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    Good to know about the Trues! I’m actually warming up to them as I’ve looked more into them. I’ll have to see if Hockey Monkey has a 6.5 in either the TF7 or TF9. I have been looking in that thread here this past week, and also watched Hills’ video on them (I sub to his channel). Luckily Pure Hockey and Hockey Monkey are only 30 minutes away from me respectively. PH doesn’t have any True skates in stock, but HM does. Since True has the 30 day guarantee in place, might as well try them. I am playing twice a week so that should give me some time to try a few skates out.
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    You'll gain a few mm after baking and break in with the 7 Fit 2 Supremes, but if you need more than a few mm then I understand not going that route. It sounds like the 7 wide were too roomy, but that also suggests they're the right length, but too wide. So, it kind of confirms that 7 is the right length for CCM and Bauer. The True skates open up quite a bit after baking and several hours of skating. For me, 7.5W felt perfect before baking (and I scan as a 7.5 Fit 3 for Bauer and also use 8EE Easton Makos) with my toes just brushing. The 7W felt way too tight with my toes very hard against the cap, but not bent. After baking they were still a bit tight, but after about 10 hours of use my toes just lightly brush. If you go through the TF7/TF9 thread, you'll see others had similar experiences with the True retail skates. The hockeyreviews.ca YouTube video on the TF9 sizing by our own @Hills is also very helpful. With the True retail models, if you go with the size that feels perfect pre-bake they'll likely end up being too big after baking and breaking them in. Most people end up going down a half size in True retails from Bauer or CCM and some even had to go down a full size. I know you aren't a fan of their appearance anyway, so they'd probably be your last choice if the other options don't work out. If the X2.9s don't work out, trying 7D SuperTacks seems reasonable due to the 90 day guarantee.
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    Well, as I thought the 7 Wide FT485’s were too wide all over. I could wiggle my forefoot side-to-side a bit. Back to IceWarehouse they go. I’ll be skating in the x2.9’s tomorrow for a game of pickup. Not sure if I should even bother trying the SuperTacks in the 7D as well as the Supreme 3S in a 7.5 Fit 2. At least with the SuperTacks I have the 90 day trial period. (Pure Hockey does offer 30 days though on Bauer) Such a mission, lol.
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    Thanks alt. The 7 Fit 2, x2.9 do feel great, and I’m guessing for the reasons you laid out. I do have a 7 “wide” CCM FT485 due to arrive today. So I’ll throw those on and see how they feel. I have a feeling they’ll be too wide all around though. I did try on a Supreme 3s in a 7, Fit 2 and my toes were pushed against the ends of the caps more than what I was comfortable with. I’m still curious to see how the Supreme 7.5 3s feels (they didn’t have it). I also tried on a True TF7 in a 7.5 and a 7, the 7 seemed to be the ticket, toes brushing but felt a bit too roomy in the forefoot area. Had an odd hotspot on top of my foot that I hadn’t felt in a CCM or Bauer. 6.5 would have felt too cramped lengthwise for me. I don’t like my toes against the ends of the caps at all. But out of everything I’ve tried on thus far, the x2.9 just feels like an all around natural fit, no if’s ands or buts about it. Snug, yet not cramped. No hot spots and not pushing against the end of the toe caps. The size 7-D 9380 SuperTacks feel similar but had hot spots in the arch area and more of a cramped than snug feeling all around…which I’d expect to settle in nicely once broken in. Toe area felt great in them, on par with the x2.9s. Thanks again for your input and I’ll keep you guys posted on what I decide on.

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