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  1. It's not the oldest dark gray synergy but it's old... it was a good stick like two practises, then blade got loose... After then it was ok, but you never knew exactly where my passes went..
  2. <-- Avatar
  3. Dave... If you cancel your order, hardly ever you recieve anything ;) Behold... the best hockey gloves on the market! Glad to see how Sande focuses on what they are the best at. Though I really love their pants even that they are bit heavy side, but protection and fit are just amazing.
  4. I have a lefty RP100 that I bought from ponty. Blade is bit longer than Drury, lower, rockers more and lie is different and curving spreads out to larger area than in drury.
  5. Helmet- yellow ( ;) ) CCM 852 with Oakley straight and black 1052 Pants- Sande MAX980 Shoulder Pads- CCM 652 Elbow- Jofa 8066 Shin Pads- Jofa 8090 Gloves- TPS HGT-C and Sande MaxQ Sticks- Tri-Flex Gold with V120 blade, Synergy RP100, Synthesis with Comp Drury Skates- Z-Air COMP SE and Bauer 6000 With those equipment I feel like a tank. Very good protection but still very mobile ;)
  6. My first set of palms lasted half a season of very heavy use. The second set has lasted over half a season and still are going strong. I think they are just as durable palms as nash palms are...
  7. Here's few that comes to my head... Add Finger Lenght ½" Air Knit Gusset Clarino Gusset Cuff Roll Plastic Custom Colors Embroider Lock Thumb Personalize Glove Screen Plastic Inserts Replacement Clarino Palm S-GLO material Screen Change Team Name on Cuff
  8. Yellow (2255) except for the blue cuff (C563)
  9. Here's few other pictures of a custom gloves that I handled...
  10. Nylon hype wasn't that big at the time. Maybe that is why I ordered them as leather. But now if I had to choose, I'd probably still pick leather.
  11. I can't imagine that I could find a better pair of gloves. Those things must be designed for me or something ;)