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  1. I am very doubtful there will be any spring or summer hockey, but would love to be wrong. I am hopeful leagues can safely resume in the fall. Late April doesn't seem realistic at all.
  2. The broken steel is likely caused by a misaligned holder; especially if they're breaking in the same spot. Get a knowledgeable shop to check the holder mount (to see that it's straight and also check that there are no loose rivets) or mail them to JR Boucicaut if you don't trust the shops nearby (if you mention your location, members may be able to point you to some competent local help). If the holders are properly mounted and aren't warped, you definitely shouldn't have steel constantly breaking.
  3. My Dad had stents put in this past summer and I was really worried, but he's back to normal activity. My great uncle had them put in about 5 years ago and my father in-law had them put in a few years ago and they're both doing well. Do to my family history, I'll also have to get checked out regularly myself and may need stents in the future; I'd like to try to avoid that, but living with stents is much better than the alternative.
  4. Will there still be D and EE versions for all three fits? Like a fit 2 EE and a fit 2 D?
  5. From the review above for the Surgeon 500: My preference with gloves has usually been a fit where there is some snugness on the fingers that opens up at the cuff. This is pretty evident based on the gloves you see in my "Recently used" list. The Surgeon gloves do a great job of fitting very snug while not choking your hands and wrist. The liner feels very soft and airy while it is on your hand, which helps in not feeling like you are being constricted by the glove. The palm feels great on my hand, and fits my hand perfectly. The stretch gussets, in conjunction with the open seam of the main knuckle joint and the three-piece fingers (2 piece pinky) really give you a lot of mobility in the finger area. The thumb has a nice feel to it, with a good amount of flex in one way and a nice solid lock in the other direction. The wrist area opens up nicely to give a full range of motion that doesn't feel like you have to fight the design of the glove to move your hands the way you would like, which is a must have for me.
  6. The original Stallion gloves fit similar to the Alpha gloves. The HPR fits even wider in the backhand.
  7. The STX Surgeon gloves are very tight in the fingers and backhand, but open up nicely in the cuff (IMHO). The Stallion line is a slightly tighter traditional 4 roll; it's too loose in the backhand for my tastes, but I like my gloves really tight in the backhand.
  8. This is from the Hockey Canada rule book: SITUATION 2 Rule 9.1 (d) QUESTION: The puck is batted with the hand, hits the opposing goaltender, rebounds back out and is picked up by another player of the same team batting the puck. Does play continue or is play stopped? ANSWER: Play is stopped. Play can only continue if the non-offending team gains “possession and control” of the puck. Since the puck only hit the goaltender (possession, but not control), play would be stopped. The rule itself is similar to what you see in the US rule book. It's clarified in the situation. Here's the rule: (d) A player shall be permitted to stop or “bat” a puck in the air with her open hand, or to push it along the ice with her hand and play shall not be stopped, unless the player has directed the puck to a teammate in the neutral or attacking zone. When this occurs play shall be stopped and the puck faced-off at the spot where the offense oc- curred, unless the offending team gains a territorial advantage, then the face-off shall be where the stoppage of play occurred, unless otherwise covered in the rules. Play shall not be stopped for any hand pass by players in their own defending zone. So I would look at the situations or cases. Under the HC rules, the hand pass situation is similar to high sticking the puck. Those are only negated if the opposing team gains possession and control.
  9. I can't tell you what the USA hockey rules would be, but I can give you the Hockey Canada answers. 1) The faceoff would be in the attacking zone (for the team that shot it in) because the puck deflected off a defender in that zone. 2) That would be a hand pass because a defending player would need to gain possession and control to negate the hand pass. A deflection does not constitute possession and control.
  10. I just took the same survey and had the same thought. It seems likely that CCM is at least considering buying Sparx.
  11. According to the IW preorder page, the new Pure X is supposed to add more grip: https://www.inlinewarehouse.com/Konixx_Pure-X/descpage-KPXPW.html. The release date seems to be valentines day.
  12. The Pure's are the best wheels I've used in 20+ years of playing roller hockey. I've never used the Tachyon, but I know it only comes in one durometer, 0, and the Pure comes in three 0, +1 and +2. The Tachyon is also a dual pour wheel, but is positioned as a Tier 2 wheel behind the Tier 1 Pure. Even if they were exactly the same, I'd still go for the Pure because I'm over 200lbs and need the +2 durometer, but if you're under 170lbs then you could probably go with the Tachyon. If you're heavier than that, I'd either get the Pure on clearance now if you can find them in your size and durometer or get the new Pure-X when it's released.
  13. Definitely don`t move up to a 10 if the 9.5 length is correct. I would try a Vapor in a 9.5EE (maybe even 9EE as I find that the Bauer EE skates feel slightly longer than their D width equivalents) if you want to stick to Bauer, but try on everything you can get your feet into and hopefully one clearly fits better than others. Vapor D - Supreme D - Vapor EE - Nexus D - Supreme EE - Nexus EE are the Bauer widths from narrowest to widest (approximately - they each have their own lasts and toe boxes ect.).
