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JR Boucicaut

Bauer RE-AKT Helmet

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I had been LTRing the RE-AKT helmet over here - http://www.modsquadh...-re-akt-helmet/ and decided to wrap it up. For tear-down pictures, see the Teardown thread - http://www.modsquadh...oughtsteardown/

Length of use - 2 months

Fit - Very good, for my head. Absolutely zero pressure points anywhere on the helmet, at any time during the review process. Very good feel around the temples/sides due to the block of PoronXRD padding there. Gives you the feeling of a well-fitting helmet without the bulk associated with other helmets. 10/10

Protection - New technologies, new foam, new concept. Unfortunately, there's no way for me to prove/disprove that it does as advertised. N/A

Weight - Lighter - not Easton E700 weight (Bauer RE-AKT came in at 484g compared to Easton's 355g) but lighter than most out there. 9.5/10

Durability - No issues with any moving parts (size and occipital adjustment) or anything structural, however, did have an issue with one of the helmet screw pads. One of them decided to break free and spin. The procedure is to cut through the pad and use a pair of pliers to hold it in place so that you can take out the screw, which renders the screw pad useless after that. I was sent replacement pads and was told that the production model will have the updated ones, which will be stainless steel anchors. 8/10

Intangibles - The biggest test for me with the helmet was how it handled sweat, and I'll tell you that it passed that test. Ventilation also is good in it, on par with helmets on the market. A bit of bleed from the Vertex foam onto the back of the Suspend-Tech liner, but that is just cosmetic. 9/10

Conclusion - One of the things that it really has going for it is how much was taken out of the helmet and with what it was replaced with. It truly gives you a streamlined-looking helmet, however, with substance. The price may scare off a few potential buyers, but Bauer and other manufacturers with "ultra-premium" helmets realize that awareness and education is what is going to turn the tide to get players to invest more in headgear.

Final score - 46/50 = 9.2

Thanks goes out to CJ Ficek, Helmet Product Manager at Bauer Hockey, who made it possible for me to test the product early.

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Hello all!

My background: I have worn several Bauer helmets so you can consider me somewhat of a loyalist and I have decent understanding of the progression of their product over the years.

Ownership: ~5 months

Fit - The helmet is able to handle the size of my head with ease. With the appropriate adjustment, I can wear this helmet and still have room to spare. The padding is there but it doesn't seem to get in the way or weigh one down. The padding does it job. 10/10

Protection - My comment on this should be taken with a grain of salt because I havene't been put in a vulnerable position requiring vital protection from the Re-Akt. I've been blessed to have never suffer a concussion so someone who has could say if this helmet is an improvement. All I know is that it hasn't let me down. 10/10

Weight - For the size of the helmet, I'd say this helmet is on the lighter side. It obviously isn't the lightest helmet on the market but it's nowhere close to the heaviest. It seems to hold it's lightness (for lack of a better term) even while I play. In other words, I haven't experienced the 'water log' effect that I have with other helmets (I sweat a lot!). 9/10

Durability - My only beef that I have with this helmet is the aforementioned helmet screw pads. The same thing happened to me when I was taking off the Titanium cage and putting on the Concept II full shield. 7/10

Intangibles - Since I already mentioned how it handles the sweat, I'll focus on the helmet's air flow. I'm impressed how breath-able the Re-Akt is even though I work up a good sweat quickly while donning a full shield. 10/10

Conclusion - Bauer has done a fantastic job with this helmet. The price will obviously be a deterrent to some potential buyers but I feel that head protection is one place no one should become frugal. I'd suggest to anyone playing/officiating at any level.

Final Score - 46/50 = 9.2

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My background: I just am getting back into hockey after a long payoff. I have been playing inline and ice since my return. The inline is on a hot court, probably 85-90 degrees or so with 100% humidity (at night, which makes it tolerable).

