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  1. Just sold my Vapor 3x Pros today and I’m thinking of taking the True plunge. I tried on a pair of TF7’s years ago and was meh about them, but my Vapors just never felt quite snug/cozy enough around my entire foot. Looking at the TF7’s, seeing them for $179 (They have TF9’s for $249). Wore a 7, Fit 2 in the Vapor, based off research of the TF line, I should give the 6.5R a go. Does that sound right?
  2. Forgot to mention I picked up a pair of large, CCM HP45’s at last years Anaheim Ducks sale for only $25. They have worked out great.
  3. I didn't rebake them. In hindsight, I probably should have given that a shot, oh well. I was able to sell them for what I paid, so not a huge deal. This is a great point, and probably why the Hyperlites in the same size and fit as the 3x I tried on when shopping for skates last year felt so big/hollow on my feet when trying them on in the store. My current 3x Pro's have been baked once, skated on in one game since the bake, and one game and one public skate before the bake. I also added Elite Wax Laces after the bake and they have helped achieve some sort of wrap over the top of my feet without the laces slipping and loosening the wrap. They didn't feel quite as "hollow" as the Hyperlites though when trying them on in the store, I'm sure the Hyperlite tongue contributed to some of that feeling.
  4. I went from a 7, Fit 2 Vapor 3x (wore for a year) to a 6.5, Fit 3 Supreme Mach (wore for about 6 months) and am now in a 7, Fit 2 Vapor 3x Pro. (all skates share the same size footbeds, runner and holder lengths) The Supreme Machs felt amazing right out of the box due to the padding, and I did like how the lace facing wraps more over the top of your feet compared to the Vapors. However, once the padding settled in, I found I had too much slop in the ankle area and heel lock was lacking. I used Elite Waxed laces on them (and my other skates). Before someone asks, yes I did try on the Fit 2 Supreme, it was too tight in the forefoot area. Beyond what a breaking in would fix. I went back to my local shop and tried on the Vapor 3x Pro, and it just "felt right". I really wanted another line of skates to work (tried on Trues, yes they were baked), tried and used the CCM warranty on JetSpeeds, RibCores and Tacks (a few games and pick-ups in each) but in the end, the Vapors just work best for me. Hope you figure it out soon, the journey was frustrating but kind of fun.
  5. I took some sand paper (and rolled it up) to the "teeth" of the injected eyelets to dull down the edges before I replaced the original laces with Elite Waxed, all is well. Skates have been great!
  6. Thank you. I put a small dab of E6000 on a toothpick and applied it to the piece that was folded over after wiping it down with rubbing alcohol. Gently applied enough pressure with my thumb for a few minutes and then wedged something between the tongue and the affected area to further apply pressure. Worked out perfectly. I did pick up some waxed (and shorter) laces today, had them on all my previous skates as well. This is my first time owning skates with injected eyelets, hoping they aren’t too much trouble.
  7. I recently acquired these 3xPro's (2nd-hand) and noticed there is a small portion of the liner abrasion reinforcement piece on the medial side of the left skate that has kind of peeled back a tad, and one stitch has come undone. Nothing major by any means, but I'd like to prevent further peelage. I am planning to go to my local shop tomorrow to see what they say, but I know we have some seasoned players in here that may have some suggestions. I was thinking a small dab of some silicone adhesive (Shoe-Goo, E6000, etc.) might do the trick? Maybe just a small piece of black cloth tape over the area and wrapped over the top? Also, would you recommend filing down those little "teeth" in the eyelets? One of the laces already has been shredded a bit.
  8. My experience, I used to wear the Vapor 3x and currently wear the Vapor 3xPros, 7, Fit 2. The Hyperlite in the same size/fit felt bigger to me when trying them on side by side. Could have been due to the Hyperlite tongue, ::shrug::
  9. I remember wearing one of those COOPER neck guards in the late 80's!
  10. These look miles better than the previous generation Tacks (graphics wise).
  11. In theory yes, but in reality, no. Also, the Vapors will have you pitched more forward than the Supremes. I made the switch from 3x Vapors to Supreme Machs earlier this year. At first the Machs made me feel like I was only skating on my heels and the back half of the steel. I quickly adjusted after a few public skates and a couple beer league games.
  12. Might be able to find some on SideLineSwap, eBay, Amazon.
  13. I know you didnt ask, but I've had my Machs for almost 6mo's now and do love them. I have low arches and for me the Machs (and Vapors) didnt irritate my arches like CCM's did. I really wanted the CCM line to work for me, but I found all of them made my arches feel like they were on fire (even with SuperFeet, which I am not a fan of for my foot type). The JetSpeed line was the worst offender regarding arch pain. TRUE's were more comfortable to me (yes they baked them) but Bauer still won out for fit and feel.
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