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Prices do not include shipping. More pics are available upon request. No trades please.

Brand new Eagle Aero Pro Flex Cuff custom 14" gloves. Black with white stripes on back rolls. Flex cuff is similar to CCM HG12 but more open. Gloves have MSH3 palms with black mesh gussets and no logos on thumbs. Asking $60 + shipping SOLD


Retail True A6.0 SBP PRO Z-Palm 13" Montreal Canadiens colors. New with tags. Asking $70 + shipping SOLD

Retail True XC9 PRO Z-Palm 14" navy. New with tags. Asking $70 + shipping SOLD

Retail STX Stallion HPR 13" navy. Very snug fit compared to other 4-roll models. New with tags. Asking $50 + shipping

Warrior Covert DT1 13" Gloves - Navy/Silver. Great used condition. No holes or cuts anywhere. Asking $50 SOLD

Bauer Pro Clip Straight Smoked Visor - New in box. Asking $40 SOLD

Reebok Speedwick hoodies - Brand new without tags with no team logos. I have (1) medium remaining. Asking $25 each SOLD

Bauer APX2 Pro Mercyhurst NCAA 13" Gloves - brand new, forest green/navy, single layer nash palms. Asking $90 SOLD

CCM Tacks 310 Navy Helmet - New, size medium with medium black FM580 cage. Asking SOLD

RBK 9K Shoulder Pads - New with defects, one bicep strap is stretched and needs to be shortened. Asking $25 SOLD

Warrior Alpha QX Pro 85 flex W71 Pacioretty - RH, brand new, uncut. Asking $125 SOLD

Bauer Supreme TotalOne Pro Stock Winnipeg Jets 14" Gloves - All navy. Excellent used condition. Asking $50 SOLD

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