Ownership: ~3 months & 20 skates

Fit - I purchased the Medium/Medium combo (head size=23.5 inches). The helmet did not seem narrow enough for my head, but it somehow seems to have taken form. The cage was way too short with the chin-cup sitting right on my mouth, so I had to buy and install the Large cage. Now that I am properly fitted with Med bucket/Lrg cage, everything feels pretty much perfect. 10/10

Protection - Will hopefully never need to be able to really comment on this. Thus far, just a couple of sticks that grazed my cage, which would have hurt had I been not wearing it, but the cage did its job. I play beer league so no contact aside from random collisions and just jockeying for position in front of the net. n/a

Weight - The #s do not lie, and I believe this is the 2nd lightest high end helmet behind the Easton E700. However, the difference between this and the Easton is that the padding in the Re-AKT repels sweat, whereas the padding in the E700 absorbs it. So, by the end of a skate, I wonder how much the water weight bridges the gap in weight between these two helmets. Cage is the lightest on the market. 10/10

Durability - So far so good. Hopefully I got the new and improved anchor screws. One day I had the helmet fit particularly tight and forgot to use the occipital slide to loosen the helmet each time I took it off on the bench, and I scuffed up the back of the helmet (and my shaved head) as a result. My fault though, as this has not happened since, as I now slide this each time I take off the helmet. 10/10

LATE EDIT- So the top center piece of EPP foam is starting to come undone. This makes for a really difficult fix, as the SuspendTech is in the way of my being able to get glue up in there safely. I mean, I could get the glue up in there, but chances are, that the glue will not end up where it is supposed to be (between the shell, and the inside of the top/ center piece of EPP foam). I tried to fix it, but my fingers are too big and clumsy. Hopefully, this issue does not spread and become a plague of loose EPP foams. -2 for (updated) Durability = 8/10

Intangibles - Visibility seems pretty good. Also noteworthy is the sweat factor- I sweat like a faucet, and I never get sweat in my eyes. Sure, when I take off my helmet, my shaved head is drenched, so a quick towel off and I am feeling good. I towel off the inside of the helmet after each skate, it stays surprisingly dry. So, I do not know where the sweat is going, perhaps it is evaporating? If so, then great!! 10/10

Conclusion - Sure, the price is expensive, but I play with guys using 1980s Koho and Jofa helmets. (Late edit- I do not think that this helmet will last 25 years, as the foam is aleady coming undone.) So, if I use this helmet for years and thousands of skates, then it will come down to 1 cent per skate, is how I see it. It is hard to find anything wrong with this helmet. At first, I was lukewarm on it, but the more I use it the more I have grown to like it. For pure value, sure, you can pick up the Mission Inhaler or the CCM V-10 for half the price, and get better than half the helmet. But, I am happy to shell out a little extra money to be perfectly comfortable when I am playing a pretty challenging (physical, fast paced, requiring endurance, etc.) game.

LATE THOUGHTS (after having bought and tried the Mission Inhaler) - In the initial review, I discussed what I thought might be low cost/ high value alternatives. I have since tried on the CCM V-10 (which I had seen had gotten good reviews) and it does not fit my head at all- a piece digs in to the top middle back of my head like a knife. I have since purchased, and have been using the Inhaler, and actually prefer it to the Re-AKT. The Inhaler's top center piece of foam is easier to re-set, due to lack of SupendTech, and ease of access. I also get a more snug fit with the VN foam, and find that the perforations keep it from getting too hot. So, if you have a head like me, and are trying to decide between a $100 Inhaler or a $200-$300 Re-AKT (new on is up there in price), then I would advise considering the Inhaler. Remembering though, that I am a beer leaguer, and I appreciate that full contact might necessitate "better" protective technology (realizing that nothing is concussion proof, and some statements about the "revolutionary" protection may just be marketing)

Final Score - 40/40 (updated for durability issue = 38/40)

