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  • Skates
    Bauer one80s
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    Totalone, Dolomite DD, X:60
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    Bauer 4 rolls, Warrior Franchises
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    Mission Intake
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    RBK 4k
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  1. Any news on Thornton?
  2. Claude monitors this thread.
  3. What an idiot.
  4. Ya thats a little ridiculous...
  5. Think they need a few more advertisements on there.
  6. Division championships and Presidents trophys are lovely, but it just makes losing in the playoffs that much more of a failure. This line is ridiculous. " they or not perhaps the best team in the NHL is insanity. " Obviously they have never been the best team in the league a single year, they have never won the cup.
  7. Shayzam thats a sound argument except for the fact that the Canucks have not won anything.
  8. Interesting I get 24mbps here.
  9. Would like to see a speed test of At&Ts 4g see how it matches up
  10. I think Canadiens fans were upset PK was smiling. Not Boston fans.. think that's the difference.
  11. I'd be pretty embarrassed if I was the kid whose parents sued.
  12. If I get a break away and you walk out of the net to be a dick I'm hitting you in the pads with it.
  13. May not have to worry about the Canuck's after Wednesday.
  14. I love that he said it though.
  15. Just stirring the pot tbh. We need a political section btw.