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  1. I doubt you'd see anything substantial just from time. It's not impossible. I wouldn't put new steel in holders that were trashed from years of playing. But if they're solid and the boots are still n good shape, why not. It's the least expensive option.
  2. I'll spare you the back story, next event. Something about that boot with a 254 edge holder w/LS5 just works for me. I stumbled across a second pair, same setup except a retail boot. They worked really well for me too. If I am honest, the overall fit of both pairs could be a little better. Makes wonder what custom 70k's would be like.
  3. To date....my pro-stock CCM 70k skates. Without question, the best thing I've ever done for my game.
  4. Its not just heavier players, perf steel or lighter steel. Bent runners are almost 100% due to a improper holder mount. Which is sadly more common than you'd think.
  5. Never had an issue, maybe its the skates....
  6. 100% Id almost rather use crappy Bauer factory laces. Besides, when was the last time anyone had issues with their lace tips?? Get some Howies and be done with it.
  7. I just assumed everyone cut different patterns to different lengths. My p28's are different then my P92's. If I try something different, I'll throw my skates to see how the blade lies, then cut wherever my top hand falls.
  8. Nitinol (nickel titanium) which is what Tydan and Step use. My bad.
  9. I would assume so. I've heard, this is what the pros are using in place of Step or a variation of it.
  10. Skates are too tight.
  11. Neither would I. I'd say it falls somewhere between low and medium. I'd ignore what ccm lists it as. They do a shit job describing their fit profiles.
  12. Interested as well.
  13. Sounds like a Ribcor. Heel is a tad bigger than a D vapor 1X. It's got a bit more volume too. The toe box can be roomy. The 68k and 70k are very reasonable price wise these days. I've seen new 68k's on sideline for $200.
  14. It makes perfect sense. This way people don't have to wear a Supreme if they don't want to and vice versa. Maybe one line suits your play style better but your foot shape doesn't fit in that line. Or, you just want a vapor cuz thats what your hero wears.
  15. I'd hold off judgement until its officially announced.
  16. Nothing official from Bauer yet. I'm sure we'll be talking about it once they do.
  17. You can find some deals on eBay and Sideline. Gotta know what you need though.
  18. Actually sounds like the boot isn't deep enough, probably fails the pencil test. I get what he means. Look at the top of your foot in the boot with the tongue pulled out. It's not a nice rounded surface. It's an asymmetrical inverted V. Bauer went there a little with the offset quarters.
  19. In short, they tend to feel like an older traditional style skate.
  20. Slightly used Bauer LS5 steel. Only sharpened a few times. Great steel! $79 obo shipped within NA.
  21. Not all that unusual. I wear a 9 street shoe and do perfectly fine in a size 6D Bauer. I can even go 5.5D if I want. I think there are a lot of guys playing in skates 1-1.5 sizes too big. Still sound crazy though.
  22. I find that to be true with the Fire rings, 5/8 Fire feels very much like a 3/4 ROH. The standard ROH rings feel pretty spot on to me.
  23. In regards to CCM being a notch below. Yeah, I can understand that. There was a time, and really not all that long ago, where they made some pretty terrible skates. That’s no longer the case. The reemergence of the Tacks brand and the evolution of the RBZ line is about when they get things back on track.
  24. I assume you mean glide. First things first, that 1/2 ROH is an anchor. Time to move to a shallower hollow. Small steps will help ease the transition. Once comfortable, look to switch profiles to something with a bit more surface to ice area. These things won't turn you in Matt Barzal but you should notice some gains.
  25. Yes foams will eventually form to your foots shape and yes that will help accelerate the break-in process. However, no amount of skating or use will mold the outer composite boot. Baking is the only way to achieve that. It's also the only way to maximize the overall fit, which will enhance the skates performance. To the OP's question. No, there is no reason not to bake them.
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