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  1. I don't consider the effectiveness of a piece of protective equipment off topic. Given what these products are protecting you from, the effectiveness should be the ONLY thing being talked about. But hey, wag away
  2. I prefer a cynical approach because when I am wrong, which is often, it's good news. Yeah, I added the last line after posting. I wanted to make sure I wasn't lumped into that group of crazies. There is no shortage of them.
  3. Were these products tested and certified by the FDA or CDC to prevent or even lower the risk of contracting or spreading Covid-19? If no, it's a cash grab. Same goes for the all fancy masks we wear on a daily basis, myself included. Once you enter the rink common sense is tossed aside. Think about it, if people were serious about preventing the spread there would be no need for splash guards on hockey helmets. Don't confuse me with an anti-masker or one of those covid is hoax whack jobs.
  4. @th6252You should be able to up-size the holders afterwards. Most brands do it on EE widths. I had 246's on my vapors, which are now converted to inline. If I ever switch them back, it will be to 254.
  5. I looked into modifying my shoulders with some thigh pads from an old pair of inline shorts. I didn't think it was worth it. The padding moved around too much. I ended up with a padded shirt. CCM has a base layer for refs with chest, rid & arm pads. I'm gonna give that a shot.
  6. Sounds like his current skates may have been a little tight or poorly fitted and his new skates are too big. Could be one of those who add length to compensate for lack of width.
  7. I've banged up my ribs a few times recently. I'm thinking either padded shirt, or add padding to my shoulder pads to fill in the gaps. Any recommendations one way or the other?
  8. With the chance to hoist, does 91 dress again tonight?
  9. Boom! Bang on. That might fly with customs, but not retail. The sizing thing is total BS. You should know exactly what you are buying. It's not hard to do.
  10. Not sure how dialed in that online fit thing is. The results seemed to be largely based off your current skate. When I put in a Vapor as my current skate, it give me Jetspeeds. When I put Ribcors as my current skate, it gives me Ribcors. The tool would be awesome if it did all that with pics.
  11. Curious, why on earth would you buy these, or any other skate for that matter, if you have custom made skates?
  12. Doesn't he need to play at least one game to get his name on the cup?
  13. Your issue sounds like it could be a width issue. The boots a little too narrow at the end leaving you feeling cramped. I'd rebake the 8.5's without wrapping them. Just do a standard bake and see if the forefoot opens up a bit. That might help with the crammed feeling. Try to do it at the end of the day as your feet swell over the course of the day. To triple check the length. Pull the innersoles and stand in them. It's just a point of reference. The other thing to check is holder size between the True's and your ccm's. They should be close if not the same size. Again, just a reference point.
  14. That's probably their opinion or how they perceive it. Which is far from reality. Back to skates before we get a finger wag.
  15. Depends on context. The insoles themselves are not heat moldable. Can you leave them in during a skate bake, I suppose. I assumed he meant the former.
  16. Completely different and there is nothing budget about them.
  17. No, they are not bakable. You do have some flexibility with which insert you use and where you place it.
  18. They said during their last game against NYI. If include all the OT's, TB has played am additional 6 games. Don't sleep on Dallas. They got size and scoring and a fairly mobile blue-line. They took out Vegas & Colorado.
  19. @Vulcan7905 Yes sir they are.
  20. Hmm, I don't know. With the right tech I think it could actually work, and work well. How is it any different then what True is doing with their custom process? I'm sure the last thing CCM wants is a bunch of pissed off customers and a pile of returns.
  21. It's a pretty easy transition. A bit more agility with better stability.
  22. Yup, and the pricing on the Ribcor line makes it a much easier pill to swallow. I wouldn't say the Ribcor is less of a skate. It's a different skate. If he's happy and comfortable why change...
  23. Yeah, it's a total crapshoot.
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