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JR Boucicaut

Warrior Hustler

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Fit – Coming from Tackla 9000 Airs, these fit very differently. They are looser in the waist and a littler tighter in the leg. Because of this, I started skating with the legs unzipped. I thought it would bother me, but I never have noticed- probably due to the fact there is material behind the zippers keeping the opening connected. They have one belt and a lace closure, but I’ve never touched the lace. They run big. My mediums (32-34) fit like a 34, so if you fit the larger size you should be ok- smaller size- try before you buy. I have a 32” waist and while they are big, I can live with it.


Protection- The pant has no gaps in protection that I have found. I ordered the beefed up padding so these are pretty close to “pro” pants. No complaints whatsoever.


Weight – Maybe a little heavy, but weight has never bothered me.


Durability- The shell's material is very strong with no rips or tears. I haven't had any problems with the belt or loose stitching.


What I Would Change – While I am happy with the pants, I would make a few changes:

Two piece pant

Split thighs

More accurate sizing

These are minor problems and I can live with them. It would be nice if the first two were available through the customizer. From what I’ve heard, the Pro pants aren’t even two pieces so it’s probably not going to happen.

Conclusion – A very good pant despite being very expensive. It was worth it for me to go the custom route due to my frame size- skinny and tall. I was looking for a pant like this for several years so I’m happy my search is over.

Overall Rating - 9.25/10

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Model Specification

  • Size: M


The Hustler pants are very comfortable, but definitely run larger than most pants. As a rule of thumb, if you are on the lower range of their waist scale, go to the size below. For example, I am a 32” waist and got the M, but they are definitely large on me, the small would be a more snug fit. Having said that, the roomy size was not a big problem as they do not restrict movement in any way. The leg zippers are also a nice touch if you wanted a bit more leg room while skating.



The Hustler pants provide a great deal of protection, especially in the hips, thighs, lower back and coccyx (which I feel a lot of retail pants lack). Ever fall on your tailbone and have that extreme pain? I have and that’s why I specifically like pants that provide a great deal of protection in this area. I have blocked many shots and have endured much stick work and not once have I ever felt pain; superior protection from Warrior.



The pants, although they run a bit larger, are not too heavy and do not seem to weigh you down or restrict your movement in any way. Actually they feel very nice on your body and have a good contour.



I own 2 pair of Warrior Hustler pants and have been using them for the last 2 years and they are in excellent condition. The only damage per say is that one of the W buttons/rivets on the hang strap has come off, otherwise they are extremely durable. Dasherboard burns and slashes have not torn through the strong exterior of the pants.



The mold resistant materials on the inside have been fantastic. I have CMM Pro tack pants that have developed mold issues in the past, but these materials are extremely efficient at preventing bacteria and mold.



I love my Hustlers, I just wish the sizing was a bit more accurate. Other than that, they are a phenomenal pair of pants that are definitely worth the money. If you go custom, I would also recommend the beefed up plastics package and that is a nice addition.


player reference: 6'0 / 165lbs / A League (3x/week)

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Warrior Hustler pants

Me: 5'5, 155 pounds, © leaguer. Learned to play as an adult and been playing for about four years now. Mostly on Defense.
Pants: Medium

Fit 8/10
The pants are very snug in the legs which is good. Yet, the waist doesn't feel secure. It almost feels like the pants are going to fall off yet they are right. The upper portion of the pant above the belt splays outward almost like a flower. As such, it doesn't have that snug feel that I have around the legs. Overall, they have a hefty feel to them. Many have posted that Warrior tend to run big and well, I can agree to that. I wear a medium in Bauer and in TPS but in these, a medium is not a medium in those brands. I have this constant feeling they are going to fall off but in reality, it's how the company makes their waists. It's more open.

Protection 9/10
Been using these guys for about six games in my low-level beer league where high sticks are common, many can't stop and wind up slamming into you like a freight train. I have been leveled a few times and didn't feel a thing. Also, as I play defense, I tend to block shots. I have taken at least two pucks off the thigh pad without feeling a thing. They definitely have more protection than my old TPS ones. Love the tailbone protection.

Weight 8.5/10
They are pretty light and I don't notice them at all. I said they were bulky above but once moving, I don't notice them at all. The real issue for me is sitting down to put my skates on. There, the pants are a big bulky but again, skating and playing, no issues.

Durability 8/10
I have been using them twice a week for a couple of months or so now. Not a single stitch out of place. Even the sewed-on team logo looks as good as it did when I first got them. So far, very happy with that.

Intangibles 8.5/10
I like the breathability of the pants which have the stretchy material in the crotch. The zippers along the legs are nice but I don't use them. I am kinda small as I said so very few things are tight on me. These are snug in the sense that my legs have plenty of room to move but they feel very secure around my quads.

Conclusion 8.5/10
Overall, a good pant that offers good protection. Like others, I wish Warrior was more true to size as compared to other brands. but I'd consider getting them again.

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