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  1. Good to know about the Trues! I’m actually warming up to them as I’ve looked more into them. I’ll have to see if Hockey Monkey has a 6.5 in either the TF7 or TF9. I have been looking in that thread here this past week, and also watched Hills’ video on them (I sub to his channel). Luckily Pure Hockey and Hockey Monkey are only 30 minutes away from me respectively. PH doesn’t have any True skates in stock, but HM does. Since True has the 30 day guarantee in place, might as well try them. I am playing twice a week so that should give me some time to try a few skates out.
  2. Well, as I thought the 7 Wide FT485’s were too wide all over. I could wiggle my forefoot side-to-side a bit. Back to IceWarehouse they go. I’ll be skating in the x2.9’s tomorrow for a game of pickup. Not sure if I should even bother trying the SuperTacks in the 7D as well as the Supreme 3S in a 7.5 Fit 2. At least with the SuperTacks I have the 90 day trial period. (Pure Hockey does offer 30 days though on Bauer) Such a mission, lol.
  3. Thanks alt. The 7 Fit 2, x2.9 do feel great, and I’m guessing for the reasons you laid out. I do have a 7 “wide” CCM FT485 due to arrive today. So I’ll throw those on and see how they feel. I have a feeling they’ll be too wide all around though. I did try on a Supreme 3s in a 7, Fit 2 and my toes were pushed against the ends of the caps more than what I was comfortable with. I’m still curious to see how the Supreme 7.5 3s feels (they didn’t have it). I also tried on a True TF7 in a 7.5 and a 7, the 7 seemed to be the ticket, toes brushing but felt a bit too roomy in the forefoot area. Had an odd hotspot on top of my foot that I hadn’t felt in a CCM or Bauer. 6.5 would have felt too cramped lengthwise for me. I don’t like my toes against the ends of the caps at all. But out of everything I’ve tried on thus far, the x2.9 just feels like an all around natural fit, no if’s ands or buts about it. Snug, yet not cramped. No hot spots and not pushing against the end of the toe caps. The size 7-D 9380 SuperTacks feel similar but had hot spots in the arch area and more of a cramped than snug feeling all around…which I’d expect to settle in nicely once broken in. Toe area felt great in them, on par with the x2.9s. Thanks again for your input and I’ll keep you guys posted on what I decide on.
  4. I tried on a size 7 Vapor X2.9 and a size 7 Supreme 3s, both in a Fit 2. The Vapor gripped and held my heel in place more snug than the Supreme. Another interesting thing to note, the Vapor gave me more length in the toe box, I hard to try to force my toes to brush the cap (maybe due to better heel lock), but in the Supremes, my toes we're readily touching the ends, I'd even say it was uncomfortable touching the end (yes I got in my hockey stance). Unfortunately they didn't have a Supreme in a 7.5 Fit 2 to try on. FWIW, the 3D scanner landed me in a 7 Fit 2 on my first scan, and a 6.5 Fit 2 on a scan a week later. I understand that the 3D scan is merely a starting point.
  5. Again, thanks for your input, it has opened my eyes to trying things I would t have considered. I did initially try a 7 in the FT485 and I felt like my toes were more than brushing the caps. Perhaps I can revisit the 7 Regular and lace it up again to see if the pinky toe thing is less bothersome. Come to think of it, I don’t feel like I laced the 7’s all the way up. regarding aesthetics, im a graphic designer so aesthetics (while subjective) are engrained in me. It is what it is, I just wasn’t a fan of the Trues, (kind of getting a vibe that me not liking them somehow bothers you). The associate double checked in Trues 30 day guarantee and as you mentioned, he confirmed that it was terminated at the end of 2021. So I wasn’t willing to take the risk of buying them and not liking them and being stuck. The Tacks, just wasn’t a fan of the graphic treatment they did with the Tacks. I don’t want to have to visually modify my skates. Im going to head to Pure Hockey to get the x2.9’s baked and sharpened. They confirmed they will still accept them before 30 days if used. Can’t lose situation. Also going to check their inventory right now to see if they have a 7 Regular FT485 and try them on again if they do. I can’t stress enough how helpful you have been, thank you!
