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  • Skates
    Bauer Supreme 190
  • Stick
    Nexus 8000 Wideman Pro Stock, True A5.2
  • Gloves
    CBJ Easton HSX, CBJ STX Surgeon, Wild CCM HG97
  • Helmet
    Reebok 4K/FM580 & Resistance 100
  • Pants
    Bauer APX Girdle; One80 Pants
  • Shoulder Pads
    Rbk 5K
  • Elbow Pads
    Reebok 10K
  • Shin Pads
    Reebok 20K
  • Hockey Bag
    Eagle Talon 100 Pro

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  1. New old stock Graf Supra G35 size 7.5 skates. Asking $150 plus shipping from California. Message me for more pics
  2. Senior large CCM AS1 elbow pads in excellent used condition. Asking $50 + shipping Pics here: https://imgur.com/a/98KdYWm
  3. ntwusc


  4. NO TRADES PLEASE Easton S19 helmet, medium black. A few scratches on the shell but overall great shape. Asking $50 + shipping SOLD Itech RBE VIII Oreo cage, senior large. Rare Itech RBE VIII Oreo senior large cage. Some wear but good overall shape. Asking $50 + shipping SOLD
  5. CCM's not going to do anything for you on anything pro stock. PSH would probably offer a refund since they don't have any more stock to exchange. It'd bug me too, but that crack isn't compromising protection and probably won't grow that quickly.
  6. I have had 7092 and Super Tacks girdles and they fit on the small side FWIW
  7. PM your zip code for shipping quotes. No trades please Brand new w/o tags pro stock Warrior Dynasty Winnipeg Jets girdle shell, size large, made for Mark Stuart. Asking $25 + shipping Brand new pro stock St. Louis Blues Winter Classic Warrior Alpha QX 13" gloves. Asking $160 + shipping SOLD Brand new pro stock Panthers CCM HG97 13" gloves made for Aleksi Heponiemi with digital palms. Asking $90 + shipping SOLD
  8. Nope, just new holders and steel. I found pretty mint boots in my size with a crack in one holder.
  9. Big props to JR for updating these beauties for me:
  10. Bauer Re-Akt 95 medium navy. Brand new with tags, but no box. Asking $95 + shipping Pics here: https://imgur.com/a/9L1TObp
  11. If he likes 75-80 flex, have him try a pro stock Kessel curve. The toe is a little more open than a W88 and the lie is a little lower than a W88. PSH currently has the Alpha DX in this curve. I think Tyler Bozak also uses the same curve but with a higher lie and typically in 90-100 flex.
  12. Added Eagle gloves and used Warrior QX stick; updated sold items
  13. Garage is getting full, so this stuff's gotta go! All items are new unless noted. Prices don't include shipping. PM your zip/postal code for shipping prices. Gloves: Eagle Aero Pro navy 13" - $60 CCM Tacks 4 Roll Pro navy, (1) 14" pair & (1) 15" pair - $75/Pair Both pairs SOLD Bauer X100 15" Custom navy/white color way - $60 SOLD Bauer Nexus 800 15" Custom navy/white color way - $60 SOLD Protective CCM Quicklite elbow pads, senior large - $50 SOLD Sticks: RH Pro Stock Tyler Johnson Warrior Alpha QX 80 flex W88 max height curve, cut to about 62.5", good used condition, stiff blade - $75 (pics pending) RH Pro Stock Tyler Johnson Warrior Alpha QX 80 flex W88 max height curve, new & uncut - $125 SOLD RH Warrior Alpha QX Pro 75 flex W88 curve - $90 SOLD (QX Pro on left, Johnson QX on right) LH CCM RBZ Speedburner 75 flex P40 curve - $60 SOLD RH Bauer Nexus 1N 1st gen 102 flex P92 curve non grip - $100 SOLD LH Bauer Supreme S190 75 flex PM9 curve - $60 SOLD LH Bauer Vapor X700 Lite 77 flex P88 curve - $50 SOLD RH Bauer Vapor X900 87 flex P14 curve non grip - $60 SOLD
  14. ntwusc


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