Edited by Cosmic

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Length of use – 6 months   

Fit – I have a huge head, huge, if I grow my hair out it actually will cause a fit issue with my player helmets and my goalie mask.   Fit is a big issue.  As we know, a properly fitting helmet is a huge benefactor to staying protected.  In my Large Bauer 5100 I had it halfway extended in its setting to fit my fat melon and sometimes that still felt lacking.  In what came as a huge surprise, the Bauer Reakt Large was big fitting.  A bigger surprise? I wear a Medium in the Reakt and it fits perfect.   I’m quite shocked.   And I still feel like someone is pranking me and switched the sizes up on my helmet with a medium.  Even when I had hair down to my mouth, it still fit perfect.  Unlike most Bauer helmets I also have not had an issue with the helmet riding forward, which is what my 5500 and 8500 were notorious for.  The 5100 fit perfect except one or two times when my hair was longer.  This helmet grips my head and it’s over.  10/10

Protection – I’m starting to believe I’m one of those few unlucky people that get a new piece of gear and almost instantly its put to use.   The second game I had this helmet on, I caught a clearing pass right above the ear piece on the side of the helmet.  It didn’t hurt as bad as the previous time I caught a slap shot to my ear lobe.  But I felt it. It didn’t hurt. I felt the smack of the puck colliding with the shell of the helmet and felt the poron foam compress against me to take the brunt of the force and deaden it and nothing came of it.  I also took a vicious hit from behind that hurt my hip while wearing this and drove my head into the glass, I came out ok.  Well, my hip didn’t, but my head was fine.   So far that’s two.   I will easily say the protection of the impacts both being very different ones worked and the memory foam/poron did its job. 10/10


Weight – My Bauer 5100 felt very heavy, but when you have something heavy or light, and put it on as its normal use would dictate, you don’t notice too much after that.   This helmet is light compared to the 5100, much lighter, it’s not lighter than that 700 helmet by Easton but then again that’s basically a bike helmet. I was actually concerned with this helmet riding up because it felt like my visor was heavier, it wasn’t the case, and I’m very glad about it.   For its weight, I’m well ok with it. 10/10


Durability – So far I have used this helmet for 6 months, well 5 if you include me taking about 1 month or so off to heal my hip and knee.  That aside, this helmet has survived slamming into the glass, a shot to the side, and my gallons of sweat. Speaking of sweat, normally because how much I sweat, I’ll sometimes have sweat just pouring down my face if my helmet shifts and you can feel (it’s disgusting) the sweat building up on the top of my head.   This helmet is extremely ventilated though, I feel the air going through my vents and cooling me down, so it’s possible it’s evaporating it faster than previous helmets.   It’s a huge plus honestly!  Normally sweat also breaks down glues and foams and I haven’t had this issue either, I tend to wipe off my helmet when I’m done and the top is dry.  It’s held on; I’ve had no issues with the screws or any parts yet. And I’m happy with it. 10/10

Intangibles – I already sung you the praise for handling sweat and durability after the issues vie had.  The only other one would be its look, I really like how sleek and ventilated it looks without looking like a big bulky piece in attempts to protect more, something companies kind of sacrifice to make a helmet with, Like the M11 type of helmets like the IMS11, although the IMS9 is pretty neat (same shell as the Reakt)  So the ventilation and the look of the shell are a big one for me, I love the sleek look of the shell and how deep it fits, and of course the ventilation that comes from this design.   Don’t change it, alas never mind, it looks like the reakt100 is different slightly but whatever.  9/10

Conclusion – The price tag on this helmet would normally scare any person.  But it all comes down to fit, comfort and use.  It’s my firm belief that you should replace your hockey helmet every 2 years, 3 at most. Old style helmets with Rubatex/VN liners tend to go rock solid after a few years of use and that’s an accident waiting to happen.  If you see those old guys wearing the old school CCM helmets and cooper ones, ask them if you can feel the foams and you’ll see what I mean. Most are rock solid, is that really protective?  Not one bit.

Depending on your style of play and how many times a week, you can break it down to price/# of uses= price per use.  I use my helmet 2 times a week on average, sometimes three, but for math sakes I’ll say 2.


It’s on clearance right now at 199$, that equals to 52 weeks, 104 uses, 199/104=about 1.91$ per time I use it. That’s just on one year. 


That’s bang for your buck. This is your brain, don’t skimp.

If it fits, get it.  


Final score - 49/50 = 9.8/10

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