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  1. Keep the Wrangler. I just got back into one after a long hiatus. Black/black JKU. Love it. 2.5" lift and 35s are the next step.
  2. Agree, when it comes to mods, less is more. I'm more of a truck guy than a car guy though, and I think you can improve the look of a truck with a lot of the mods out there (lifts, brush guards, offroad bumpers, etc.) without making it look cheesy. With the ricers it's a very thin line between improving the look of your car and just looking dumb. That said, the lowered cars on the last couple pages all look really good.
  3. Mine was a soft top and on the highway it was like driving a tent. So loud...
  4. Nice YJ Scopes. I had a red '94 and still kick myself for getting rid of it. For some reason I really like YJs the best, even though a lot of people probably like them the least. I really don't care for the new Wranglers at all. They are too wide and they seem low to the ground. Neal, I've got an '03 Frontier Crew Cab Long Bed. I'm at about 108k and still putting off that timing belt. I'm probably playing with fire on that one. I've had it since 40k and the only issue I've ever repaired was a water pump about 50k ago. Great truck overall and I think the styling still holds up 10 years later.
  5. Went with 31" tires for now. Bought some 33" tires too though, just have to make a little more room for them. Here's how it looks with the 31" all-terrains.
  6. That goalie should be pissed at this teammates! There's nobody within 10 feet of you!
  7. Just installed 2.5" shackle lift yesterday. Probably gonna crank the t-bars a bit more and try to stuff some 32's or 33's under there soon.
  8. Truck looks great, Sharks. What mods did you do to make the tires fit? And what size/brand are they? I assume the aftermarket front bumper served a dual purpose of looks/additional tire room. I'm looking into a little lift and bigger tires for my truck. Nothing crazy but just a little more aggressive stance than stock. For tires I keep hearing about BFG AT KOs, but am actually leaning toward some General Grabber at2's b/c of price and reviews I've read online. Now the question is 31s or 33s...
  9. I got a pair of Muskokas for $30 on Ebay a while back. I don't really use them b/c they're silver, but they're really comfy.
  10. I know my local LHS is selling 808s for $139 now, down from $220.
  11. I posted the mock-up of these earlier, but here are our new jerseys in the flesh. Team name is The Wolfpack. It's my first sublimated jersey and I'm really impressed with the quality. They also breathe really well.
  12. If you do think it's going downhill and you don't have kids yet, I'd make sure you get out of there before something happens. She wouldn't be the first wife to "forget to take the pill" in hopes of saving a struggling marriage. Not trying to sound like a jerk, but it happens.
  13. We just ordered these through Harrow. Team name is The Wolfpack.
  14. Girlfriends... It's about time for me to become an outdoor cat again.
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