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  1. Nothing changes in this world until politicians start losing votes, which is kind of the same thing as rich people start losing money.
  2. No chance Sher-Wood becomes relevent again.
  3. Am I correct in thinking Miken was the step between Combat and True?
  4. Techniflex elbow pads are the standard by which I measure all others. I don't know why companies can't make a quality, flexible 3 piece elbow pad anymore.
  5. It looks like there were a couple of non-sanctioned kids tournaments recently in Exeter, NH and down in CT and some kids and coaches have tested positive. These are the kind of things that can gum up the works for all of us.
  6. I've been since mid-June. I don't know of anyone who skated straight thru.
  7. The Canadiens and Blue Jackets showed once again that effort beats contracts.
  8. I'll actually pull up the sleeve on my base layer a bit so that some of the elbow pad forearm portion is direct on skin. It works pretty well.
  9. It was awkward for the first few strides out there and then everything was back to normal. It will definitely take a little time to get the inline out of your ice stride. For a while years ago I was playing both ice and inline. Doing the 2 together made me feel slow on the ice.
  10. Pretty much the result you'd expect when one team loses 2 of their most prolific offensive talents.
  11. Marner is a treat to watch. My one criticism is sometimes those guys get a little too cute and make that one pass too many.
  12. Goal of the playoffs so far. That kid is turning into a real superstar.
  13. The key is no travel and keeping everyone contained. MLB will never make it.
  14. The pundits are going with the Rangers in this one. They cite both Reimer and Mrazek not having good records against the Rangers.
  15. Base is still an option.
  16. How does Kraken not pay homage to the Pacific Northwest? A mythical sea creature originating from Scandinavian folklore sounds like a perfect choice to me. It embraces the fishing industry of Seattle and the high proportion of people of Scandinavian descent who work in said industry.
  17. It sounds to me like you might have had a panic attack. All of the fun of a heart attack without the dying. I hope it all works out but it definitely sounds like you've got plenty of recent stressors to have brought it on. Good luck.
  18. I'm on my 11th year of playing hockey post-stent placement. I had what the cardiology world refers to as the Widow Maker back in December of 2008. I wasn't on a traditional blood thinner like Cumidin but I did take Plavix for a while. I had to be careful not to get cut just the same and bruising was pretty bad if I took a puck to a soft area. Here is what will happen. For at least the first few months you will strictly adhere to your dietary recommendations. If you were a drinker then you'll most like cut yourself back to no more than 2 adult beverages on a given day. I began mixing the non-alcoholic beers into my routine and still do even though I have become a little more lax in that regard. You will become acutely aware of every new sensation in your body and experience many anxious moments when something feels "strange". Relax, most of them are just normal aches and pains that you never thought twice about before your diagnosis. That said, be mindful of the warning signs and don't be embarrassed when you overreact with a trip to the ER only to stay overnight and be told you're fine. It will happen and better safe than sorry. I was about 11 months past getting my stent when I felt weird and disconnected one morning. Spent a night in the hospital followed by a stress test the next morning to find that it was nothing. You may also become obsessive with taking your blood pressure at home. I would do it every morning and if I didn't quite like the reading then I would do it again. Sometimes up to 4-5 times in a row. This is counter productive for 2 reasons. First, you'll make yourself anxious which will increase the readings and second because taking so many within a relatively short amount of time may also do the same. I've relaxed about taking the readings so often but now I can feel what a tester is listening for and if I can see the dial or monitor screen am able to tell what the reading will be before they do. One thing that I always keep in mind and keeps me from panicking is this; if you can recreate a pain or ache with touch or movement then it is most likely exoskeletal or muscular. You will get back on the ice. For me, it was 3 months after my cardiac event and going thru 12 weeks of cardiac rehab (basically 3 weekly sessions of increasing effort exercise under the watchful eye of trained specialists). There was no better feeling than getting back out there. You will check your heart rate on the bench and will be more aware of your breathing recovery. It is all part of the process.
  19. The only goalie of the modern age who ever wore less than the maximum size allowed was Marty Broduer.
  20. Heading back to the ice tonight. It will be interesting what the game is like. I'm guessing it will feel like a loose pickup skate.
  21. Lucky for him there was a pommel horse in the middle of the terrorist town.
  22. People don't get chirped for wearing full shields/cages. They get chirped when they wear a full shield/cage and play like idiots.
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