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  1. I tried on the Catalyst 7 in a 6.5 today and a Catalyst 9 in a 7. I tried them on right after trying on the TF9’s in a 6.5 and a 7. They Catalysts felt much more snug in the ankle/upper ankle area. Also noticeable was the padding or lining felt much thicker than that of the TF9, particularly in the forefoot room toe area. The associate offered to bake them for me (both Catalyst and TF9). Huge shout out to Leon of HM if you are reading this! After the bake the Catalyst 9’s felt much better around the ankles, the discomfort was gone! The toe area felt slightly better, but still kind of felt like a bunched up sock for lack of better words. Another customer tried them on prior to me and said the same thing. We both were comparing and contrasting the TF9 and Catalyst 7’s and 9’s. Like me, he felt like the 6.5 in the TF9 was too short, even after the initial bake (I’m sure the padding would settle/compress more in time), we both had our toes hanging over the edge of the footbed, could feel it inside the boot and was verified by taking it out of the skate and standing on it. What was also interesting was how the liner curled up around 1/2” before the toe, so it wrapped upwards into the toe box. The Catajyst seemed more narrow in the forefoot and toe area compared to the TF9. Now the hang up for me buying a pair of Trues is that compared to my Vapor 3x, I felt like the 3x just fit great, felt great and there was no question about it. With the Trues, there was slight discomfort right out the gate and I know I’d question my purchase if I got a 6.5. The 7 felt better, BUT also felt too roomy in the forefoot area. Which screams to me that the 6.5, with some time to break in should open up a bit. I just felt like my toes were a bit more than feathering even after the bake…but he didn’t Saran Wrap them…but did look for some and couldn’t find any. He was a very knowledgeable associate. To sum it up, the Catalysts felt more snug overall (due to extra padding/liner thickness) compared to the TF9’s. The ankle and upper ankle area of the Catakyst felt tighter around my ankle than the TF9 prior to the bake, but after the bake they felt nearly identical to me. Im far from an expert but just wanted to share my experience today with you guys. Still not sure if I will go for a TF9 in a 6.5 since my Vapor 3x in a 7, Fit 2 feel really good after five months.
  2. During my new skate quest a few months ago, I tried on a 7, Fit 2, Supreme 3s and a 7, Fit 2, Vapor 3x and the Supreme's were definitely shorter in the toe box area, my toes were crammed against the cap, v.s. barely feathering the cap in the Vapor 3x.
  3. Nice! Keep us posted! I tried on TF7's awhile back at HM (around January) but since I didnt ask to have them baked, I didnt get the full experience. Which CCMs are you going to check out?
  4. Hills is the GOAT with the True Hockey Skate line reviews!
  5. Similar boat here, but ended up back in Vapors due to the narrower toe box of the JetSpeed FT485. I immediately noticed that the boot was deeper than my previous Vapor x500's. I really wanted the CCM to work for me, but I ended up in Vapor 3x, Fit 2. That said, I need to shit or get off the pot and pick up a pair of TF9's before they dry up.
  6. I just realized if I try these (6.5), I'll have more adjustments to adapt to since I'll be going to a smaller holder from my size 7 Vapor 3x. Will the forward pitch be a big difference compared to my Vapors?
  7. Great feedback here. I'm in 4-5 month old Vapor 3x, Size 7 Fit 2. Toes barely brush the caps. I was thinking of trying out the True TF9 and plan on ordering a 6.5 Regular. Nothing really wrong with my 3x at all, just really curious to try out the TF9's, especially with their 30-day Guarantee.
  8. Keep us posted regarding the Machs.
  9. Yikes, give us the backstory on how that happened!
  10. Thanks for sharing. I'm still debating if I should jump on the TF9's with that great pricing and just hang on to them until my 5 month old Vapor 3X's wear out.
  11. I have two JetSpeed FT3's I bought almost a year ago to the day. I only use one though, and I play once a week, sometimes twice. (My wife has used my back-up one a few times in Rookie, so I'm not really counting that as usage, lol) I feel like its still holding up pretty good, I'll have to use my "back-up" one tonight in warm-ups to see if I can notice a discernible difference in the two. My shots and passes feel decent enough. As someone else mentioned, maybe the blade is softening up because I feel like sometimes hard passes are difficult to receive without kind of botching it. Then again, maybe its my technique. I do my best though to kind of meet the puck as it comes to me and then soft/firmly cradle it back as it arrives. :shrug:
  12. I have always dropped the top eyelet and used the 2nd one down and never had any issues. However on my newest pair of skates (purchased in February), Vapor 3x's, I lace all the way up with about medium tension (upper 4 eyelets) and flex my foot forward to help loosen them a bit more before tying them. This allows a bit of forward movement still. However, that being said, I have noticed that I have toe-picked a handful of times. Not sure if that is attributed to lacing all the way up, or the taller steel of the new skates? Maybe tonight in my game I will leave the top one undone and see how it goes?
  13. This is the route I went, Jetspeed FT3 Grip Stick INT Flex 65 P90TM, Left. I've been very happy with mine, especially since I didn't have to cut it down at all. I play defense and take a lot of slapshots and wrist/snaps from the point and have scored quite a few goals in my beer league games with this stick (most of which were top corners). Occasionally I still sail one over the net, but those are few and far between after a bit of practice with the stick.
  14. Nice find, this is super tempting.!
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