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  1. Did you try the new ccm fishbowl? Supposedly the vents sit better for less fogging
  2. Is sending holders to be mounted an option with true still? Or has that went away?
  3. What sort of things are you hearing from players and EQ managers on the VH skates? Blake Wheeler is the only guy I’ve noticed go to VH and then back to his vapors, but admittedly, I don’t follow it that closely. I personally have only heard good things about the skates from the people I know that have them so I’m curious about other feedback.
  4. @Miseaujeu when do you anticipate these being available on the customizer?
  5. Spend the extra 100 dollars to get customs
  6. Is the 1N Masoca curv or tech mesh?
  7. Will the 1x LE skates be available for custom orders?
  8. Doubt it will happen. Their customer base extends far beyond the membership of MSH.
  9. My Bauer customs weren't fully nice and clean, just an FYI. There were some of the glue issues around the toe cap and the stitching wasn't pristene either. I certainly understand where mc88 is coming from as my knee jerk reaction was "1100 for this?" as well. At the same time, I knew they were handmade so I let it slide. No structural issues to report nearly a year later though.
  10. Yeah, 20-25 shipped I would give it a go... but 60 dollars for these is ridiculous
  11. Pretty sure there is a shop in Greensboro that does customs. Wouldn't rely on a rep... they're a mixed bag.
  12. Great write up, thanks for posting. I really like some of the subtle upgrades they made... The free flex on the shin guards for guys that tuck their tongue makes a ton of sense and the slash guards on the under shirt both look great. The 37.5 tech looks pretty intriguing as well, especially if it works as advertised. Regardless, consider me sold.. I'm going to give a few of these items a spin.
  13. Get blackedge steel and you can go about a half a year without a sharpening
  14. Double felt tongues are really thick. I would advise against those unless you have very low instep/forefoot volume. Also, when ordering, APX2 INJ is the new lacing system where APX2/100 is the apx2 boot with traditional eyelets. Good luck with everything else and get fitted by someone who knows what they are doing. I personally had a very good experience with Darkstar50's shop.
  15. If you are looking for retail gloves in that colorway, Bauer Nexus 1000 and 800 and the 4 roll pros on close out come stock in that black/orange colorway. Not sure if you are opposed to Bauer but that's out there.
  16. To sell three of them?
  17. http://www.hockeymonkey.com/reebok-hockey-gloves-pro-stock-det-chi.html
  18. Regarding the APX2, will they be accepting orders before then but not producing til end of April?
  19. Basically same shaft as Z Bubble if I remember correctly
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