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  1. First off. I find it hard to believe some rando from Pure knows their done, but not a peep here or other various sites. I wear a 9/9.5 shoe depending on the brand and skate in size 6 100k pros. Two sizes down isn't all that surprising.
  2. No complaints here. If you want something beefier you could pair them with a padded shirt.
  3. Which is why I specifically mentioned the 2x.... Since were nitpicking, look and actual in situ protection are two different things.
  4. Protection wise. I think the recent Bauer offerings top CCM's. I had the 2x's for a bit and they were extremely protective, more so than the Jetspeeds that replaced them. The Jetspeeds fit nicer and feel more like traditional hockey shoulder pads. Which is why I switched.
  5. Pretty sure both Bauer and CCM still do full customs. Whether or not that's available to the general public is another thing.
  6. The point I was getting at is, just because margins are high that doesn't mean they are actually turning a profit. I have seen plenty of examples of high ticket items where companies still lose money with each sale. No one here seems to acknowledge what it costs Bauer/CCM to design, build, market and ship a product. All that cost is factored into the product cost. Companies don't make a single penny of profit until that cost has been paid off. With these short product lifecycles and low volume sales. I doubt they make all that much profit from an $1100 skate.
  7. Serious question, do you actually know what their margins are, or are you just guessing based on retail pricing? Even if you know what their margins are, do you actually know what it cost them to produce, market and deliver products? Even if their margins are great. I doubt they sell enough to make a decent profit. Material costs have gone thru the roof over the past few years. FWIW, if people aren't happy with the prices, don't buy the product. The customer is the main reason why prices are what they are.
  8. The problem isn't you per se, it's everyone else. I find when I drop down into some D league games the other players aren't good enough or just don't know to hit the open man. Maybe tweak your game a bit so you aren't so reliant on others. In other words, if you want the puck, go get it.
  9. I'm guessing the OP has a high arch too. Probably little to no arch support as well. Using a better footbed will help but that reduce the skates volume and there is another issue. Those skates don't fit...
  10. Sounds like you'd better served looking at something mid-tier rather than top of the line. I've seen quite a fewer Bauer's that feel much softer than their top of the line siblings.
  11. I have a brand new ft3 still in the wrapper. Im gonna see how it compares to the one I've been using for the last 6-8 months. Why do I get the feeling it's gonna break almost immediately...
  12. The store has some skin in the game. If you get your money back you can take your business to another shop. Giving you a store credit seems like a nice gesture, and it is, but it also assures them the sale. And it's not really true to the nature of the 90 day satisfaction guarantee. Anyway, good to hear you got it sorted out.
  13. In my opinion. CCM should automatically replace the skates as a warrantee claim. Whatever time is left on the 90 day satisfaction guarantee should be transferred to the replacement pair. My reasoning, the damage prevented you from using them for the full 90 day period. Maybe you could argue that you are no longer satisfied with the skate due to the damage from routine use. Either way, I'd reach out to CCM directly and see what they say.
  14. I do the same. It works extremely well.
  15. This topic has gone around here a few times. The general consensus always seems to be padded shorts. There are tons of options.
  16. I was curious about this as well. Do you know if this is something they test? 120 days of around the clock play time, or is that 120 days of playing 3 hours per day?
  17. Go super soft and swap em out for Edge holders.
  18. I'd argue it's not the curve doing the everything...
  19. Well as much as I love my 100k Pro's. My pro stock MIC 70k's are without a doubt the most comfortable skate I have ever worn. Much more so than the retail 70k.
  20. I'd say, focus less on the tech and more on things that will impact your game, like blade lie, flex and pattern.
  21. Nah, go this gen 90k or NOS 70k's.
  22. Why would anyone think it's not. They almost say as much. "Built with updated materials for improved feel & performance but holds true to the iconic look with the most iconic patterns that Synergy was known for. The Synergy is back" But hey, it's true to the look and they have some iconic patterns.
  23. I've bought two from HSM. The results were mixed. The first one felt ok. It was a low kick and the break was well above the kick point. The second one was a mid kick and it never felt right. I think it was the location of the break and how they cut the top section before fusing.
  24. If you don't like the color scheme wait for next year's...
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