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Tyler Roy

Mission Inhaler Helmet

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Reviewers Specs

5'10 180 lbs

Inline 4-5 times a week

Elite level

Past Helmet

Bauer 4500/Bauer 5100

Time Of Use

3 Months

First Impressions

When I received the Inhaler helmet I was blown away(no pun intended) with the out of the box fit. Having used the 5100 in the past I was right at home with the Inhaler, my head sits really well inside this helmet. The adjustment system is extremely easy to use and get correct, same central location just like the ReAKT/9.0 and just as easy to use. I was playing that same night so I had to get the stickers off and the ear guards removed, I could really feel how well the ventilation was when using the heat gun to get the stickers off. The air blew right through the helmet. After all that was said and done I hit the rink. My first use was on an average fall day( not too hot or too cold) so testing how well the helmet vents might not be as noticeable as it might be in the summer but still a good test. Once again, coming from my 5100 I noticed a big difference in the air flow when skating and the amount of sweat I had dripping down into my eyes. The built in sweat band did wonders but the overall "coolness" of the helmet was noticed. Didn't really noticed I was wearing anything at all. First skate went well and just as expected.


The fit on the Inhaler is ideal for me. No pressure points at all. I found my head sat inside the helmet rather than the helmet sitting on top of my head like the 4500 does for me. Nothing to complain about. Not very bulky or any additional room. Very much like the 5100 fit. 10/10


Having used this helmet for a few months now with hours and hours of game time I have noticed a little wear. The helmet it self is perfect, no issues with the foam or anything like that. Only wear I have noticed is the sweatband and where it attaches to the helmet. The pegs have started to come unglued a little bit. This is a replaceable item so nothing to be surprised about. I'm sure I could fix this with a little hot glue. 9/10


This helmet isn't marketed to have the best protection or the latest and greatest tech/spec when it comes to safety. Fully HECC certified and everything so still a safe helmet to wear. Safety is on par with the VN foam style helmets. I have had a few shots to the head and unexpected hits and have not missed a shift. comparing this to other helmets at the same price point I would have to say this would get an 8/10


This helmet is perfect for the inline player, we all know how hot the rinks get during the summer and even spring for that matter. This is a game changer in my opinion. I don't have to worry about having to wipe sweat from my eyes or being hotter than I should be. Would I recommend this helmet? Yes. Easy answer.

With Mission you expect quality product. I feel very happy with this helmet and its worthy to wear the Mission badge. 27/30 90%

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Height - 6'2"

Weight - 215 lbs

Helmet size - Medium; with Re-AKT Titanium Cage mounted (Size Large)

Level of play: Beer Leaguer

Location: Indonesia (hot and humid)

Background/ reason for purchase- I recently got back into hockey, and purchased the Re-AKT as my helmet when getting geared up. As I was unwrapping and sorting my equipment, cutting all the tags and everything off, I inadvertently peeled the certification stickers off of the Re-AKT helmet. I then learned that I might need these stickers to play in the international tournaments (nothing serious- 35 years old+, Beer league, level C) that my traveling team enters. So, I bought the Inhaler, as it seemed like a pretty good helmet for $100 that I could wear when I travel.

Fit - I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Inhaler actually fits my head better than my Re-AKT. This is just a personal head shape issue, so it does not mean that it will fit your head better. When getting geared up, I was not able to try anything on, I just ordered everything blind and hoped that it would all fit. For the most part, everything worked out just fine. I have since gone to a major retailer and tried on everything. Interestingly, the Easton E700, CCM, Reebok, and Warrior helmets all dig into my head in the same place (middle top back). Re-AKT and Inhaler are both comfy, but Inhaler is a perfect match for my head. Additionally, comfortwise, due to the air vents, I rarely feel a need to take off the helmet to air out my head. Last league game, I believe that I kept the helmet on the entire time, even when on the bench. I cannot do this in my Re-AKT, as I tend to get hot and overheat. After the game, the SweatHog was drenched, so it did its job. Score: 10/10

Protection - I play beer league, so for feedback on how this helmet responds to vicious checks, we will need someone else to weigh in. Score: n/a

Weight - Not as light as the Easton E700, but as stated, that helmet does not fit me anyway. I think that the helmet weights in a few grams heavier than my Re-AKT, but I cannot feel the difference on my head. Score: 9/10

Durability - As stated by T Roy, the pegs in the sweatband is prone to rippage. I dropped some hot glue between the pegs and the band, and it is back in business. Replacement bands are $4 so no big deal either way. Everything else is holding up well. Score: will revisit in the future, so far we will just say 9.5/10

Intangibles - First time I wore this helmet, I scored 8 goals in a pick up hockey sesh. In 5 league games out here in the IIHL when wearing this helmet, 3 goals (low scoring games, so pretty good). Last pick up hockey sesh, 2 more goals. I never scored much when I wore the Re-AKT, and still when I wear the Re-AKT, I rarely, if ever score. So, superstitions-wise, this helmet is my saving grace. On a more serous note though, value wise, this helmet costs approx. 40% what the Re-AKT costs, and I actually like it better. So, value wise, this helmet really shines. I play in extremely hot and humid conditions, and I literally become a vapor making machine every time I step off the ice. I never feel that my head is ever hot though, when I wear this helmet. My (shaved) head sweats like crazy, and I just use my jersey to dry it off between periods. Score: 10/10

Conclusion - I am pretty glad that I mistakenly peeled the stickers off of the Re-AKT, so that I could discover this helmet. 38.5/40

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