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  1. Taskmaster99

    Kemistry Hockey Wheels

    I just ordered a pair of the Code 5.1 skates that come stock with the Kemistry Magnium wheel. It is supposed to be a multi surface wheel. As soon as they arrive and I get some time on them I’ll post my thoughts.
  2. Taskmaster99

    Reign Skates and Frames

    Thanks for the link!!!
  3. Taskmaster99

    Reign Skates and Frames

    Ok....so there is a site I shop at that has these on clearance making the price more to my liking. No size chart though. I wear a size 10 shoe so what size skate should I be looking for? The Reign website is no help at all.
  4. Taskmaster99

    Newbie Skate Recommendation

    You can get some decent roller hockey skates for about 150-200. Now that the new Mission line is out, the Inhaler NL line is being cleared out at most places with some great prices!!!! Alkali has the RPD Recon for about 150 as well as Tour with their Code 5 skates.
  5. Taskmaster99

    Best bearings for the money

    I currently use the Inline Warehouse ABEC 7 bearings. Not pricey but they are serviceable. I clean them with the Sonic power wash and use Bones Speed Cream for a lubricant. All in all they have done really well for me with not a lot of money out of pocket. A lot of times they have a deal if you buy a set of wheels, the bearings are half off.
  6. Taskmaster99

    New Tour Skates

    I’m pretty sure they have the neutral pitch.
  7. Taskmaster99

    New Tour Skates

    My Code 5’s have been doing well with a lot of use but I have only had them since November. I guess time will tell. I do like the look of the new line. Once these wear out I will probably step up to the Code 3.one . Looking forward to some reviews.
  8. Taskmaster99

    New Tour Skates

    The new Tour skates are at In-line Warehouse.
  9. Taskmaster99

    New Tour Skates

    Ok......go to Rollerdad News on Facebook and they have the demo video of the new Code skates with the Kemistry wheels. The video was posted on February 6th.
  10. Taskmaster99

    New Tour Skates

    That I’m not sure. Saw a quick demo video on Instagram and in the description they mentioned the new Kemistry wheels. Sounds like Tour will be making them. I wish they would hurry up and get more info out. The website is out of date. I emailed and they actually said that they are getting ready to relaunch the site. Can’t come soon enough.
  11. Taskmaster99

    New Tour Skates

    Apparently they have new wheels coming also called Kemistry.
  12. Taskmaster99

    New Tour Skates

    Looking forward to seeing more info about these. I use the Code 5 right now.
  13. Taskmaster99

    Wheel options/questions

    Just recently bought my first set of Konixx Pure wheels. They are what everybody says they are. Yeah they hit the wallet harder than other wheels would......but so far they are definitely worth it.
  14. Taskmaster99

    True Inline Skates with Revision Chassis

    1000 bucks. Out of my price range unfortunately.
  15. Taskmaster99

    New mission skates

    Customizing your colors is interesting. Also the new Bauer models look pretty good.