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  1. Keep the Wrangler. I just got back into one after a long hiatus. Black/black JKU. Love it. 2.5" lift and 35s are the next step.
  2. Kicks

    Just picked up the Jordan VI Retro Olympics. I love them but not really sure when I'll actually wear them. They're my first pair of J's since I was a kid.
  3. Maybe you should play D if shots seem to find you. You'd be great!
  4. Visors in the NCAA

    Maybe I don't know anything about insurance, but you don't see catastrophic injuries in the NHL (or junior leagues for that matter) b/c of lack of facial protection that often. I wouldn't think that the insurance would change that much if visors were allowed. It would mostly be stitches and stuff b/c of errant sticks. I think it's silly that college had to wear them. I went to Miami and I remember during the Ryan Jones years those guys would hang their cages so big that it looked like they would ram their throat if they got hit right. Surely a shield is safer than that anyway.
  5. Agree, when it comes to mods, less is more. I'm more of a truck guy than a car guy though, and I think you can improve the look of a truck with a lot of the mods out there (lifts, brush guards, offroad bumpers, etc.) without making it look cheesy. With the ricers it's a very thin line between improving the look of your car and just looking dumb. That said, the lowered cars on the last couple pages all look really good.
  6. Mine was a soft top and on the highway it was like driving a tent. So loud...
  7. Nice YJ Scopes. I had a red '94 and still kick myself for getting rid of it. For some reason I really like YJs the best, even though a lot of people probably like them the least. I really don't care for the new Wranglers at all. They are too wide and they seem low to the ground. Neal, I've got an '03 Frontier Crew Cab Long Bed. I'm at about 108k and still putting off that timing belt. I'm probably playing with fire on that one. I've had it since 40k and the only issue I've ever repaired was a water pump about 50k ago. Great truck overall and I think the styling still holds up 10 years later.
  8. I'm a "hardgainer" or at least I was, but you really just have to eat, eat, and eat some more. Eventually you will get bigger, just make sure that all the calories you eat are fairly clean. I would try to aim for 2,500-3,000 calories if you can get them in a cleanish way. Eat a huge breakfast in the morning, like 6-8 eggs (only one or two yolks), peanut butter toast, oatmeal, milk, etc. That will kick start your appetite and you'll be able to eat more throughout the day. I'm a firm believer that getting bigger and stronger is about 75% diet and 25% lifting weights. That said... You have to lift the right way to gain strength. Some other folks have already said it, but try to add more weight every time you're in the gym. Never sacrifice form, but you have to push yourself. Having a spotter is crucial too, b/c it will help you try for more w/o the danger of dropping something on your head. You also need to focus on the lifts that create real strength and stimulate real growth. Forget about curls completely. At your level of lifting they are worthless. Focus on the big lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench press, olympic press, rows, etc. These are the moves that will make you stronger overall. I strongly recommend following one of the two programs below, Starting Strength and/or West Side for Skinny Bastards. I wasted a lot of time in the gym before I got serious about lifting the right way, and I saw more progress in a short amount of time than in all my previous years of "lifting". http://office.micros...C101927410.aspx http://www.elitefts....ws4sb/WS4SB.pdf Do some background reading about both before jumping in, but I can guarantee that if you eat the right way and follow one of these programs, you will get much stronger in a matter of months. I'll also echo Beflar on the supplement issue. Creatine is worth every penny, just don't fall for the hype and marketing at places like GNC. All you need is unflavored pure creatine powder. A 200-serving tub should only cost about $20. I don't use whey right now but I'm getting a TON of protein from my diet. If you want convenience then whey is a great alternative. A multivitamin is also a good idea. Good luck!
  9. 3 on 3 tournament

    I got the official rules for my tournament. It's essentially like a game of half court basketball. If there's a turnover you have to "tag up" or take it back outside the blue line. You can't shoot again until everyone on your team has tagged up, but it doesn't look like there is offsides per se. Here is the language from the rule sheet. Looks like there could be some interesting races to center ice to claim loose pucks, kinda like no-touch icing on a much smaller area. What is a “Grinder”? 3-on-3 Ice Hockey Tournament 2 Half-ice games played simultaneously Multiple skill levels play on the same team 5 Players per team Grinder Basics 2 10-minute periods 1 1-minute intermission 3 Players on the ice per team; substitute any time 1 Goalie per ice half At a change in possession, the team with the puck must “tag up” behind the blue line. After tagging up, the player with the puck may begin an attack, but may NOT shoot until the rest of their team tags up. (Figure 1) During an attack, if the defense causes a turnover that is then regained by the offense before the blue line is reached, it is not necessary to “re-tag”. (Figure 2) During the course of play, if the puck travels behind the blue line, the first team to touch it gains possession. A cleared puck that touches the bumpers at center ice becomes the possession of the opposing team. All normal IHWC Adult-League Ice Hockey rules apply. No fighting, no checking and no overly aggressive play. This is for fun. Good-natured trash talk is encouraged.
  10. I'm playing in my first 3v3 tournament this weekend. I guess it's half ice with one goalie, but that's really all I know. Anyone have any tips for strategy in this type of game?
  11. Uh Oh, Ads On NBA Uniforms Are Now 'Inevitable'

    Personally, I think it will be terrible seeing some of the storied uniforms in the major sports cluttered up with dumb corporate logos. They don't need to do it.
  12. Pure creatine monohydrate powder post-workout. The rest is just proper nutrition and I easily get my gram of protein per pound of body weight. And x2 on whoever said to be careful mixing Jack3d, OxyElite, etc. I just read an article the other day about some military guys who died on a run and they're blaming those products.
  13. Went with 31" tires for now. Bought some 33" tires too though, just have to make a little more room for them. Here's how it looks with the 31" all-terrains.
  14. Photos of yourself

    That goalie should be pissed at this teammates! There's nobody within 10 feet of you!
  15. I doubt it too. In fact I'd bet my life savings that it was a congenital heart defect like you hear about every so often. My point from my original post was that these types of seemingly random, unforeseeable deaths are scary, so I selfishly hope to hear that the victim had some kind of preventable condition; one which I could take steps to prevent in myself, thus rendering myself immune from a similar death. It's irrational for sure, but it's how my mind works. I'm sure I'm not the only one.