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    Bauer Vapor x7.0
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    Starting stick: Pro Stock Letang S19 painted as an RS
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    Pro stock Bauer XXXX Penguins Godard
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    Warrior Hustlers
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    Nike V11 Pro Stock
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    Pro Stock Jofas
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    A really big Bauer with wheels

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  1. I have pro stock kovys ranging from original dolomites to the white widows he used last year. Every one has the exact same curve. Same with the 6 other clone curve pro stock sticks i have. Only variation at all is the way the heel is shaved, which means nothing to me.
  2. I just dont get why you love bashing me so much. Ive been on this forum for years and you still do it. Why? I will never know.
  3. What are the chances.that kovalchuk pro is taken to retail or put on the customizer? (Dont tell me smyth is the same cause its not)
  4. Push far enough to a Kovalchuk pro maybe?
  5. Got a pro stock dolomite that I can't seem to heat and pull the blade out of. I have gotten blades out of 3 pro stock dolomite shafts before easily. This one will not budge! I need to keep the shaft in useable form without charring it too badly. Help!
  6. Is g3 really available in multiple flex points or is that "customizable" thing just a myth?
  7. Performance is great. I can't comment on durability though because I haven't used it a whole lot. I've never broken a stick before.
  8. Haha I know the kid who bought that!
  9. Alright, can someone clear up the G3/Nexus confusion? G3 has been around for years and now people think its a nexus? The nexus is textreme and g3 weave looks nothing like that.
  10. Here is mine. 75 flex, Slovak curve, square corners, corner grip, sharkskin blade.
  11. Can someone post a pic of the smyth curve on a customized stick?
  12. Heat n pull is worth a shot. Try it and if it won't budge then cut and chisel.
  13. I can't find any se16 tapered shafts. I don't want a red eq50 they're ugly. It's a pro stock se16 with gold eq graphics. Would go great with my team colors because we clones of penguins uniforms (amateur penguins). If I win the auction at starting price it's only 100. I don't know what to do :\
  14. Thinking of buying a pro stock se16 new and cutting the blade off so I can put my custom blade in. Is it crazy to buy a new stick just to cut it? Would be around $120. A little worried I'll ruin it if I can't get the tenon out?
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