75 flex which was solely to work on my release and getting more flex behind my snapshots. After about a season, I switched back up to an 87 flex MX3 and now my snap shots are much more powerful and I can get them off extremely quickly and effortlessly. My problem is that my slap shot power has not increased in a long time and I know that they could probably be much harder if I switch to a 95 flex stick. What I am worried about is that if I make the change to a 95 flex, I may get harder slap shots, but my wristers and snappers might be considerably less powerful. I am mostly just concerned that I am not strong, or heavy enough to use a stick of that stiffness to its full potential. I play left wing, but I do like to move back to the point on powerplays. So my question is, will a stiffer stick be too difficult for me to use for all types of shots? What have your experiences been with stick flex's? and do you think anything stiffer than 87 would be too stiff for me? thanks.
  25. Hi, I'll have to buy a stock for my nephew (Jr U11 ; stick flex 50). I have no idea of prices, especially not stick back. Do you have any typs for me? I think taking a CCM tacks 3052. Sorry for the bad translation, I'm French player.
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