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    Practice jerseys look great, along with the beard.
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    I seem to have started a discussion here. I think it's worth pointing out that I'm in the UK and equipment selection here is much more limited, due to a much smaller market as hockey is a minority sport. So the only 'twigs' available are tree trunks such as the one I bought. It was worth buying as at first I had a righty stick, then tried a lefty which turned out to be the right one for me. It might indeed be too stiff, I don't know either way, and I'll try and borrow a more flexible stick once I get more adept at shooting. At the moment I'm focussed more on the basics, namely controlling the puck when motoring across the rink and dodging those nice gentlemen, and ladies, on the opposing side who seem intent on spoiling my fun. But honestly I wish I'd bought a budget composite stick once I knew I was a lefty, I feel learning would have been a little faster. I guess for you people hockey is very much part of your culture, and you start young, rather than at 53 as in my case. What a brilliant game though.
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    Did actually look at the stock? Typically most of the available inventory is a few that are a number of years old with very little actual selection. It is true that if you are lefty you can still find decent stock. I'm not sure the exact online retailer you looked at, but when I checked Hockey Monkey yesterday number of total possibilities (permutations for stick, curve, lie, and flex) for a righty looking for a wood stick there were three total options. And in case I was not clear, I was referring to wood replacement blades as that was explicitly listed as the preferred blade type. I still use a two-piece and have for about 20 years so I'm quite familiar with blade offerings. Hockey Monkey has a single wood blade available for a righty, and amusingly it is a 2014 model. I don't think anyone is claiming that a wood stick will suddenly reduce your ability. I was merely pointing out that (at least for a righty) the argument to use a wood stick or at least blade and to experiment with different curves and flexes and lies would be difficult to actually do. Perhaps it would be possible to get a retailer to order ones for you specially. I'm just confused why some folks are tripping over themselves to recommend a wood stick. Puck feel is really the only advantage for a wood stick and that is a relatively nuanced thing. For a beginner just starting out, its pretty irrelevant in my opinion. (I will also admit that a wood stick is much better for slashing, but I'll assume that doesn't come into play here...) I fully agree that a one piece isn't going suddenly turn a beginner into an all-star and Wayne Gretzky could play with a tree limb and still be pretty good. But I'm not really seeing many advantages for a wood stick. It seems to me that it doesn't matter that much. And to the OP, it is my opinion, and the opinion of many on the forum, that many players use a stick that is too stiff. I certainly used to as I just used what was "standard" and in retrospect it was much too stiff.
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    Grew up using them, played in HS with one, even started playing men's league with one. I went to shaft/blades a little while later. I was fairly happy with that setup. I eventually switched to a one piece, probably more so just to try one. The problem was, curves I used kept getting discontinued. I hated buying composites only to find out I hated the blade. I switched back to shaft and blades. I didn't go back to one piece sticks until I settled on a single pattern and that was right about when the curve game started settling out. For perspective, right now there are 8 high end composites in my basement. Of those 8, 4 of which I never touch, 2 more are nothing more than back ups. Not because they are broken, because I've switched patterns. I've sold at least 4 others most of which I used once or twice. The curve or blade lie just didn't work. I remember getting a really nice True pro-stock, was pumped to try it. I used it for 5 minutes in warmup. The blade lie was way off. So how much cash have I shat down the drain on composite sticks...more than I care to remember. And none of which actually made me a better player. To be clear. I am not saying don't buy one. Just saying it's not a good investment for a beginner and it's not going to help your game.
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    Currently waiting for ours. Big reason I went with them was all the positive feedback. I hope you contacted them and complained, can't imagine they wouldn't try to make good on it.
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    We had an hour session last night at 10:15pm, and all I can say is this stick has made a huge difference. I was able to do crossovers and hockey stops while controlling the puck, and skate backwards with the puck, whereas previously I struggled. Other lads my size were using sticks with the same flex. Perhaps a more flexible stick might be better, I can't say I know, but the weight reduction has noticeably improved my balance. I weighed both sticks and the difference is about half a pound. Perhaps the composite has less weight in the blade end relatively speaking.
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    Posting pics in this thread with no tag line of what we are looking for should be a bannable offense.
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    Over/under on first lawsuit after a kid passes out and crashes into the boards while wearing one of these?
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    As a Sixers' fan, I approve this message...

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