  14. In most leagues that's a 2 minute penalty. Some non-contact men's leagues either make body contact an automatic 4 minute penalty or allow refs to make any call a 4 minute penalty depending on the degree of force. I could see that as a 2 or 4, but it definitely doesn't look like a major or match based on either video and unless you're playing in a league that allows for a double minor for body contact (or roughing or interference; however you want to classify it); it's going to be a 2 minute penalty. If there was an intentional butt end then it could've been more, but you can't see that from the video and it would be very hard for the refs to catch that.
  15. Blindside full body check. Definitely a penalty and it looks like the back ref had a penalty on delay as his arm is up.
  16. I also love the M7, but wouldn't necessarily call it a soft skate. It's not as stiff as some current high end skates, but it's stiffer than the old CCM 652 pumps I used to wear. It's certainly cut lower than some other skates which helps with forward flex, but I find the M7 to be stiffer than the OG Makos. As for the OP, I'd focus on getting skates the right size and fit vs. focusing on stiffness. Yes, as a bigger guy you don't want low end skates that offer no support, but the S29 is a mid-range boot that should offer enough support for beer league. If they fit well, I'd go for those in the 8.5 rather than going a half size bigger to get a higher end, stiffer skate. If you're sure you really want a higher end skate, then I'd look for a deal on a pair in your size. I wouldn't jump up a half size just to get a deal. I'm also in the heavier than average category at around 230lbs; I did find that after a few years the OG Makos felt too soft for me, but the M7's I use for roller (a mid-range skate) feel like they provide plenty of support and I've used them for a couple seasons now. I use Mako II's for ice, which are high end skates, but they're considered to be softer than skates like top of the line Vapors, Supremes and Tacks and I'm very happy with them.
  17. I've never seen cage mounting clips used on the sides instead of J-clips. That would mean you wouldn't be able to flip open the cage when putting it on and taking it off. While I know it's possible to get a helmet off and on with the cage done up, it's a tight squeeze on a snug fitting helmet and I prefer to be able to undo the straps and flip open the cage.
  18. I know a few people who really like the CCM P46 curve, but have had a hard time finding it recently. I know there's also a niche following for the Warrior Gionta and Sherwood Smith (very similar curves) and I do like both of them. My personal favourite that's not available at retail is the old Warrior Smyth, but I don't think there's a heavy demand for that one (although it's somewhat similar to the more recent CCM P46 that does have some demand).
  19. Bad, but I think the Colorado jersey is worse.
  20. If you're going with a longer stick you may also want to change to a curve with a lower lie. This may help with stick handling.
  21. You could try clamping the heel, using tensor bandages or use the shrink wrap method True now uses to get better heel lock: I'd try to find CXN holders if you want the same pitch. Check ebay and sidelineswap for CXN holders in your size and if that doesn't work, call around to a few local shops. Edit: Pure Hockey has right CXN holders for size 9 (used for 9 and 9.5) $9.97.https://www.purehockey.com/product/easton-cxn-holders-senior/itm/14127-41/ And Hockeymonkey has the left holder in your size for $4.97: https://www.hockeymonkey.com/easton-hockey-holder-cxn.html Step sitll makes steel for the CXN holders. JR has it listed in the MSH Pro Shop.
  22. 1. Mako II 2. Mako M7 3. KOR Shift 1 4. OG Mako 5. CCM 652 Tacks with the pump
  23. I agree that the 3/4 Fire feels a little more "floaty" than the 90/50 FBV I usually use. I actually liked that as I prefer a shallow hollow with just enough bite, but I can definitely see it being too shallow for lighter skaters or those who prefer more bite.
  24. I usually use a 90/50 FBV and tried the 3/4 Fire ring at a Modsquad event. The Fire ring felt like it had a bit less bite, but I actually liked that as I like the 90/50 better after I have skated on it a game or two (which means I should probably go with a shallower FBV cut, but 90/50 is the shallowest one readily available around here). If he wants the same bite as the 90/50 then maybe try the 5/8 FIRE, but if he doesn't mind having a little less bite then try the 3/4 FIRE.
  25. I totally agree with stocking up on skates that fit well...well, anything that I really like I stock up on. Mako II skates, STX Surgeon gloves, 2012 Warrior Projekt elbow pads, Warrior Projekt girdles, Easton E700 helmets (wish I would've stocked up on the Verbero Shield shoulder pads before they disappeared - my one pair is in great shape, but nothing lasts forever). New isn't always better if it doesn't fit and feel as good, plus it helps that the price is usually more palatable on discontinued items. I'm glad I stocked up on the Mako's as nothing on the retail market I've tried on since feels like it would fit my feet as well and new custom True skates would cost about 3x as much as I paid for the extra pairs of Makos - since Trues are currently custom only it's hard to find gently used pairs or pro returns that would be the right size and there are no clearance deals. If I was in the OP's position I would scour the net for M7's, M8's and Mako II's in my size, but I know they're hard to find in new or near new condition in most sizes. If that search failed then I'd start looking for new or barely used True skates in my size (preferably locally so I could try them on) and then if that failed I would cry, pry open my wallet and fork over the coin for True customs. After using speed skate inspired one piece skates like KOR and Makos for so many years I can't see moving away from that style of skate.
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