  6. Ok, so I spent nearly two hours trying on multiple skates down at Hockey Monkey. The sales associate was super cool, knowledgeable and patient. I’ll just post a list of what I tried on, with brief comments. True TF7: Sizes 7.5 and 7. 7 felt better, but they just didn’t have the “it factor” for me. Multiple hot spots in places I hadn’t experienced before. Didn’t let me bake them so that was that. And honestly I didn’t really care for the look of them. Reminded meof an old school Micron with the strap. (don’t flame me) CCM RibCore 88k: They only had a 7.5 Regular, felt pretty good, but felt that a 7 would have been better. Plenty of space in the toe cap area, which was nice. Heel lock was solid. Since it’s a bit wider, the eyelet wrap over the top of my feet wasn’t really present. The footbeds were just a basic foam and cheaper than the ones included with the FT485’s and ST9380’s that have some extra “fancy” cushioning on the bottoms. I also tried on a Wide version just to see how huge it felt, and it did feel huge. Overall an aesthetically pleasing look to me. CCM SuperTacks 9380: Size 7 D, roomy in the toe cap area and overall a nice fit. Nice heel lock. Typical (for me) hot spots in the arches, but that was it for pain. Foot sat comfortably but I didn’t get the wrap over the top like I do with my FT485’s. The wrap looked and felt similar to that of my x2.9’s. I’m just not fond of the yellow accents all over the boot. CCM FT475: 7, Wide, which reinforced what others have said in my other thread. Toe cap felt great, no rubbing, but the rest of the boot was too big. Not much heel lock to be had. I wanted to try it on to know that a FT485 Wide would have been too big overall. Bauer Supreme 3S: Unfortunately they didn’t have my size, really wanted to try a 7, Fit 2. Associate said it would feel pretty close/identical to my Vapor x2.9s. I like the look of the skate overall. I walked away without buying anything but had a much better understanding of what skates might and might not work for me. Nothing really fit “like a glove” with no pain like my x2.9’s do. I’m going to try out my FT485’s some more and hope they break in enough where the pinky toe cap is a non-issue. I really love how deep my foot sits in them. And how much the eyelets wrap over the top of my foot. I have 30 days to return the Vapors so I’ll just hang on to them while I continue to try out the FT485’s.
  7. Looks like my local HM has the TF7’s in stock. Going to check them out this evening! Thanks again for recommending them.
  8. Thanks for well said reply. The Jetspeeds are actually a “Regular” width, not D as I mentioned. Heel lock feels equal in both the 485 and the x2.9 as far as I can tell. The x2.9’s hug my feet pretty much uniformly all the way around, just enough to wear it feels like a bake would dial them in even better. As far as I know, the only 7.5 FT485 my Pure Hockey has is the “Regular”. This model doesn’t fall under the new CCM Fitment system with their three fitment options. My current x500’s are a 7EE. And my new x2.9’s Fit 2 feel better off the bat than my x500’s, particularly in the mid foot and ankle areas. I hadnt thought to give the True’s a try. I’m not sure if the Monkey Sports that is kind of near me has them in stock. Getting someone on the phone there is rough. And it’s about 40 minutes away.
