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    Totalone, Dolomite DD, X:60
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    Bauer 4 rolls, Warrior Franchises
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    Mission Intake
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  1. This is why no one goes to New England Revolution games, Gillette is in the middle of no where.
  2. Everything that guy has listed is 499.99 including a Halloween costume and an Ipod shuffle.
  3. 250 is clearance for an x60? I'd ask for a discount too.
  4. I'm going to photoshop a picture and send it to him so you have to buy them
  5. You would think if he thought it was his last game and he wanted it he would have just took it with him after the game.
  6. I'd go to a pick up game or stick time, everyone loves a goalie.
  7. Good haul 5minutemajor, is that a practice jersey? wish they had practice jerseys at the Bruins sale.
  8. I cant believe people have the balls to ask for u to use ur employee discount.
  9. I feel bad for those biddding, I'd pm him for a pic of the sticker if I considered it. If he said no or there wasn't one I'd leave it at that.
  10. Sounds like he was just covering his own ass
  11. Tried it didn't really see a difference think I need to try something with more bite tho
  12. Might have been posted already http://www.thehockeynews.com/articles/41478-St-Louis-Blues-winger-David-Perron-to-miss-training-camp-still-dealing-with-concussion.html
  13. I forgot to mention mine have the RBK logo but are identical otherwise, I assume that just means their older. I'll take a pic when I get home.
  14. Can someone tell me what type of Reeboks those are the Malhotra ones. Reeboks never been my thing so I have no idea but I got a pair just like um at the Monarchs sale.
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