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  1. The A6.0 series is a mid kick.
  2. I’ve got two brand new tapered shafts. I ordered then from Pro Hockey Life. Oddly they both game cut down about an inch. Both were 87 Flex prior to cut down. See pics for flex ratings. $70 USD shipped per shaft http://imgur.com/Un2LFt7 http://imgur.com/PfY0vrp http://imgur.com/Ygebq8o http://imgur.com/mtW9v5L
  3. Why the attack? I asked a legitimate question which is still not answered.
  4. Yes I'm aware..I said most sticks. In all honestly at my level of play I don't feel the difference. My True A6.0 Tapered shaft and vapor blade which weighs 413 grams all together. Not many top end sticks feel better balanced to me than my combo. And the ones that do don't warrant me spending $400 CAD. I rarely break shafts. I still periodically use a Mission Flyweight . What's that from, the early 2000's? That gets me thinking what's the environmental impact of everybody tossing out a full stick everything either blade or shaft breaks?
  5. I hope to never commit to a one-piece. I hope to collect enough stock to last me. I don't understand how people don't realize that a one piece is in most cases a fused 2 piece. That's why Marketing pays the big bucks I guess.
  6. I've got 3 Lefty Z Carbon blades with Focus Flex technology. They are all brand new in the Shanny curve. I'm selling them for my brother. $40 USD each shipped within Canada and the US.
  7. How about tapered shafts? Is True out of that market now?
  8. I was on the site and noticed that there is no more tapered shaft offered just standard. Is True done making Tapered shafts/blades? Can anyone confirm?
  9. roadrunner

    RR Summer Sale

    Bump - Still available
  10. roadrunner

    RR Summer Sale

    Bump: added 2 prostock MX3 tapered shafts
  11. People are misled with the "one piece" perform better. A whole new crop of young players only know hockey sticks as being one piece. They'll never know the advantages of a 2 piece.
  12. roadrunner

    RR Summer Sale

    Thanks PM me with your info.
  13. roadrunner

    RR Summer Sale

    I have a couple of tapered shaft that haven't found their way into my rotation. They are looking for a new home. sold - 2 X Pro Stock Bauer Supreme MX3 Tapered Shafts sold - Bauer Nike One95 Tapered Shaft sold - Warrior Dynasty Tapered Shaft 75 Warrior Dynasty AX1T Tapered blade. Right Handed Zetterberg Pattern. Brand new. Inserted into shaft and taped up. I went to remove tape for pictures and some of the matte coating peeled along with it leaving parts of glossy finish. $30
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