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  1. Mario123


    Any updates or new info on these skates? Looking at AS1’s, but may wait if there are some big upgrades. Wonder if the fit is essentially the same.
  2. Mario123

    CCM Tack Fit

    Does anyone know if the dimensions are the same as the previous Super Tacks in regards to fit other than the increased boot height?
  3. I’m wondering the same thing. Are the ones at PHL still the Nexus fit?
  4. Mario123

    Release date of new Ribcor skates

    Crosby has been wearing them while down home in Nova Scotia.
  5. Just wondering if the flex on both sticks would be the same if I cut them both down to the same length? The pro is typically 63", where as the top model is usually 60". So if I cut them both down to say 57", would the pro be stiffer? Or does it have a flex free zone to make it on par with the QRL? Looking at possibly purchasing the pro due to the lower cost, and possibly better durability. I just don't want an 85 flex to turn into a 110 flex when I cut it down. Lol I'm only 5'7, so I always have to cut my sticks down.
  6. Yes, I got the top end model. Purchased from a reputable retailer. JS?
  7. I am. It is the carbon outsole on the outside, but underneath the foot bed is a fiber board instead of the full composite mid-sole like all their top end skates are supposed to have.
  8. Just received a pair of JS Black skates that I ordered. When I pulled out the insole, I noticed that the skate has a fiber board midsole instead of the composite mid-sole that it is supposed to have. The regular Jetspeed has the composite mid-sole, and I'm pretty sure the JS Black skates that I looked at while I was at a local store did as well.. Did CCM make a mistake when they made this pair? I feel like I received a lower grade pair. The fiber boards would be more prone to break down over time I would think. Should I call CCM? Pretty annoyed right now.
  9. Mario123

    CCM Jetspeed Skates

    I can't wear Supreme due to the low instep. I wish they would adjust the fit there. The original TO's were deep enough for me, but the NXG, and MX3 are not. The only Bauer that is deep enough, is Nexus, which is too wide, and too deep for me. I wish a pair of Bauer skates fit me well :(
  10. Mario123

    Easton HTX STICK

    I also can vouch for the QR Pro. Has been good for me durability wise, and has good pop.
  11. Just wondering who has used both, and which one you like better, and why. I use more wrist shots and snap shots than slappers. Which stick loads easier? How does the blade feel compare, etc Thanks
  12. Mario123

    Warrior PX3

    I hear you MT. If the PX3 fits as well, or better than my 5100, I will get it. I'm waiting for a shop in my area to get them in. Just wondering if anybody else has tried the PX3 on, or can compare it to the 5100.
  13. Mario123

    Warrior PX3

    Back on point here guy's. Has anyone on here tried the PX3 on, or currently have it? How is the fit? I currently wear a Bauer 5100, and like the fit, but it's getting pretty beat up.
  14. Mario123

    CCM Jetspeed Skates

    Can anyone else comment on the fit? I haven't been able to try them on yet. My buddy had size 7.5 RBZ, and was size 8 like normal in Jetspeeds.
  15. Mario123

    Warrior Dynasty AX1 vs. Ax2 Sticks

    How did you find the kick, and release steve?