  9. Hi guys, sorry for the new thread but I didn't want these pictures to get overlooked/buried in my other thread. As I mentioned in my other thread, I had purchased CCM FT485 7.5 Regular and Bauer Vapor x2.9 FIT 2 skates. I was able to try on the CCM's in store, but the Bauers I had to order online, both pairs purchased from Pure Hockey. You can catch up on my experience with the CCM FT485 fit experience in my other thread. So I currently am wearing both skates as I write this, and the fit is night and day. The CCM's are bugging again in the pinky toe area, where the toe cap meets the boot (the pictures will illustrate this) as well as in my arch area. The Bauers fit like a glove, nice and snug all the way around, sans any hot spots or pressure points! They honestly feel like a dream compared to the CCM. On to the pictures, I had my wife take them to show the comparison of the two skates. Keep in mind, the CCM's have been baked, and skated in twice, the Bauers are fresh out the box, not baked. My foot does sit a little deeper in the CCM, the Bauers feel slight taller (Tuuk holder taller?). Top view looking down: CCM on the left, it has a little better wrap over the foot. (it has been baked, Vapor has not) Take note of the toe caps, the CCM has almost a step/notch inward where it meets the boot (creating protrusion inside the boot), the Bauer is nice and smooth, no protrusions inside the boot. Looking down from the front of the skates: Bauer a bit more open around the 4-5 eyelets, but not baked. Again, look at the toe cap differences. Straight shot from the front: Looking at the top of the two boots, and the tongue. I didn't measure. Bauer about 1/2" taller? Side angle: Not exactly the same in each picture, but you can see the Bauer volume is a smidge more shallow than the CCM, not enough to cause discomfort. Ran the pencil across the tops of each boot and it actually cleared both, CCM having a little more room. I'm planning to head to Pure Hockey tomorrow morning to get the Vapors baked. Not sure if I will return the CCM's at that time, but as I sit here typing this, there is still no pain at all in my right foot, where as my arch is still feeling hot, my pinky toe is feeling pressure and now my big toe knuckle area is starting to feel some pressure on it...giving me flashbacks of my Graf Ultra G5's that ended up giving me a little bunion (I think?) in that area. Thanks again for all your guys input in my other thread. Curious to see if you have anything to say in this one after seeing the side-by-side comparison pictures?
  10. Thank you, I'll give that a shot next time out. I forgot to mention, I took out the SuperFeet and just used the OEM footbeds, this worked out great. Over the course of the last few days I'd wear my skates when lounging on the couch, and occasionally walking around the carpeted living room. I felt like the SuperFeet pushed me too far forward (perhaps the intended use) and was causing discomfort on my heels, due to the hard plastic on them to provide the lift.
  11. Last night I finally played a game in my JetSpeed FT485's. (only time I've skated in them was once at a public session) And the skates felt pretty good last night, no pain, or pressure points at all. However, I did lace these all the way up, so it took some adjusting because with my other skates, I wouldn't go up to the top eyelet. So I wasn't used to not having as much forward flex in my foot/strides. After a few minutes of skating the pinky toe issue was virtually a non-factor, I didn't even notice it. I'm not sure if it was because of all the different movements that I was making while playing, perhaps the liner inside was starting to break-in a bit and not protrude out as far as it was when new? But I feel like these might actually work out for me. Today the top part of my foot is a little sore from the extra pressure of lacing all the way up (and not having the forward flex that I'm used to when leaving it un-laced), but no lace bite issues, no extracurricular pain anywhere at all. The Vapor x2.9's I ordered are due to arrive on Saturday, so I'll try them on and maybe get them baked depending on how good or bad they feel. But so far, I'm glad that the CCM's are showing signs of promise for working for me.
  12. That’s a bummer. I’m not too sure of what can be done. I sent an email to CCM to see what they may have to say about it. I may try them out in my game on Wednesday to see how it goes. I imagine that I’ll end up with sore pinky toes at the end of it.
  13. Well, I’m glad I’m not alone. Did you do anything to help alleviate the issue? It feels like a bunched up sock on my pinky toes.
  14. I have the same issue in my brand new 7.5 D JetSpeed FT485 regarding the toe cap. It has a slight bump where it connects to the boot. Everywhere else feels fine, but I can’t get over the “bunched up sock” feeling on my pinky toes. I skated once with them a few days ago at a public session, it just bugged. For what it’s worth my current skates are Bauer Valpor x509’s, 7EE. Toe cap feels much better in the Vapors, but my foot sits deeper in the CCM FT485’s. I have also ordered a pair of Vapor x2.9’s in a 7 Fit 2 since they were on clearance at Pure Hockey. The only issue with my current Vapors is that my foot is right at the eyelet level around the 4th and 5th eyelets, so not as deep as the JetSpeeds. I’m tempted to order a 7.5 FT485 EE to see how it feels. Will the toe cap be wider than the 7.5 D JetSpeed?
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