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  1. I think I have a Euro Tip curve in the garage. I'll check when I get home.
  2. Cant tell if that was tongue and check or not. If not, I am pretty confident every single player in the NHL would be using that "special" profile.
  3. True offers a 5 lie P92 at retail, TC2.5, CCM and Warrior both offer something similar to the 92 with a 5-ish lie.
  4. @JAY_4114 stick to retail curves even when buying pro stocks. Custom player patterns are hit or miss. I'd say go with a P92. Everyone offers one and they are super easy to find. Well, unless you want a bauer p92 with a 5 lie... The Marner pro stocks I have seen look like P92's, sorry TC2's.
  5. Sounds like your footbed or innersole is what's moving. If you want to reduce the skates volume try some SuperFeet yellow. You'll need to re-bake the skates afterwards.
  6. Pasternak wearing the new Bauer skate tonight.
  7. Why not try a longer profile before you start drilling holes in a new pair of skates??? I know if done right it's not a problem. If done poorly it can permanently damage the skate and or alter it's life.
  8. How well do those apx's fit? I mean, the scanner is dropping you down a full size while putting you in a boot with a bit more volume. That sort of sounds like you may have added length to those apx's to compensate for a lack of depth or proper width. Just a thought... Don't look at the scan as a definitive answer. It's a starting point and there is always a secondary fit option. You still need to spend time trying them to be sure.
  9. @sko buffs looks a lot like Hornqvists' custom pattern. Which is fairly easy to find...in fact IW has some Hornqvist pro stocks. BTW, I am pretty much all in on the P90T/Benn Pro now. I liked the 28, I just couldn't get it to do certain things.
  10. Not in terms of testing. Think of it as zero-ing out the scale before weighing something. If you're collecting data to present in any sort of meaningful way, you need to zero out testers. I suppose you could record the model and flex of each testers current stick. Even then, each testers is sort of in a vacuum. Maybe you can make the argument that all testers using stick x as their current stick said stick y had better puck feel... Right now your data only means something to the subject. Your last comment is a really good indication of that. EDIT - Actually now that I think about it. Recording testers current stick along with their height, weight and level of play would be helpful. The end user could say, I want to see what 1N users thought about the FT3. Tire Rack does this with their customer reviews. You can sort reviews by vehicle type and or location.
  11. The real issue with this sort of testing is players tend to base their comments of a comparison to their current stick. That's a moving target and offers little to no baseline. What you should try to do is get testers to use a "control" stick before testing, something you know. All comments and opinions should be made in comparison to the control.
  12. I was gonna say, probably the rocker on the 28's toe. The 30 does have that dual lie but it's far less pronounced.
  13. I've done a few sets of new LS5. I did a total of 10 passes. I did the first 6 with a 3/4 fire ring I don't skate on. The final 4 passes were done with my ring of choice. No issues either time. Maybe you can get away with fewer passes since your steel has been profiled.
  14. Price drop, willing to go $75. Will consider trades for RH sticks.
  15. As I understand it. Vapors are still vapors. The new Fit System didn't change the dynamics of the boot it just allowed people with different foot shapes to use whatever model they want. So those big box guys saying there is not difference are on crack. They likely mean there is no difference in overall fit, not line to line.
  16. I ventured off into the P90T abyss. The whole thing sort of reminds me of the scene from the matrix where Morpheus offers Neo the colored pills. One the one hand you have your current pattern (the blue pill) where you can continue on believing whatever you like. On the other hand you have the P90T (the red pill). Choose that one and you get to see just how far the P90T rabbit hole goes. Once you start looking you'll know what I mean. For someone who uses a 28 but isn't entirely thrilled with certain aspects of how it plays. I figured the P90T would be ideal so I snagged a refurb from HSM on the cheap. So far I'd call it a more forgiving 28 or a 92 with enhanced puck control. I need to spend more time with it and maybe find another but in a lower flex before I am ready to switch over.
  17. Depends where you are from. Here in the North East, the majority of beer leaguers have played organized hockey all the way up to High School, some beyond that. Not sure where you play, but here wood chopping is definitely not part of the game. It's a simple equation, hack my stick and I hack yours or you for that matter. Everyone gets that, or learns it pretty quickly. FWIW, no way would I buy a used pro stock over a used beer league stick. The power pros have and the frequency in which they use them will have a much bigger impact on the life of the stick. As for used sticks. I agree with dkmiller. I've bought and sold used sticks without issue. But I know what to look for and what to ask sellers. For example, I've bought new sticks to try a certian curve. If I don't like it, I'll sell it. Those are the types of used sticks you want to look for. Back to the OP's point. Not knowing the particulars of the used stick in question and all the other variables in place, go with the new completive level stick, or find last year's elite level on closeout, like a Warrior Alpha QX at HM. Pro-Stocks, which I fully support aren't for everyone.
  18. Yeah same deal with the gaiter I use. The Google is your friend - www.mission.com. It's like the first thing that pops up when you search for it.
  19. there are color tabs to the right of the page. I'm guessing they're custom colors.
  20. I found Bauers LS5 offered more glide on the same hollow than STEP ST, LS3, LS4 or Tydan. I had thought maybe it was just me until a teammate had the same experience after switching. At one point I had standard LS3 and DLC coated LS3. The coated version held it's edge a little longer and stood up to minor trama better than the standard LS3. I'd say less burring after sharpening too.
  21. I finally got to try out the gaiter I mentioned earlier. The fit was pretty good, no interference or adjustments to the helmet needed. The ear loops held it in place but made it tough to pull down to drink. Breathing wise, it's about what you would expect. The only complaint, it doesn't have a moldable nose piece so it does mess with your vision a little. https://www.amazon.com/Seamless-Headwear-Protection-Balaclava-Outdoors/dp/B088D68DYH/ref=pd_ybh_a_24?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=JFVF906RNJWWP7K9GKV4&th=1&psc=1 Overall not a bad option and fairly inexpensive compared to the alternatives.
  22. I recently purchased one of those neck gators with the ear loops for the gym. It has some potential for hockey. My only real concern is what happens when it gets wet. Has anyone tried the CCM mask on a Bauer titanium cage? How's the fit?
  23. I don't consider the effectiveness of a piece of protective equipment off topic. Given what these products are protecting you from, the effectiveness should be the ONLY thing being talked about. But hey, wag away
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