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    RBK 5k Pumps w/ Step Steel
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    RBK Sickick (7v and 7k), 10k shaft/blade, NBH Vapor XXX, Warrior Dolomite, Bauer x20, Warrior AK27 Shaft with Glen Murray Pro Stock Blade
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    RBK 8k pro stock, RBK Penguins Pro Stock 4 Rolls, RBK 8k Kinetic Fit (TBL Colorway)
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    RBK 8k w/ Oakley Pro Straight Small (Black, and White helmets), Reebok 11k with Oakley visor/cage combo
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    RBK Penguins Pro Return, Reebok 7k
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    Reebok 8k
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    Reebok 8k
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    Reebok 8k
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  1. Depression

    Wasn't sure if this was worth a whole new thread so I decided to bump this one. I was wondering if any fellow members suffered from PTSD? I saw a significant amount of support and knowledge from members in this thread for depression, and was wondering if other members had this issue as well. Personally, I was diagnosed just over two years ago, and just like depression, it is a never ending battle that can destroy day(s) before they even begin.
  2. 2012-2013 Gear Sightings

    just got theses in the mail. New Game Puck design for the 2012-13 season from Sherwood.
  3. Show It Off

    Me too. I've had two for a while now, and love them so much I would regularly wear my all black one as an undershirt for work. Me too. I've had two for a while now, and love them so much I would regularly wear my all black one as an undershirt for work.
  4. Silicone Bracelets

    PM sent
  5. what i found most interesting is how it's mentioned the plans to fly on "modern" airlines has been ditched. Seems like there would be more of a sour reaction to that given how the Lokomotiv tragedy didnt happen long ago
  6. Totally didn't know he was behind more than half the things the article listed (especially what became the reebok pump). Truly a multi-demensional innovator
  7. sorry should have probably included that, Jan 27-29th (two weeks from now)
  8. eBay idiot, or not?

    but in fairness like others he has said that he is "not sure if it is Ovechkins helmet"....you have to give a little credit there.
  9. would have been interesting to see Harper "Bobby Clarke" Putin
  10. Hey Everyone, Didn't see it posted anywhere, and was just wondering if anyone else on here will be taking part in it. My team (Albany-Chicago Choppers) will be in the Silver Division. Hoping maybe a few other members are making their way out.
  11. The Things LHS Do

    This. I have two LHS's around me. One has a great selection of equipment, and one has INCREDIBLE skate sharpening. FWIW the skate sharpeners shop is the smaller of the two. I will go to him and drop extra on incidentals (tape, superfeet, soakers, etc) than the place with the better selection of equipment. That place is filled with 16-20 year old kids who just don't care, ask if I need anything only because the HAVE to, and generally, I get an uncomfortable feeling in there like I don't belong (stupid, I know) But whenever I go into the other shop, the Owner knows who I am, strikes up conversation, asks how im doing, where I'm playing. Even if he was just putting on a front to make me feel important/valued as a customer.....whatever, I'm still going there. The guy does incredible work. As for the other store, the feeling I get there leads me to sometimes purchase stuff online if the other guy doesn't have it/can't get it.
  12. The Venting Spot

    Review week at work....Don't feel I have anything to worry about, just generally awkward/uneasy time.
  13. eBay idiot, or not?

    40 games in 05-06 (Link). Had to look it up myself lol
  14. Depression

    First off, I am by no means a doctor, so I am more than willing to admit if I am wrong here, so I'll only speak from my own experiences and people very close to me. IMHO, is it possible to undergo a radical change? Yes, but not in a positive way. People I know have suffered from Serotonin Syndrome (Link). This was as a result of stopping other meds (specifically Lexapro) to try Viibryd, another depression medication. The only time I have personally seen someone make a radical change for the "positive" going off of meds is when they go through a phase of Mania, and they were diagnosed Bipolar I. And that's not a real positive, because those people also the other side of the symptoms very quickly on their "Medication Holiday". Now I could have some fact skewed/wrong, so I invite any of the Docs on this board to correct me, but from what I have seen, there is no real, actual benefit to stopping cold turkey with SSRI's. Your Doctor, if you/they think that you don't need them anymore should at the very least give you a taper to get off of them, as they also have other negative effects (liver damage, etc). Hope the info helps.