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  1. Not sure if it's true but most bearings that size a basically identical. Only difference would be the oil. ( this is what I was told by a local guy who runs a business selling them ) As bearings get larger it makes a difference but due to the size not much can in reality be done for one bearing to simply just be better then another
  2. $5 shipping :OO I can't even get domestic shipping within 5 days that cheap in Australia :{
  3. I play on smooth concrete and have found the grippers to be the best bang for buck, in saying that I still have some splitters which have treated me well and I still have a few wheels that are going strong with rotation etc done on a regular basis. These are 76a and 78a I have serious issues with wheels going below 76a , they generally chunk and break after a single game. You may just have to get some new wheels and trial as much as you can. Just a shame wheels are so damn expensive (especially in AUS)
  4. Shipping to Australia kills me :(
  5. oooo 65 Flex!! Where?!?!?!
  6. why would you guess/assume they are repainted counterfeits? Alkali have been a legitimate hockey company for years. Granted most of there gear is focused on inline they are hardly dodgy
  7. True is growing quickly in the NHL that's for sure See more and more people with a True stick every week. A6.0 is the best balanced stick i have picked up in a long time. I imagine the new XC9 is even better, puck feel isn't the best for my personally but still much better then most sticks i have used in recent times
  8. Ended up trying on a few different skates, no idea why I never thought about it but took out the insoles and got his foot on it. His foot was clearly too small. was able to try on a new pair of 6.5 JetSpeeds from a friend, took out the insoles and slightly to small so figured he was somewhere in between. Was going to get some NS2 on clearance which had 1 left in his size but they ended up selling before could get the money sorted :( Was able to get a pair of RBZ 80 from a few years back for $315 which is pretty good I think, top quality skate which a similar skate these days would fetch $600. Hopefully they fit him perfectly ( according to the size guides they should ) Should arrive tomorrow, perfect time for him to wear them a few weeks before he goes over
  9. The inside of the boot @ the heel is in pretty bad shape so that makes sense. Partly the reason I got new ones and kept them as a backup. I'll get him to try mine next week, they are stiff for me so can only imagine they will be too stiff for him but should help in getting the size. Got a friend bringing in his 6.5 CCM's to see how they fit as well Yeah he is, was pretty exited when he got selected. Knew he made it during nationals but couldn't say anything ( not officially but was a solid assumption looking at the minimal amount of players they could choose from )
  10. He was in a tiny boot, size 5.5 or 6 i think. He complained one day saying he was cramping his toes in his skates so I gave him my old ones which were a 7.5. His foot is slightly smaller then mine so I'm sure the size is almost right. It could just be the skates are molded to my foot shape and they are causing rubbing. He is heading to NZ so trying to get something now so he hwas a few weeks to wear them in before heading over
  11. Local shop doesn't but owner is a bit of a dick and trying on and buying online would result in shit im not willing to deal with Next closest shop doesn't carry much if any stock - 45 minutes away Next closest charges a fee which is refunded when you buy skates. Introduced it when people would go in, try stuff and buy from the US ( my plan ) 1 hour 15 away Next only sells CCM, 1 hour 30 away. No charge but a long drive to only try on 1 brand ( going to get him to try on somebody elses CCM's anyway to get a sizing idea ) Will be buying online, even with the shit dollar stuff is cheaper in the US ( clearance stock ) Probably have to go a lesser quality boot, 11 year old and top of the line senior boots doesn't sound like a good combo
  12. Hi, Does anybody know of a reliable sizing guide that could be printed out to get an approximate size for skates? Unfortunately in Australia don't have the luxury of going to a pro shop to try on every single skate to get proper sizing without actually paying a fee then a ridiculous mark up. Little brother grew out of his old skates, jumped into my old skates and they don't fit him properly, getting terrible blisters on his heel and big toe Thanks
  13. Go to hockeymonkey clearance. Find your curve and flex and compare sticks. Can't beat there clearance section
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