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Sticks, Shaft/Blades, Accessories

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Cleaning out my closet, and trying to raise some funds to put towards the new house. Prices do NOT include shipping. All sticks and blades are RH. Measurements are from butt-end to heel of blade on back side of shaft. Not HUGE on trades, but I now use 75 flex Drury pattern sticks only. EDIT: Feel free to make offers.

Mission Intake Minnesota Wild Pro Stock - Size Medium NikeBauer FM9500 cage, size Medium. Normal wear, always dried after each skate, no rust on cage. No smell. $35 plus shipping



Easton S15 size 7R, which translates to D width. Used for a few years, always aired and dried out after each skate, no smell. Holders Rit dyed black. Good condition, a lot of life left. $50 SOLD!!

Easton SE16, 7R. Basically still brand new, only used for two months of refereeing. Again, always aired out and dried after each use, no smell. No footbeds, used a custom orthotic. $125

EDIT: Now on eBay.
Link to auction: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=321631938193

Nike Quest Shadow inline skates, 7D. Used only for refereeing. Comes with set of Labeda Hyper Formula G wheels in decent shape. Chassis and boots in great shape. Comes with Shock Doctor Footbeds.

$60 PRICE DROP: $40
EDIT: Now on eBay. Link to auction: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=321635087268

RH Sticks:

Easton SL 85 Flex Drury. Non Grip. 8/10 condition 55" Paint has peeled away, and a slight chip on the blade, but shaft and blade are structurally sound. $75

Sherwood Rythm 9 95 Flex Regehr (Drury) Pattern. Light Grip. 8.5/10 Condition 55" Used a few times in warm-ups, then relegated to back-up status before seeing closet duty. $65

Easton ST 85 Flex Sakic. Non Grip 7/10 Condition 55" Paint chipping near hosel, small 1/2" chip in toe of blade. No other structural deficiencies. Blade is still stiff. These sticks were TANKS! $50

Sherwood T100 grip. 75 flex PP20 Drury heel curve. Used for one game. No cracks, chips, or damage of any kind. $80



All shafts are actual shafts, not cut OPS.

Easton Mako M5 Non Grip Standard shaft. 9/10 Condition. Listed as 75 flex but plays like an 85 flex. 48" A couple warm-ups, and a friendly (no slashing) intra-squad scrimmage $50 SOLD!!

Easton S15 75 flex Grip. Intermediate shaft profile, but takes senior standard blades. 10/10 condition. 48" Still has the warranty bar code stickers. $50

Warrior Dolomite 85 Flex Grip Tapered Shaft 9/10 Condition. 49.5" In fantastic shape. $55

Easton Synthesis 85 Flex Non Grip Tapered Shaft 50.5" 7/10 condition A lot of aesthetic damage, but nothing structural. No chips, other than graphics. $45


Mission "Ether Hosel" tapered wood blade. Listed as 9/16" Mid-Curve, looks very P10/P106-ish to me. Squared Toe Very little useage, all inline. Condition 8/10 $15 SOLD!!
Bauer Vapor XV tapered composite blade. P10 Gagne Curve Some light chipping on the paint near hosel, no structural damage. Blade is still quite stiff. Condition 9/10 $35 SOLD!!

Warrior AK27 Double-D Standard Blade. W10 Gionta 1/2" Toe Curve Pattern. Used once in warm-ups, couldnt switch from the heel to the toe curve. Condition 10/10 $30 SOLD!!
Easton Z-Carbon CNT Drury Focus Flex Standard Blade. 1/2" Split in the toe seam. Condition 7/10 $25 SOLD!!!

Nexed Senior Medium Inline hockey pants. White/Royal blue. Size 32-34" Great condition. $25 PRICE DROP: $20

Labeda Hummer II Chassis. Straight 72mm setup. Comes with all axles and set of almost new Factory Z-Rated wheels and Micro Bearings. Setup used for two games. $50

Bauer 3Flex Tongue inserts (with side wings) Stiff and XStiff $10 each.

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